Keep Your Construction Jobs Productive and Profitable 

When managing your construction projects, you need a single platform that provides 360 visibility into opportunities for higher-profit margins, a workflow that gets you paid quicker, and seamless connectivity for your entire team.

Increase profit margins

Gain access to pivotal information on job costs, productivity, and other factors that can affect your profit.  Now you can stay in control of your costs on every job, gaining you more profit at the end.

Track your productivity

Have every aspect of your business performance, tracked on one software. Monitor job costs, labor hours, and purchase orders processed. See data on field tech performance, KPIs and almost any other metric.

One software is all you need

With ServiceTitan, you’re bringing your entire business into one, streamlined software that can help you make decisions based on real-time data and manage every opportunity that comes your way.

Quicker, easier payments

Get paid without the hassles! Ensure accurate billing and eliminate errors, use tools that let you present professional-looking payment applications, and build invoices that are easy to review, approve, and pay!

Upgrade your entire workflow.


Job Costing

Track your costs for every job in real time.

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Manage your crew's jobs and schedules from one screen.

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Mobile App

Control your field team from wherever you are.

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Simplify tedious processes and gain faster payments.

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Save hours of time with automated solutions.

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Know what every job needs as you work.

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Maintain consistent accounting everyday.

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Powerful metrics delivered to you, automatically.

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“ServiceTitan gives us the modern tools we need to work more efficiently. We’re saving up to 3 hours a day on routing, scheduling, and communicating with techs in the field.”

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Construction Management Software For Subcontractors: Bridging the Gap Between Construction and Service Work

If you’re a subcontractor looking for construction management software, answering a few key questions will help you determine which software solution is right for your business:

  • Do you only do construction work? (If so, do you plan to keep it that way?)

  • Do you do service and repair work in addition to construction? (If not, are you interested in expanding into these areas?)

If you also do service and repair work or want the flexibility to expand into this area, you’ll benefit from a hybrid software solution that can support both sides of your business—versus going with a construction-only software and needing separate platforms to support your service and repair work.

While there is overlap between the functionality of construction-only software and hybrid solutions, there are a few key differences you need to consider when evaluating your choices.

For example, the best construction-specific project management software offer more detailed document management, allowing you to access and mark up documents such as blueprints, specs, and submittals, via mobile apps at the job site. Some include building information modeling (BIM)—used by general contractors or other construction professionals who leverage 3D project models in architectural design and construction. 

If those are features you place a lot of weight on, software with strong capabilities in these areas may be a better choice for your construction business.

Construction companies that do service and repair, on the other hand, benefit from software features that assist with customer support (e.g., call booking, job confirmations, and mobile payment options), creating estimates in the field, scheduling, dispatching, service agreements, etc. 

However, even for construction-related needs, there are areas where ServiceTitan’s hybrid solution shines in comparison to construction-only focused software. (We’ll point out some examples of these as we walk through our construction-related features below.)

The choice comes down to which solution provides the most value to you based on your specific business needs.

In this article, we’re going to walk through ServiceTitan’s suite of features built for subcontractors in the construction industry. Specifically, we’ll cover how ServiceTitan helps to:

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How ServiceTitan Streamlines Construction Jobs for Subcontractors

Most subcontractors looking for construction management software have been trying to get by with a variety of disconnected apps, documents, and spreadsheets to handle project scheduling and cost management. They might have one app for pricing, one for estimates, another for tracking material costs and labor, etc.—and none of them integrate with their accounting software or are available in real time to team members in the field.

We don’t have to tell you that this is a time-consuming, inefficient way to manage the job lifecycle. 

Whether your construction firm specializes in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or another trade in the construction industry, ServiceTitan provides a management solution that streamlines and simplifies the construction workflow by providing the job costing and project management tools you need throughout an entire project—from the original proposal through closeout—in one customizable, integrated platform. 

In this section, we’ll look at a few of the core features ServiceTitan offers that will streamline your project planning and task management—all while increasing your profit margin.

Build Estimates with Integrated Pricebook Functionality

Rather than being yet another stand-alone, disconnected project document or app, the estimate is the foundation of ServiceTitan’s entire project management system. The information you enter in the estimate integrates with the rest of the features you need to manage your workflow.

Before you build an estimate, you’ll create a new project in ServiceTitan where you’ll enter essential project information such as the client name, location, dates, etc.

Construction Management Software by ServiceTitan

This project summary page eventually displays real-time project information, including an overview of the project budget and progress. It’s also where you can easily generate change orders, invoices, purchase orders, applications for payment, etc.

To build the estimate, you have the option of creating your own estimate form, uploading a spreadsheet, or you can draw from one of ServiceTitan’s customizable estimate templates

Building an estimate can be initiated right from the project page. You'll add information specific to the job, such as tasks (e.g., permits, trenches, etc.), equipment, material, labor estimates, and other relevant costs and details.

Construction Management Software by ServiceTitan

Additionally, for smaller or more standardized jobs, you can use our integrated pricebook to pull in prepared, flat-rate services, materials, and/or equipment that are common to that particular type of job.

Project labels are customizable, so you can add, delete, reorder, or rename them, and more. You can also color code the information so that it’s easily recognizable and accessible in a way that suits your business.

Construction Management Software by ServiceTitan

You also have the option of adding photos, videos, notes, and/or other important documentation to the estimate.

Once entered, all of this information is accessible to team members via the cloud. When it’s complete, you can export, print, or email the estimate to your customer. 

Create and Initiate Purchase Orders Right From the Estimate Interface

When a customer accepts your bid, the information used in your estimate integrates throughout the project workflow, eliminating the need for manual re-entry of the same information—saving you time and reducing the potential for human error. This makes it easy to take the next steps, such as creating and sending purchase orders

When it's time to order materials, you can simply go back to your estimate to initiate the requisition and select the materials and/or equipment you want to order at that time.

Construction Management Software by ServiceTitan

Everything is already in the system, so all you have to do is verify the quantities you need, select the procurement source, and then choose your desired delivery location (e.g., your warehouse or the job site). 

Construction Management Software by ServiceTitan

Save the transaction to create the purchase order. When you’re ready to send it for fulfillment, you can simply navigate to the Transactions tab, select your pending purchase order, and send it to the vendor electronically.  

Track Projects and Manage Job Costing

The Project Summary provides an overview of the project that allows you to keep track of the profitability and overall job progress. For example, you can easily see details, such as:

  • Total Expenses

  • Total Earned

  • Total Retainage

  • Invoiced amounts

  • Payments

  • Accounts Receivable

You can also see those figures in relation to the original contract amounts and the percent complete.

Construction Management Software by ServiceTitan

Just below the Project Summary overview is a detailed breakdown for a more in-depth look at job costs. This area displays budgeted versus actual costs, including the variance and percentage of the budget used. It’s all organized according to the customizable project labels or work items you created in the original estimate.

Construction Management Software

Below that is the Expense Details table where you can drill into the details of each category by clicking through nested levels to get the precise information you’re looking for.

Construction Management Software by ServiceTitan

For example, under Gas Piping, you can pinpoint the source of the material used, the actual cost of the material, and even the cost (and source) of the labor to install it (supported by our time tracking feature), and then compare that to your budgeted amount. 

Because ServiceTitan automatically updates information throughout the project as you or your team enter data and complete transactions, all of this information is portrayed in real time, meaning you can make better-informed decisions to manage the project.

Generate Applications for Payment and Invoices

It goes without saying that getting paid quickly and easily for your work is a priority. ServiceTitan simplifies this process for you by making it easy to generate applications for payment and invoices. (We’ve modeled our forms on American Institute of Architects (AIA®) standards, so you can be assured the forms contain fields for all the essential information.)

All of the data and documentation you need to create and defend these documents (or respond to any RFIs) is already embedded and up-to-date within the software, so you don’t have to spend hours tracking it down from various sources, such as purchase orders, timesheets, payroll, etc. Instead, you can get it done with a few clicks from the Project Overview page. 

To initiate an application for payment, click on the “Add application for Payment” button.

Construction Management Software by ServiceTitan

This opens the continuation sheet, which is ready for you to tailor for the work completed during that specific billing period.

Construction Management Software by ServiceTitan

Select the application and the billing period dates. Then, select and edit the particular fields you want to bill. For example, depending on where you are in the project, you may choose to bill for 30% of labor, 30% of plumbing materials, and 100% of pre-construction costs (e.g., permits). Making these selections automatically updates any corresponding fields, such as “Work Completed for This Period.”

Construction Management Software by ServiceTitan

When you're ready, you get an auto-generated Application for Payment and Continuation Sheet in seconds. 

Construction Management Software by ServiceTitan

You now have the option to send these documents on to the general contractor, home builder, or remodeler to preview, knowing that you can easily back up your billing details with the readily-available documentation in ServiceTitan. Or, you can go ahead and click on “Finish and Generate Invoice”, which will create the invoice and integrate it with your accounting software.

Invoice #945779: Mark Weeks Description of Work and Project Labels

Taking this step also prompts ServiceTitan to update the Project Summary on the Project Overview page.

With a few simple steps, ServiceTitan transforms what is often a time-consuming, laborious process into a hassle-free, simple way to bill accurately and get paid faster.

Seamlessly Integrate with Accounting Systems

ServiceTitan integrates with Viewpoint Vista, Quickbooks®, and Intacct—accounting software that many small businesses and construction professionals use to manage their construction business finances. This means that information and transactions you record in ServiceTitan don’t have to be manually re-entered into your accounting system. 

When you generate purchase orders and invoices in ServiceTitan, for example, they can be immediately exported into the accounting software. (You also have the option to export a CSV file which lets you easily pull your data from ServiceTitan into the accounting system of your choice.)

When a payment from a progress billing is received, you can apply it against the accounts receivable balance in ServiceTitan via the “Create Payment” button on the Project Summary page, and ServiceTitan will integrate the transaction with your accounting software.

Because ServiceTitan is cloud-based, transactions linked to Quickbooks or Intacct sync immediately, which further simplifies and streamlines your bookkeeping process with the accuracy you need.

How ServiceTitan Streamlines Service and Repair Jobs for Subcontractors

Because profit margins are smaller in residential construction, many HVAC, plumbing, and electrical-focused subcontractors have an interest in expanding into service and repair to generate more revenue. But, it’s hard to get started—much less be profitable—if you don’t have a system in place to manage it all.

Service and repair work requires features that construction-specific software just doesn’t offer, but Service Titan bridges the gap with one software solution that can support both construction and service and repair, providing you with the means to pursue that opportunity.

Whether you’re a hybrid shop that already handles both business units, or you’re looking to expand into service and repair, the ServiceTitan features below are just a few that will help you build or expand a profitable service and repair business.

Book Jobs With Ease and Efficiency

ServiceTitan's field service software solutions

ServiceTitan’s Call Booking feature makes it easy for your customer service representatives (CSRs) to provide personal and professional customer service while booking jobs.

When a service call comes in, the CSR sees a green bubble pop up with the customer’s contact information. ServiceTitan autofills the customer’s address and contact information into the booking form.  

Clicking on the customer’s name pulls up a pre-existing customer’s entire service history so CSRs can see services previously completed, who the tech was, billing records, warranty information, etc.

Drop-down menus in the Job Details section make it easy for the CSR to choose the reason for the call. It also serves as a guide to be sure the CSR obtains all necessary information from the customer. 

Additional call booking features include:

  • A property data field that displays key details about the property, such as property type, square footage, age, etc.

  • A summary section where the CSR can record additional notes about the call

  • An option to record the call to assist the dispatcher or the assigned tech before they arrive on the property

  • A drop-down menu where the CSR can select and assign a technician to the job

The CSR can book the job from the same screen. And, because the system is so intuitive and user-friendly, training new CSRs is a breeze.

Schedule Jobs On the Fly

ServiceTitan's field service software solutions

ServiceTitan’s Service Scheduling Software allows you to efficiently schedule and manage jobs (no matter their size and duration) and your work crews. Being able to see the schedule weeks, and even months, in advance allows you to plan for specialty or more time-intensive jobs.

Our scheduling software helps increase efficiency and productivity with functionality, such as:

  • Schedule Optimization feature that assists dispatchers in coordinating appointments and techs

  • Optimize Technician Route feature that assists schedulers and dispatchers in lining up jobs that are in close proximity to techs already working in a geographical area

  • Customizable tags that flag specific jobs to alert the technician to special circumstances on specific jobs (e.g., when they need special tools or equipment on the call or that the call has already been rescheduled once, etc.)

Dispatch the Right Techs to the Right Jobs

ServiceTitan's field service software solutions

You always know who’s doing what, when, and where with ServiceTitan’s Dispatch Software

It’s easy for dispatchers to read and navigate the Dispatch board. Dispatchers can see who’s in route, who’s working, who’s finished, etc., in real time.

With our dispatch software, dispatchers can:

  • Access the service call notes and listen to the original call recording to be sure they’re scheduling the right technician for the job.

  • Quickly assign a tech by clicking and dragging the customer’s address and job information to the selected tech’s available time slot.

  • Communicate critical information to techs through SMS messages, (e.g., the job number, address and map route, community gate code, job details, etc.).

  • Easily extend, shorten, or reschedule jobs based on real-time information by monitoring the techs’ progress. 

Once a tech is scheduled, the software sends a text or email to the customer with a picture and short bio of the tech, so your customers know who to expect at their door. A link that lets them track the tech’s travel in real time eliminates uncertainty about the tech’s arrival time.

You can also give customers the ability to confirm appointments with the automated job confirmation feature, reducing time-wasting no-shows for your techs.

Manage and Grow Memberships

Our Service Agreement feature is an easy way to help you increase revenue with customer memberships and maintenance contracts. You can customize the details and terms to conform to your business practices and to maximize profitability. 

When a tech goes out to a service call, the customer record indicates whether they’re a member or not. If they’re not yet a member, the tech has an opportunity to set up profitable, new memberships using the mobile membership wizard. 

Our membership feature allows you to:

  • Offer customer discounts

  • Schedule recurring service/maintenance appointments

  • Offer membership upgrades for additional services

  • And more

This feature also integrates with our scheduling feature, so recurring service appointments don’t have to be manually entered into the scheduling software and are easily turned into booked appointments.

ServiceTitan automatically tracks associated material and labor costs for member services and applies any member discounts, ensuring accurate invoices.

Membership Reporting allows you to see valuable information, such as which contracts are up for renewal or haven’t been renewed, which recurring services haven’t been performed, etc.,— allowing you to maximize your revenue opportunities.

Accept Credit Card and Cash Payments From Your Tablet

Product Illustration

ServiceTitan’s Payments functionality allows you to get paid quickly and easily while also integrating with your accounting software. 

Your techs can present a paperless invoice and process a customer’s payment on the spot. Options to collect payment include:

  • Our mobile app that allows your techs to process credit card payments and checks (complete with auto deposit) with a tablet camera. 

  • The Bluetooth Card Reader (pay via a card tap or the chip reader).

  • Google Pay™ and Apple Pay® integration. 

  • A link to the customer’s personal account portal where they can log in and pay at their convenience.

The integrated Financing feature allows customers to apply for financing for larger jobs within ServiceTitan Mobile. The application can even be embedded into a proposal, with customers receiving a decision within minutes.

Once payment is accepted, ServiceTitan’s auto batching function exports it to your accounting software, where payments are matched to your bank deposits—saving you even more time.

Which Construction Management Software Is Right For You?

Ultimately, the best software for you depends on your business needs— both now and in the future. 

If your business is purely construction-focused and you have no interest in expanding into service and repair, a construction project management software may be the best choice for you. On the other hand, the wide range of ServiceTitan features that we outlined above may provide more value to you in the long run.

If you’re a subcontractor who wants the flexibility to do a mix of construction and service/repair, then ServiceTitan offers an all-in-one solution that will allow you to manage all aspects of your business while giving you the avenue for growth and increased profit margins.

For a personalized walk-through of all of the features we’ve mentioned in this post, schedule a demo with our team and see how ServiceTitan can transform your subcontracting business.


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