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Master your payroll with ServiceTitan’s integrated processing tools. Real-time timesheet tracking, automated bonuses, and so much more.

Upgrade your timesheets.

With ServiceTitan, your technicians’ drive time, vendor runs, and wrench time are automatically documented on their timesheets—and OT can be configured with a few clicks.

On the office side, your staff can clock in and out right in ServiceTitan. And because our timesheets are synced with our dispatch board, your team always knows who’s available for the next job.

Tailor your payment structure.

Do you have the secret commission and bonus structure that retains and motivates your technicians? Configure ServiceTitan to apply those payments and automate even the most complex performance pay. You can even import any additional pay items via API or spreadsheets to feed into your reporting for timely, accurate job costing.

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Give your team final sign-off.

With ServiceTitan, your technicians always have access to their own timesheet as it updates in real time. That way, if they spot a discrepancy, they can flag it right in the software. And at the end of a pay period, each employee can digitally sign off on their timesheet to approve its accuracy.

Stay on top of job costing.

With your team’s time accurately accounted for, you can now see the profitability of your projects with interactive, real-time reporting. ServiceTitan even appropriately attributes payroll and timesheet job costs when you have technicians working jobs across different departments. And if you’re worried about team efficiency, you customize your reports for tech performance, too.

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GPS Tracking

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Flexible Overtime Rules

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ServiceTitan’s GPS ensures technician timesheets accurately reflect wrench time—which helps you audit time spent on visits for billing and payroll.

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