Marketing ROI: How to Harness Office Technology to Increase Sales

Lawrence LloydMarch 22nd, 2016
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As technology evolves to meet a host of new and complex demands, so must companies in the home services space. The good news is that an increasing number of companies have learned to make technology work for them, using tools to streamline operations and make managing the business a little less daunting. Even better news is that technology, specifically home services management software, can play a key role in increasing sales.

Harnessing this technology to make revenue gains starts in the office with CSRs. As the first point of contact for customers, CSRs play a critical role in ensuring that customers’ needs are met and that leads are converted to sales-generating appointments.

In many cases, business owners don’t have the bandwidth to monitor every call that comes in, so they may lack visibility into why jobs aren’t being booked. Is the CSR not comfortable quoting prices or not able to assuage upset customers? Performance-based software can help with that. Specifically, this technology can help business owners gain a better understanding of CSR performance, which in turn enables the business to improve its call-to-appointment conversions. All of this is possible with phone integration — one of the first tools to look for in home services management software.

Phone integration ensures that all calls are recorded, logged, and tied to individual CSRs and technicians within the software platform. Best-in-class software platforms enable users to click into any cancelled or unsold job to listen to a previous call and find out what happened, since all communication is captured in the job history. How does this help? First, it increases transparency around call booking and encourages CSRs to be more accountable for their interactions with customers.

Another benefit of phone integration is that it enables CSRs to see customer information, including the complete customer history, while on the phone. This knowledge helps the CSR build rapport with the customer and have a better understanding of potential issues.

For business owners, phone integration offers an opportunity to coach or retrain their employees if certain types of calls are not being resolved in the most effective manner. This timely and specific feedback helps to drive optimal results for the CSRs and the business.

Phone integration also allows for detailed call metrics — another tool to look for when selecting software. Call metrics allow decision makers to more accurately measure leads, appointments, and booking percentage. They are significant because they can guide a business toward recovering lost revenue. Let’s say a shop generates $500,000 in annual revenue, but it allows 20% of its leads to go unbooked. The company could be letting about $100,000 slip away. With comprehensive phone integration, owners can examine calls from unbooked jobs to see what happened during the call and prevent it from recurring in the future. Steps taken to keep the booking percentage high are steps toward increased revenue.

There are also other ways to harness call metrics to increase sales. ServiceTitan’s software platform, for example, uses call metrics to unlock another way to boost revenue: the CSR or agent scorecard. Essentially, this is a leaderboard that ranks CSRs based on how many leads they received, how many of those leads were converted to booked jobs, and the corresponding percentage. Note that not all software providers offer this functionality. However, it has proven useful for a variety of companies in the home services space because it only requires a glance to see which CSRs are booking appointments and which are struggling. Let’s say, for example, that Jennifer, a new CSR, is not yet comfortable fielding service phone calls. With technology that offers phone integration and call metrics, her manager can drill down to see and listen to each of her calls and determine why appointments aren’t being booked. After hearing the calls, the manager can coach Jennifer on how to handle particular requests or issues that come up, resulting in a better experience for both Jennifer and the caller. An added benefit is that it allows business owners to replace those dreaded annual employee reviews with frequent, ongoing feedback on how to approach and handle certain scenarios as they arise. Watch ServiceTitan’s “Improving Customer Service Performance” video to see how this dashboard scenario can play out.

Technology has come a long way, and there are now tools that help companies streamline operations, increase revenue, and manage their operations seamlessly. In the home services industry, management software can provide untold amounts of data to help business owners make smart decisions. The key for business owners is seeking software that captures every opportunity to increase revenue. Whether that means building better relationships with customers, using call booking data to address CSR performance, or other ways of maximizing sales opportunities, the tools are there — take advantage of them.

ServiceTitan is a comprehensive software solution built specifically to help home service companies streamline their operations, boost revenue, and substantially elevate the trajectory of their business. Our comprehensive, cloud-based platform is used by thousands of electrical, HVAC, plumbing, garage door, and chimney sweep shops across the country—and has increased their revenue by an average of 25% in just their first year with us.

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