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ServiceTitan’s all-in-one platform is ranked #1 by contractors. Our team of over 1,600 employees is dedicated to the success of our customers, we out-develop and outperform all other options in the industry. 

So please, compare us.

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Revenue increase in one year.

“We had used another software before ServiceTitan, and boy, am I glad we switched! Tracking of jobs, KPIs, and keeping everybody on the same page has been an easy breeze without wasting time. Really, we wouldn’t be where we are without ServiceTitan.”

Jim Bryant

ServiceTitan Core Features

Whether they’re out in the field, back at the office, or at home after hours, techs, customer service reps, owners, and managers can access ServiceTitan’s Scheduling and Dispatch features via best-in-class mobile functionality. And a variety of interfaces, created with ease of use in mind, have been designed specifically to address the challenges of project management that inevitably come up in successful contracting shops.

Our scheduling software has a color-coded tagging system that allows contractors to classify jobs according to their characteristics: tools the tech will need, difficulty, time to complete, and more. That way, when techs arrive, they’ll have everything they need and the proper window to complete the task and move on.

Our field service software gives dispatchers a real-time view of where techs are in their job cycles over the course of the day, providing for maximum flexibility when it comes to reschedules, appointments that go long, and on-the-fly adjustments that urgent, unexpected calls require.

With automated texts and emails, ServiceTitan reminds homeowners of their appointments, a feature that reduces the incidence of no-shows, and which reduces wait times by providing an accurate, real-time ETA.

Meanwhile, our Dispatch features provide field service technicians with a plethora of details about each and every job before they even reach the site: service history, outstanding service requests, communication logs, and more.

Techs can even listen to homeowners’ calls with their CSR, educating themselves about the equipment they’ll find when they arrive, as well as with the customer’s preferences, problems, and needs.

Keeping track of where leads come from and the revenue they produce can be tough, particularly with numerous campaigns distributed across multiple channels. So although service contractors tend to devote substantial resources to marketing, they often don’t have a clear picture of their ROI.

Using a collection of marketing features and metrics, we’re helping contractors to sharpen their view. For example, the ServiceTitan Marketing dashboard ranks campaigns—email marketing, social media initiatives, mailers, etc.— according to revenue generation, giving business owners a crystal clear understanding of what campaigns are working, which of them aren’t, and even what kinds of jobs each campaign is producing.

At the same time, our marketing heat map provides a geographical picture, showing exactly where campaigns are performing, and how well. Drawing on contact information from current leads, contractors can deploy the new marketing campaigns that they create in Servicetitan with pinpoint precision.

With features such as our field reporting dashboard and Technician Scorecard, ServiceTitan gives contractors unrivaled visibility into their employees’ performance, allowing them to monitor KPIs while techs are out in the field, and review incoming calls and conversions in real time to see which CSRs are at the top of their game and who might need some additional training.

By better understanding how to optimize the way their employees perform, contractors can make adjustments with minimal friction, ensuring that all the members of their team are enabled to contribute their best at every moment of the day.

It’s increasingly difficult for service companies to compete without offering well-managed customer membership and service agreements. So when deciding on what FSM to invest in, it’s important to weigh the relative quality of each product’s membership management features.

We’ve done our best to make it as easy—and profitable—as possible. With ServiceTitan, adding prepaid membership options like checkups and tune-ups to a tech’s schedule is as simple as a few quick swipes in our software’s Service Agreement interface. Contractors can also easily take advantage of a variety of more cutting-edge features:

  • Instantaneous membership account creation
  • Custom membership design
  • Value-proving renewal agreements
  • Profit-prioritizing scheduling

Contractors who use ServiceTitan can seamlessly integrate the process of connecting customers with financing into their overall sales process, furnishing homeowners with financing choices via iPhone, Android, iPad, or other iOS device while techs are still on-site. Once a customer has found an option they like, they can send in an application and get approved near instantaneously.

In addition to cutting down on the kind of lag time that can sometimes prevent a deal from closing, our financing features help make sure that contractors get paid on time, and that they don’t have to deal with financing plans that don’t fit their business model.

Similarly by taking advantage of ServiceTitan’s smooth and simple QuickBooks integration, service contractors can rest assured that their books are organized and pristine. In the event of an audit, or if a business owner decides at some point that they want to sell their company, they can be certain that all of their ducks are in a row. Since QuickBooks uses generally accepted accounting principles, business records can be understood by virtually any accountant a business might hire, so transactions in the future are all but guaranteed to proceed without a hitch.