Marketing • Productivity • Management • Operations • 61 minutes

Weldon Long: How an Ex-Con Became a Sales Superstar

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Season 1

Marketing • Productivity • Management • Operations • 61 minutes

Weldon Long: How an Ex-Con Became a Sales Superstar

Thinking about what to think about can transform your entire life. At least it did for Wel...

Operations • Management • 44 minutes

Ellen Rohr: Your Job is Hard, Keep Your Financials Simple

Ellen Rohr, President and Franchise Operations Manager at Zoom Drain, loves to help contra...

Management • Operations • Productivity • 54 minutes

Chad Peterman: Why a Thriving Culture Trumps the Labor Shortage

Peterman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is a $21M family-owned business. We chat with their P...

Management • Operations • Productivity • Marketing • 66 minutes

Darius Lyvers: Turning Family Business into Personal Success

Darius Lyvers has been with the same family-run company for 20 years. He’s risen to COO at...

Marketing • Productivity • Management • Operations • 47 minutes

“The plumber you’d send to your Mom’s house” — Eric Falconer’s journey from $8 an hour to managing a $12.5 million business

Eric Falconer's impressive trade career started as an $8 an hour side job. Today, he manag...

Marketing • Productivity • Management • Operations • 64 minutes

Chris Hunter: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Chris Hunter reveals how he grew his HVAC, plumbing, and electrical business from the grou...

Marketing • Productivity • Management • Operations • 61 minutes

Aaron Gaynor: Business Isn’t a Sprint, It’s a Marathon

Aaron Gaynor is a marathon man. He’s literally finished several 26.2-mile courses. In the ...

Marketing • Productivity • Management • Operations • 65 minutes

What Contractors Should Know About Marketing to Women

From strategic planning to building a reputation, Susan Frew shares tips for success in th...

All Topics • 70 minutes

From Prison to Bankruptcy to Prosperity

As a former gang member turned businessman, few people can accuse Mario Campriano, the own...

Marketing • Productivity • Management • Operations • 65 minutes

How Tommy Mello Grew From Painting Garage Doors for $100 a Pop to Running a $30M Business

The Home Service Expert shares mistakes he made and lessons he learned in the latest episo...

Management • Operations • Marketing • Productivity • 46 minutes

How to Grow a One-Truck Shop into $50 Million Plumbing Enterprise

We chat with Rooter Hero CEO John Akhoian on how he went from a plumber's apprentice, to t...

Operations • Management • Marketing • Productivity • 36 minutes

Treat Everyone the Same: Life Advice from a CEO w/ Ken Goodrich

Ken Goodrich, CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing and author of "The E-Myth HVAC Con...

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