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What is landscaping business software?

Landscaping software weeds out your company’s operational inefficiencies to cultivate an exceptional customer service experience. Automate daily tasks, such as scheduling, dispatching, online booking, job estimating and invoicing, to save time and grow net profits. Use customized reporting to monitor call-tracking and technician productivity, and integrate with QuickBooks to automatically calculate timesheets and payroll. Give your customers good-better-best landscaping options, and watch your buds bloom into more sales.


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Streamline every part of the job cycle and boost your team’s efficiency with all-in-one landscape business software.

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Reduce inefficiencies with our drag-and-drop dispatch board. Ensure transparent communication and scheduling amongst the team with SMS texting and a route-visualization map.

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How can landscape management software help grow a business?

All-in-one business management software helps landscapers streamline their workflows and operations, so they can concentrate on sprouting new avenues for profitability, adding new customers, and growing average ticket totals.

With customizable, deep-dive business reporting available through ServiceTitan's landscaping business software, owners and managers can easily see the critical data they need to make smart financial decisions that help grow their business.

Which job types sell the most? What seasonal trends can you capitalize on? When do you need to hire more workers to be the most profitable? With ServiceTitan's superior functionality, landscaping companies simply sort, filter, and pull reports from a comprehensive customer database to deliver the right data straight to their inbox.

  • Monitor Business Performance: Build customized reports and dashboards to view technician scorecards or CSR booking rates to stay on top of the key performance indicators that matter most for your landscaping business. Use the data to identify training opportunities to help your team convert more calls into booked jobs and provide better customer service. Marketing Pro, an add-on feature, enables you to automate, an add-on feature, enables you to automate marketing to current customers through your ServiceTitan database and use the Marketing Scorecard to easily see which unique marketing campaign generates real results.

  • Schedule with Efficiency: With comprehensive customer profiles at their fingertips and easy drag-and-drop features, your CSRs can schedule bulk-booking appointments from home or the office with our cloud-based CRM software. In addition, routing optimization and smart scheduling features improve dispatching decisions to maximize technician efficiency in the field, especially during busy seasons.

  • Increase Sales: Technicians can act as owner-operators, presenting landscape maintenance options to customers with good-better-and-best options, managing follow-ups, offering financing, and capturing payments in the field. ServiceTitan's best-in-class landscaping business software makes it easy for techs to build estimates with multiple pricing options in just minutes—a proven way to increase estimate conversion rates and help techs increase their average job ticket, earn more money, and excel at landscape sales.

How can landscape business software help service companies retain customers?

ServiceTitan's CRM landscape business software helps companies retain more customers because it's easy to use, improves efficiency, enhances communication for both employees and customers, provides mobile functionality via a smartphone or tablet, and includes key features built to help landscape companies grow their businesses, including:

  • Customer Portal: Customers can request new service, review service history, access past invoices, check the date of their last landscaping job, and pay for maintenance service online without ever picking up the phone.

  • Digital Forms: Today's customers receive the on-demand service they've come to expect, with a software solution techs can use in the field to improve service quality and reduce call-backs. ServiceTitan's field service management tools improve business processes with digital forms loaded on a mobile app to guide techs as they create detailed estimates, professional invoices, or mobile sales presentations.

  • Pricebook + Mobile Estimates: Equip your technicians with a visual pricebook and mobile estimates, so they can sell with confidence in the field and increase average tickets.

How can business management software help landscapers acquire customers?

The best way to acquire new landscape maintenance jobs in today’s ecommerce world requires meeting your customers online with solutions that solve their landscaping and lawn care business problems.

Grow your landscaping company's customer database by equipping your techs with a customizable pricebook and mobile estimates to increase average tickets, building and managing your Google reviews, and following up sooner to convert unsold estimates.

ServiceTitan landscape business software features include:

  • Pricebook + Mobile Estimates: Give your technicians access to a visual pricebook and mobile estimates, so they can sell with confidence and increase average tickets on landscaping jobs in the field.

  • Marketing Pro Reputation: Generate more online reviews from happy customers to create a solid reputation that attracts more leads and revenue.

  • Follow-Up On Estimates: Follow up with customers who never responded to unsold estimates with simple tags and filters on your ServiceTitan dashboard.

How can landscape business software help businesses improve their field efficiency and operations?

Utilizing ServiceTitan’s all-in-one software solution with responsive dispatching and scheduling features allows landscape companies to optimize schedules for recurring services, maximize crew time during busy seasons, and ensure quality service and crew accountability on every project.

ServiceTitan helps landscaping businesses improve efficiency with automated features, such as:

  • Volume Scheduling: Optimize the CSR process of booking thousands of recurring service appointments during your company's busy season with bulk booking, route optimization, and smart scheduling software.

  • Mobile App: Technicians arrive at the job with complete customer history, previous notes, and photos to quickly tackle the project at hand. They can also upload photos, videos, and other documents straight from their mobile tablet, boosting in-the-field efficiencies.

  • Real-time Communication: Keep every team and employee on the same page with updates that sync instantly from the office to your technician’s mobile device. When a technician updates invoices, submits estimates, or takes credit card payments, the information carries over to the office side, as well. These real-time updates save labor hours spent on time tracking, processing invoicing, and more.

How can landscape business software help companies increase profitability?

ServiceTitan's business management software helps companies submit estimates sooner, get paid faster, increase sales to boost revenue, and reduce costs with improved efficiency. Use our superior software solution for:

  • Job Costing for Design/Build or Landscape Install: ServiceTitan's job-costing software takes the guesswork out of accurately calculating time, materials, and labor costs on every landscaping job, helping landscape companies track true project progress and better profit margins.

  • Pricebook + Mobile Estimates: Equip techs with a powerful tool to automate the bid-prep process by giving them a visual pricebook and mobile estimates to confidently sell more jobs or maintenance memberships.

  • Marketing ROI Tracking: Generate more job leads by measuring the success of every marketing campaign with unique trackable phone numbers.

  • Reporting and Job Costing: Build customized job-costing reports in your ServiceTitan dashboard to identify higher margin jobs, then train your CSRs and dispatchers to match the right skilled technicians to more profitable jobs.

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