Get set up the right way

Our onboarding process ensures that your entire team is efficiently trained so you can begin to experience the benefits of ServiceTitan from day one.

What customers say

Best practices built-in

We’ve learned from the best in the business! During onboarding, we provide the tools you need to configure your software to run the way thousands of the best contractors run. That way, you can begin to experience better efficiency and higher performance from your very first day on ServiceTitan.

Become part of a community

While onboarding, you’ll join an online community where other, similar businesses share knowledge, ideas, and questions. You’ll also have access to your own customer success manager after you go live with ServiceTitan to ensure that you’ll always be surrounded by success.

Go live efficiently

Our onboarding process is designed to maximize your time learning ServiceTitan without any major disruptions to business. We work with industry leaders to learn about what truly matters in your journey from going live with ServiceTitan to ultimately achieving optimal performance as soon as possible.

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