The 6 Best HVAC Apps For Service Techs


Wherever you work, you need the right tools. That includes HVAC apps. After all, tools go way beyond just the equipment you take to the job site; you also need the right information, resources and immediate references in order to perform in the field. So we've compiled a list of the best HVAC apps for technicians on the go.

The 6 Best HVAC Apps

1. The Charge Calculator: HVAC Check & Charge

Need an easy, on-the-job refrigerant charge calculator? The free HVAC Check & Charge is a solid go-to, rated 4 stars on Google Play. Choose from Subcooling, Superheat or Airflow calculators and enter some key operational conditions info about system temperatures and loads. The calculator determines the proper system refrigerant charge for R-22 or R-410A, and lets you know whether the charge amount should be altered.

Free on Google Play and the App Store

2. The All-in-One App: HVAC Buddy

HVAC Buddy is the all-in-one job site assistant that will keep you working efficiently and safely. It includes various calculations and tables (such as superheat and subcool) and updates temperatures in real time so you know how effective the changes you're making actually are.

$9.99 on Google Play and the App Store

3. The Refrigerant Reference: HVAC Refrigerant PT - A/C

HVAC Refrigerant PT™ offers convenient, on-the-job access to refrigerant information, from bubble and dew pressures to the full pressure/temperature (PT) chart. The app includes information on 33 refrigerants and allows for personalization settings for seven pressure measurements. Learn about classification, density, critical temps and pressures, ozone depletion potential, safety ratings, applications, and recommended lubricants. Get equipped with info, wherever you're working.

$4.99 on Google Play and the App Store

4. The Dictionary: Complete HVAC Dictionary Free

If you want to keep up with HVAC terminology, look no further. This free app by MobiRef acts as a quick, easy-to-navigate reference guide with over 3000 terms and definitions.

Free on Google Play

5. The Troubleshooter: iManifold

As described by iManifold (and we don't think we can do it better) "The iManifold App Calculates HVAC/R system performance and troubleshoots system problems through user inputs and dynamic, live system data." Select from over 40 refrigerants and equipment profiling options so you can use the app in the field on various systems.

Free on Google Play and the App Store

6. The Duct Sizer: HVAC Duct Sizer

Voted favorite mobile app by Contracting Business magazine readers, the HVAC Duct Sizer helps you perform quick, simple sizing analysis on the job. You can size one HVAC duct run or a range of duct sizes using the constant friction method. Various modes allow you to input various parameters to find sizes that fall within friction loss bounds. Additionally, you can further analyze all inputs and results from every mode by emailing them to yourself for later.

$5.99 on the App Store

Which Are the Best HVAC Apps for You?

Choose the apps you download based on your needs, your budget, and how often you'll use each. Each technician has their own style of working, so the apps you choose will be unique to you — but never underestimate the power of a great reference tool or guide, right in your hand. You can learn, troubleshoot, check your performance and more — all while on site.

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