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ServiceTitan’s GPS ensures technician timesheets accurately reflect wrench time—which helps you audit time spent on visits for billing and payroll.

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Technicians can start the clock by clicking Clock In from their mobile device, or by clicking Dispatch. When they dispatch, this automatically creates a Clock In entry.

If you don't want the drive to the first job of the day to be paid for, you can edit First Drive Settings in technician payroll profile settings, and select Pay first drive if technician is clocked into event.

If a technician is getting paid for any kind of hours before to the first job site (i.e., administrative work, pre-job prep, morning meeting, etc.), a paid timesheet code should always be used.

This prevents technicians from doing a general clock-in at home and getting paid for first drive time without your knowledge (there will always be an audit trail showing the technician’s first paid hours).

Note: Technicians cannot use general clock-in to start their paid hours at the beginning of the day, unless specifically enabled in your account. If technicians need to clock in, before they've been dispatched, they should always use a paid timesheet code.

If a technician is not clocked out at the end of the day and is in idle status, meaning they are not working or clocked into a non-job event, the technician will be automatically clocked out at 12:00am. ServiceTitan will then adjust the Clock Out time to match the end time of the tech’s last activity of the day.

ServiceTitan has the ability to set up different commission rates and bonuses per tech. To know exactly how and if we can set this up to match your company’s pay structure, we would need to get more information from you. Sign up to learn more.

If a technician is dispatched to a job while clocked in with any timesheet code, the technician will be automatically clocked out of the event and the technician’s status will change to dispatched.

Payroll adjustments can be made for the changes flagged by employees during payroll sign-off before the pay period closes. Payroll admins can also make changes when they notice payroll discrepancies either before or after the close of the pay period with the Payroll Adjustment feature.