15 Best HVAC Apps for Service Techs

adminAugust 15th, 2019

As a modern-day HVAC tech, your tool kit needs to go beyond the ol’ belt and box. No matter how experienced you may be, it’s important to have the right information, resources, and references handy when you’re out in the field. To keep you on the top of your game, we’ve compiled the best 15 HVAC apps for technicians on-the-go.

1. HVAC Check & Charge™

HVAC App 1.png

Need a straight-forward, on-the-job refrigerant charge calculator? From Emerson Climate Technologies, HVAC Check & Charge™ is a free and convenient mobile app that allows you to quickly calculate the right system refrigerant charge.

HVAC Check & Charge can be used for the following refrigerants:

  • R-22

  • R-410A

  • R-32

  • R-407C

  • R-134a

  • R-452B

  • R-454B

  • R-438 Choose from the subcooling, superheat, or airflow calculators and enter the system temperature—plus the sensible load and latent load. Based on this information, the app is then able to determine what the proper system charge is and whether any other alterations need to be made based on the conditions. It’s also important to note that this app has imperial and metric support.

*Free on Google Play and the App Store

2. HVAC Buddy®

HVAC app 2.png

This app is like the deluxe version of the HVAC Check & Charge™! HVAC Buddy® is the all-in-one job-site app that’ll keep you working efficiently and safely. It’s highly rated for making HVAC work easier with its refrigerant charging and diagnostic capabilities. When servicing any kind of HVACR equipment, you can just whip out your phone to accurately diagnose and calculate the proper refrigerant charge.

When you enter the refrigerant type, temperatures, and pressures, HVAC Buddy® displays the “target, actual, and difference” for superheat, subcooling, and airflow. Once you have the numbers you need, you can send an email with a personalized “System Status Report” for any and all of your service calls.

This app won’t leave you hanging when it comes to airflow, either. It compares the targeted difference across the coil versus the actual (Delta-T or Target Evaporator Exit Temperature—TEET). It even has a line chart, which displays historical values that are based on input changes or elapsed time. With real-time output for updated values and flexible units (psi, kPa, Fahrenheit, Celsius), HVAC Buddy® is the heavy-weight champion when it comes to HVAC jobs.

*$9.99 on Google Play and the App Store

3. HVAC Refrigerant PT™

HVAC app 3.png

Designed for the HVAC professional, the HVAC Refrigerant PT™ app offers readily accessible refrigerant information—from bubble and dew pressures to a full pressure/temperature (PT) chart. The app includes information for 33 different refrigerants. It also allows its users to customize its settings to include refrigerant type, temperature (°F or °C), and seven different units of pressure.

With just a few taps, you can have classification, density, critical temps and pressures, ozone depletion potential, safety ratings, applications, and recommended lubricant information in the palm of your hand. No matter where you’re working, use HVAC Refrigerant PT™ for quick refrigerant referencing.

*$4.99 on Google Play and the App Store

4. Complete HVAC Dictionary Free

HVAC app 4.png

Everything you need to know about this app is already in the name. The Complete HVAC Dictionary keeps you sharp on your HVAC terminology. Pull up this app when you’re looking for a clear definition or even just to keep your vocabulary fresh.

It’s a quick and easy-to-navigate reference guide with more than 3,000 terms and definitions. Never miss a beat with its detailed descriptions for all sorts of terminology in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

*Free on Google Play

5. iManifold™

HVAC app 5.png

From the company that brought you one of the newest HVAC technology tools, the iManifold app allows HVAC techs to perform their job with greater accuracy and superior efficiency. As described by iManifold, the app “calculates HVAC/R system performance and troubleshoots system problems through user inputs and dynamic, live system data."

Choose from more than 40 refrigerants and equipment profiling options. It comes equipped with live annualized savings analysis and BTUH (British thermal units per hour) breakdown on the gauge screen.

*Free on Google Play and the App Store

6. HVAC Duct Sizer

HVAC app 6.png

Want to know the size of the duct by airflow? Or by dimensions? Maybe you want to know the range of duct sizes. With the HVAC Duct Sizer app, you can use the “constant friction” method to quickly size a range of duct sizes or even just one HVAC duct run. This universal duct-sizing app is like the digital alternative to the traditional Trane Ductulator. Various modes allow you to input multiple parameters to find sizes that fall within the friction loss bounds. Additionally, you can further analyze all inputs and results from every mode by emailing them to yourself for later.

The HVAC Duct Sizer app has several operating modes including:

  • Size by Airflow - This mode provides the exact and the rounded height and width dimensions—plus the calculated velocity and friction loss.

  • Size by Dimensions - This mode gives you the calculated duct friction loss when analyzing an existing duct system.

  • Range of Duct Sizes - This mode will display a certain range of duct sizes that fall within the friction loss bounds that satisfy your specified minimum and maximum friction loss and airflow values.


    *$5.99 on the App Store

7. Refrigerant Slider by Danfoss

HVAC app 7.png

The Danfoss Group is a leading manufacturer and service provider for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, and much more. And their innovative engineering solutions did not stop with their HVAC solutions. The Refrigerant Slider app by Danfoss is a no-frills mobile converter for quick and accurate pressure-to-temperature conversions.

This user-friendly converter covers 69 different refrigerants—and it’s all based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) refrigerant properties. The conversions are done using the Antoine equation, which shows the semi-empirical correlations that describe the relation between vapor pressure and the temperature of pure components. In true Danfoss fashion, this app contains critical information like the Global Warming Potential (GWP) and Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP).

*Free on Google Play and the App Store

8. CompanyCam

HVAC app 8.png

The CompanyCam app enhances field-to-office communications by leveraging technology to deliver real-time images and so much more. This smart photo app minimizes the need for technician to CSR phone calls that end up tying the phone lines for calling customers. It also provides a visual glossary of past work completed.

CompanyCam automatically organizes photos by location using GPS technology, so all photos will be organized by job site for easy referencing. The CompanyCam app also helps identify who took what photo when with automatic timestamping. With the tag and filter options, you can categorize photos by categories that make sense for YOU (i.e., A/C installation). And just like you would with social media pictures, employees can comment, leave a voice note, or tag people on any of the photos to prompt a conversation about it.

This app has helped home service companies mitigate any employee or customer disputes by providing visual evidence. It's also helped give owners and managers a birds-eye view of the company’s day-to-day operations without the interruption of uploading, emailing, or texting photos. The creators of CompanyCam built this app to facilitate on-site productivity and even help HVAC companies save money and time. Plus, it’s free—and who doesn’t like that?

*Free on Google Play and Apple

9. HyTools

HVAC app 9.png

Brought to you by the expert in hydronic distribution systems and room temperature control, HyTools was created by IMI Hydronic Engineering International. It’s a hydronic calculator app specifically designed for technicians in the HVAC field. This app offers streamlined calculations and conversions especially for professionals that specialize in radiant heating and cooling systems.

Some of its standout features include:

  • Pressure maintenance and vacuum degassing calculation and selection for heating, cooling and solar systems

  • Dirt and air separator pressure drop calculation

  • Valve sizing and presetting

  • Radiator power estimation (panel and column)

  • Radiator valve sizing and presetting

  • And much more!


    *Free on Google Play and Apple

10. Duct Calculator Elite™

HVAC app 10.png

Now, we’ve gone through quite a few calculating apps, but the Duct Calculator Elite™ is an industry-leading tool specifically for duct-sizing calculations. This app calculates everything from duct size to velocity to pressure drop and even flow rate.

You’re going to want to make sure you download this one for all of your ductwork needs. One of the standout features of this app is the elimination of cumbersome “slider” controls, which has enhanced user’s ability to seamlessly enter values with precision.

This app includes the following three modes:

  • Duct Size by Airflow - This mode lets techs set airflow and velocity or friction. This calculator solves for round and rectangular duct dimensions.

  • Duct Size by Dimension - This mode lets techs set the calculations by width and height of either a rectangular or round ducts. It will even let you enter the airflow or velocity to solve for factors like pressure loss.

  • Pressure Drop - This mode lets techs convert duct length, pressure drop, and friction values, so the exact pressure drop of an installation can be quickly determined. The “pressure drop” mode is complimentary feature to the above duct-sizing modes. Duct Calculator Elite™ has really encapsulated a wide range of customizable settings, which makes it a prime choice for the picky tech. From duct dimensional units to duct material, this app lets you choose the exact criteria needed to make accurate calculations that you can use right there in the field!

*$6.99 on the App Store

11. GEMAIRE HVAC Contractor Assist

HVAC app 11.png

This app was created by GEMAIRE—an independent distributor for heating, cooling, refrigeration products, and more since 1969. They continue to be one of the biggest HVAC distributors in the country. The GEMAIRE mobile app gives HVAC technicians ready-to-use product information and tools located right in their back pocket.

This innovative solution has a sign-in feature for a personal online account like you’d find on any major retailers website—with a major accessibility perk! Signing can be done with Face or Touch ID, so no pesky password to remember when you’re out in the field or in front of a customer. The app also lets techs see real-time availability for nearby branches as well as real-time status updates on all equipment orders, so you’ll always know when you can expect your order to arrive.

Filter for—and check availability on—the exact model and parts you need for the job. Within the app, you can search by system needs, so you can find AHRI matched systems that has up-to-date inventory listings and pricing. Have a preferred GEMAIRE branch? Use the app to see GEMAIRE hours of operation, phone number, and get turn-by-turn directions when needed.

Aside from all of this, the best part of this app is the extensive database that contains spec sheet, wiring diagrams, installation guides, consumer literature, and so much more for all GEMAIRE products.

*Free on Google Play and the App Store

12. HVACR Fault Finder

HVAC app 12.png

Need some help doing some on-site compressor troubleshooting? Look no further than the HVACR Fault Finder. This app allows you to problem-solve compressor electronic system failures with ease. You can use this app for all of your air conditioning and refrigeration jobs.

You can choose to enter a flashing “alert” code or use the “tap” feature to identify the code from the electronic module. This code gives you access to its interactive troubleshooting guide. In the guide, you can browse a comprehensive treasure chest of troubleshooting “tips and tricks”—plus visual flowcharts that create a clear-solution path for diagnosing system errors. HVAC Fault Finder has electronic product manuals and even videos to aid in your problem-solving hunt!

Leveraging CoreSense technology, HVAC Fault Finder is a hands-down winner when it comes to the HVAC app arena.

*Free on Google Play and the App Store

13. HVAC School

HVAC app 13.png

Whether you’re an aspiring technician or current student of the trades, the HVAC School app is a no-brainer for HVAC novices. This amazing little app contains an entire library of HVAC information that will have you sailing your way through trade school. The app even reminds you of things you may have forgotten along the way—because let’s be real—this isn't just a trade, it's a science!

  • Listen to the HVAC School podcast—a key source of industry knowledge and anecdotes of what it means to be an HVAC tech.

  • Read articles from industry pros on major topics to keep your HVAC literacy sharp!

  • Punch in common equations you’d find in the field to build familiarity and deeper understanding of HVAC mathematics with its integrated calculator. It’s like a portable, personal HVAC tutor that doesn’t cost a thing!

*Free on Google Play and the App Store

14. CoolCloud HVAC

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 2.58.29 PM.png

Okay, so the CoolCloud HVAC app is quite different than the other apps listed here. Brought to you by Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P., this app allows you to connect and communicate via Bluetooth with Goodman® and Amana® air handlers and furnace control boards. This solution gives you remote, real-time information that will allow you to service and maintain customer equipment faster and better. Between configuration adjustments and diagnostic tests, CoolCloud HVAC helps techs ensure equipment’s energy efficiency and overall performance.

*Free on Google Play and the App Store

15. ServiceTitan® Mobile

HVAC app 14.png

ServiceTitan® Mobile is the official mobile app of the ServiceTitan platform. Leverage the power of technology straight from your tablet while in the field with customers.

ServiceTitan Mobile gives you the power to:

  • Help techs arrive fully informed.

  • Review detailed job histories.

  • Ditch missing paperwork.

  • Build estimates with just a few taps.

  • Manage pricing and product catalog.

  • Emulate the online shopping experience for homeowners.

  • Close sales out in the field. This state-of-the-art app was developed to turn the tablet into your techs' favorite tool. Not only can the app be customized with your company's forms and pricebooks, but it was designed to dazzle homeowners and help your team secure better sales

*Free with the ServiceTitan core platform

Bonus! Hint: It’s not an app.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 3.15.54 PM.png

No matter which of these fifteen apps you choose to adopt into your workflow, you’re definitely going to want to bookmark this handy ServiceTitan HVAC Load Calculator. This easy-to-use online calculator quickly gauges the BTU range that any particular dwelling may require. It factors in the interior square footage, amount of windows, and it even considers the climate of the region. This HVAC load calculator makes it easy to determine the HVAC system required.

*Free on the ServiceTitan website

How to Choose the Best HVAC App for You

When deciding exactly which apps you want to download, think about your professional needs and how often you'll actually use each one. If you’re considering one of the apps that cost money, speak to your boss about covering the cost. Each technician has their own style of working, so the apps you choose will often be unique to you.

Never underestimate the power of having a comprehensive troubleshooting guide or duct-sizing calculator right in your back pocket! You can learn, troubleshoot, calculate, and reference—all without interrupting your workflow!

ServiceTitan is the #1 HVAC software for home and field service businesses. To learn more about how the platform can help your HVAC business streamline efficiency, improve customer service, and increase revenue, visit ServiceTitan.com today.

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