Every cent, squared away.

Save time on back-office payroll preparation and employee sign-off with ServiceTitan’s Timesheets and Performance Pay. Real-time timesheet tracking, customizable performance pay, flexible start time and overtime, and so much more.

Made for the Trades

Every shop is unique. ServiceTitan lets you account for non-job events, create flexible performance pay structures, and get greater gross pay transparency.

All in One Place

Accurately track profitability, automate performance pay calculations, get in-app reports in real time, and make payroll adjustments—all right in ServiceTitan.

Save Time and Money

Gain efficiency and save an average of 30-60 minutes a month in payroll prep time per employee by automating the calculation and entry of gross pay.

Increase Convenience and Transparency

Employees can track and sign off on their time, view payroll history, and address disputes within ServiceTitan. No more techs driving to the office for payroll!

Timesheets for contractors

With ServiceTitan, your technicians’ drive time, vendor runs, and wrench time are automatically documented on their timesheets—and overtime and start time can be configured with a few clicks.

Office employees can clock in and out and view payroll history all from the same digital workspace. And because our timesheets sync with our dispatch board, your team always knows who’s available for the next job.

Give your team convenient sign-off

With ServiceTitan, each employee can digitally sign off on their timesheet at the end of a pay period to ensure its accuracy. Say goodbye to technicians driving in for payroll.

Your employees also always have access to their own timesheets, both current and past. If they spot a discrepancy, they can flag it right in the software.

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Tailor your incentive structure

Do you have the secret commission and bonus structure that retains and motivates your technicians?

Configure ServiceTitan to apply those incentives tied to your pricebook and automate even the most complex performance pay. Feed this into your reporting for more comprehensive and timely job costing.

Stay on top of job costing

With your team’s time accurately accounted for, you can now see the profitability of your projects with interactive, real-time reporting.

ServiceTitan even appropriately attributes payroll and timesheet job costs when you have technicians working jobs across different departments. And if you’re worried about team efficiency, you customize your reports for tech performance, too.

Software that does the heavy lifting.

GPS Tracking

How does a technician start the clock at the beginning of the day? And how can I prevent technicians from clocking in for paid drive time in the morning without my knowledge?

Technicians can start the clock by clicking Clock In from their mobile device, or by clicking Dispatch. When they dispatch, this automatically creates a Clock In entry.

If you don't want the drive to the first job of the day to be paid for, you can edit First Drive Settings in technician payroll profile settings, and select Pay first drive if technician is clocked into event.

If a technician is getting paid for any kind of hours before to the first job site (i.e., administrative work, pre-job prep, morning meeting, etc.), a paid timesheet code should always be used.

This prevents technicians from doing a general clock-in at home and getting paid for first drive time without your knowledge (there will always be an audit trail showing the technician’s first paid hours).

Note: Technicians cannot use general clock-in to start their paid hours at the beginning of the day, unless specifically enabled in your account. If technicians need to clock in, before they've been dispatched, they should always use a paid timesheet code.

What happens if a tech is not clocked out at the end of the day?

If a technician is not clocked out at the end of the day and is in idle status, meaning they are not working or clocked into a non-job event, the technician will be automatically clocked out at 12:00am. ServiceTitan will then adjust the Clock Out time to match the end time of the tech’s last activity of the day.

We have unique commission and bonus structures, can you change this per technician?

ServiceTitan has the ability to set up different commission rates and bonuses per tech. To know exactly how and if we can set this up to match your company’s pay structure, we would need to get more information from you. Sign up to learn more.

What if a technician is dispatched to a job while clocked into an event?

If a technician is dispatched to a job while clocked in with any timesheet code, the technician will be automatically clocked out of the event and the technician’s status will change to dispatched.

What if I need to make pay period-specific changes?

Payroll adjustments can be made for the changes flagged by employees during payroll sign-off before the pay period closes. Payroll admins can also make changes when they notice payroll discrepancies either before or after the close of the pay period with the Payroll Adjustment feature.