Security and Compliance at ServiceTitan


At ServiceTitan, we build security as a foundational component for our processes, services, and culture. We employ rigorous security measures at the organizational, architectural, and operational levels to ensure that your data, applications, and infrastructure remain safe. 

Our security program is based on the latest and greatest, modern best practices in technology and business. As such, our the foundational elements of our security program are:

  • Protection of customer data: ServiceTitan is committed to protecting and keeping the privacy and confidentiality of our customers' data and information. All assets in our data centers are constantly scanned for potential vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and inconsistencies with general system security policies. We employ military-grade disk encryption to all data at rest and industry-leading encryption standards for data in transit. ServiceTitan's secure software development life cycle includes numerous, independent, in-depth security risk assessments and reviews of product features. Manual and automated source code analyses are performed to help integrate enterprise security into our industry-leading platform on Day 1. The development process is further enhanced by application security training for developers and penetration testing of the application.

  • High Availability and Continuity of Service: Our systems have built-in redundancy to withstand failures and are constantly monitored to keep your work uninterrupted. Also, data replication and automated nightly backups minimize the potential for data loss. Our always on Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation services assure your data will remain available even during volumetric and network protocol attacks

  • Compliance with laws and regulations: ServiceTitan is continuously expanding its security and compliance portfolio of certifications and attestations. Certifications, attestations, and scorecards can be found at our Smart Trust Center.

Security is everyone's job

At ServiceTitan, security is ingrained in the company’s culture. All employees receive security and privacy training the moment they start. Though the extent of involvement may vary by role, security is everybody's responsibility. Our dedicated security staff includes avid contributors to the security industry who are involved with numerous global initiatives.

Staff Certifications

Transparency and Trust

ServiceTitan is committed to setting the industry standard in safeguarding products, services, and customers’ data. You can always monitor our availability on our status page. In addition, our Smart Trust Center provides an easy way for customers to obtain information related to privacy, security, and compliance as well as to subscribe to security notifications and report a security concern.