The procedures for obtaining a license for HVAC, electrical or plumbing work can vary widely depending on location. Our state-by-state look at the requirements helps demystify the process.

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Showing 1-4 of 153


New Mexico Plumbing License: How to Become a Plumber in New Mexico

Plumbing license requirements vary from state to state. In New Mexico, plumbing candidates can pursue journeyman, and plumbing con...


New Mexico HVAC License: How to Become an HVAC Contractor in New Mexico

Most states require training and licensure before you can legally design, install, repair, and maintain heating, ventilation, and ...


Maryland Electrical License: How to Become an Electrician in Maryland

Being an electrician isn’t just a job, it’s a solid career path. Electrical contractors in Maryland enjoy a wide range of employme...


Maryland Plumbing License: How to Become a Plumber in Maryland

Water and gas leaks are a hassle and they can be downright dangerous! It’s important to have professionals who have been fully tra...

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