Every cent, squared away.

Master your payroll with ServiceTitan’s integrated processing tools. Real-time timesheet tracking, automated bonuses, and so much more.

Upgrade your timesheets.

With ServiceTitan, your technicians’ drive time, vendor runs, and wrench time are automatically documented on their timesheets—and OT can be configured with a few clicks.

On the office side, your staff can clock in and out right in ServiceTitan. And because our timesheets are synced with our dispatch board, your team always knows who’s available for the next job.

Tailor your payment structure.

Do you have the secret commission and bonus structure that retains and motivates your technicians? Configure ServiceTitan to apply those payments and automate even the most complex performance pay.

You can even import any additional pay items via API or spreadsheets to feed into your reporting for timely, accurate job costing.


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Give your team final sign-off.

With ServiceTitan, your technicians always have access to their own timesheet as it updates in real time. That way, if they spot a discrepancy, they can flag it right in the software.

And at the end of a pay period, each employee can digitally sign off on their timesheet to approve its accuracy.

Stay on top of job costing.

With your team’s time accurately accounted for, you can now see the profitability of your projects with interactive, real-time reporting.

ServiceTitan even appropriately attributes payroll and timesheet job costs when you have technicians working jobs across different departments. And if you’re worried about team efficiency, you customize your reports for tech performance, too.

Software that does the heavy lifting.

GPS Tracking

What happens if a tech is not clocked out at the end of the day?

If a technician is not clocked out at the end of the day, the technician will be automatically clocked out at 12:00am (the end time on the timesheet will be 11:59pm).

However, the technician’s paid hours will NOT accrue until 12:00am. Hours Worked (paid hours) for the day will automatically stop when the technician completes the last job or non-job appointment.

What is contractor payroll software?

Contractor payroll and timesheet software is software specifically designed to help home and commercial service businesses manage their payroll, accurately pay their staff, and track profitably, efficiently, and other key factors of their business.

ServiceTitan offers contractor payroll software that is integrated with other critical software tools used to run the business. The result is real-time timesheet tracking that appropriately pays staff—including bonuses, commissions, and OT—and aggregates timesheet information so that managers and CEOs easily keep an eye on project profitability and team efficiency.

How does a technician start the clock at the beginning of the day? And how can I prevent technicians from clocking in for paid drive time in the morning, without my knowledge?

If a technician is getting paid for any kind of hours before arrival at the first job site (i.e., administrative work, pre-job prep, morning meeting, etc.), a paid timesheet code should always be used.

This prevents technicians from doing a general clock-in at home and getting paid for first drive time without your knowledge (there will always be an audit trail showing the technician’s first paid hours).

Note: Technicians cannot use general clock-in to start their paid hours at the beginning of the day. If technicians need to clock in, before they've been dispatched, they should always use a paid timesheet code.

What if a technician is dispatched to a job while clocked into an event?

If a technician is dispatched to a job while clocked in with any timesheet code, the technician will be automatically clocked out of the event and the technician’s status will change to dispatched.

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