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If an HVAC, electrical, garage door, plumbing, or other field service company is running on ServiceTitan, TitanAdvisor can help them grow in several ways. For example, TitanAdvisor can clue businesses into which mobile features aren't regularly being used in the field to encourage sales and boost buying confidence. This includes using uploaded pricebook content, the estimate builder, the financing integration, and more.

In the back office, TitanAdvisor can point your business to time and cost-saving features that you may have overlooked. This can include our QuickBooks integration, job costing tools, and the marketing scorecard.

And lastly, TitanAdvisor is built for ServiceTitan users to get the most out of their software investment. The more value and efficiency a business can extract from its software solution, the better position it's in to use its savings towards more proactive business goals.

ServiceTitan has a powerful suite of customer relationship management (CRM) tools and, when used in conjunction with one another, creates a convenient and buzzworthy customer experience. TitanAdvisor can help ensure that your business is using these CRM features frequently enough to make a difference in your revenue and customer retention.

Our CRM primarily includes SMS texting features, which allow shops to send appointment reminders, technician bios, and a GPS-enabled technician tracker to customers before their appointment. ServiceTitan also allows two-way text messaging between the homeowner and the contracting shop ahead of an appointment to confirm details and cut down on costly no-shows.

These are just a few of the features we've added to ServiceTitan to ensure a five-star customer experience. TitanAdvisor can help you hone in which of these CRM features aren't being utilized and help better ensure that you're providing the kind of customer service that generates positive online reviews and loyalty to your brand.

Getting the word out about your business to new customers is key to acquiring new customers and building growth for your company. ServiceTitan provides the marketing scorecard to help you monitor—in real-time—which of your ad campaigns are resulting in revenue for your company and which aren't. The marketing scorecard heat map also shows you where new jobs are being booked in your service area and which neighborhoods could use more exposure to your brand.

TitanAdvisor monitors all these marketing tools and lets you know which are being used regularly and are being neglected—and could be preventing you from reaching more customers.

TitanAdvisor monitors all of the various features and tools your office staff can (and should) be using to improve operational efficiency. This includes:

  • Accounting tools and QuickBooks integration
  • Timesheets and payroll
  • Reporting
  • Job costing
  • Scheduling
  • Dispatching

Across every department, TitanAdvisor keeps tabs on all of the time and cost-saving features your shop isn't using to their optimal frequency. By following TitanAdvisor's guidance in activating these features—or coaching employees to better utilize them—your team will not only be more often on the same page with one another but is more likely to start saving your business hours of labor by automating and/or eliminating tedious tasks, as well.

Is your contracting business using ServiceTitan's job costing tools when managing large installation or repair projects and bids? Are your technicians reliably generating "good-better-best" estimates to easily secure upsells? Are your CSRs regularly using call center features that help provide a five-star call booking experience for customers?

These are just some of the considerations ServiceTitan users should be thinking about when it comes to their business' profitability. TitanAdvisor gives owners and managers an extra layer of visibility over team performance and better ensures that ServiceTitan's revenue-generating capabilities are being used as often as possible.