ServiceTitan customers grow their revenue by 25% in their first year, on average

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How much does ServiceTitan cost?

The short answer is, probably much less than you think! On average, ServiceTitan customers pay less than the price of a tube of caulking or a cup of coffee per job—much less than the revenue they gain from using our platform.

Customers pay an affordable rate for each full-time technician, with no additional fees for support staff, add-ons or features (unlike other providers). This makes our platform accessible to businesses of all sizes. We want to help you grow and will not charge you unfairly as your business expands.

During your free demo, we'll be able to provide specific pricing for your service type and industry.

Why do I need to request a demo?

Because ServiceTitan is such a comprehensive all-in-one platform, people are often amazed by all the different ways we can help their business. A free personalized demo with a product expert is the best and fastest way for you to see if ServiceTitan is right for you.

The free demo is also a great chance to ask questions and identify gaps in your current business—think of it as a free consultation with an industry specialist.

We'll never pressure you to sign up. We're honest and will explain if we don't think ServiceTitan is right for you (we want to make sure all our customers can boost their revenue with ServiceTitan).

Is ServiceTitan suitable for my company?

We designed ServiceTitan specifically for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and garage door home service businesses in the US and Canada.

Our customers range from small shops with just a few field technicians all the way up to the largest franchises. Our pricing—based solely on the number of technicians you have in the field—means ServiceTitan is accessible and scalable, no matter what size your company is (see our FAQ on pricing for more information).

What happens after I request a demo?

When you submit your free demo request, we'll reach out to you to arrange a call with a product specialist in your industry. You'll be able to choose the date and time for this call that's convenient for you.

Will you keep my information secure?

Yes. We respect your privacy and will never disclose personally identifiable information without your consent.

The quickest way to know if ServiceTitan is right for your unique business is with a FREE personalized demo.

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"ServiceTitan helped grow my sales by 70%. We’re on pace to exceed all our revenue forecasts due to ServiceTitan’s tracking and automation, and we’re not letting up."

John Akhoian

Owner, Rooter Hero

How Can ServiceTitan Grow Your Business?

Improve Sales. Efficiently.

ServiceTitan's mobile app for technicians instantly transforms your techs into sales superstars.

Using the Visual Pricebook, your techs can easily build beautiful service options for your customers.

Invoices are generated automatically, your customers can pay on the spot, and all data is synced back to the office instantly.

Say goodbye to papertrail headaches.

A Better Customer Experience

In the office, ServiceTitan's Phone Integration will automatically pull up your customer's profile when they call.

When dispatching a tech, your customers will feel at ease about a stranger entering their home when they get a photo and bio of your tech.

Create a remarkable experience and reduce the service window by allowing your customers to see how far away the tech is on a map in real-time.

Your customers won't stop talking about you.

Real-Time Data

Because ServiceTitan powers your office, your tech's mobile app, and integrates with your phones, all your data is in one place.

The Dashboard shows key metrics at your finger tips, such as today's revenue, tech and CSR performance, and more.

Meet your company goals and discover growth opportunities with better data.

You can stop with the spreadsheets. Finally.

Used By the Fastest Growing Home Service Companies

Bryant Electric Owner

Bryant Electric Services

109% Increase in Revenue
in one year

"We had used another software before ServiceTitan, and boy, am I glad we switched! Tracking of jobs, KPI's and keeping everybody on the same page has been an easy breeze without wasting time. Really, we wouldn't be where we are without ServiceTitan."

Monkey Wrench Plumbing Owner

Monkey Wrench Plumbing Company

74% Increase in Revenue
in one year

"We used to have such a cumbersome process between the guy in the field and the office. Now everything's done on the spot in real time, which gives techs the ability to not rely on the office so much."

Tiger HVAC and Plumbing Owner

Tiger Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Electrical Services

26% Increase in Revenue
in one year

"Prior to implementing ServiceTitan, we were calculating all of those goals by hand and basically on an abacus. With ServiceTitan, we are able to measure our growth projections and know exactly where we're at and stay up to date. We'd be ages behind from where we are currently without ServiceTitan."

We'll Get You Up and Running Seamlessly

ServiceTitan's Getting Started Package includes

Done-For-You Implementation

A dedicated implementation manager will ensure a seamless switch to ServiceTitan.

Complete Data Import

Our 10 full-time data engineers will import your historic data with the utmost care.

Business Success

Your Success Manager will help you adopt best practices for efficiency and growth.

Fast and Reliable Support

Access our local, U.S. based support team through live chat, phone, or email.

Easy to Use for Everyone

A library of training materials helps your employees get up and running quickly.

Run Your Business From Anywhere

ServiceTitan is built in the cloud, it's secure, and your data is always backed up.

Nearly 400 people in Los Angeles and Atlanta dedicate their lives to your success

We know you went into business to build a better life for your family -- and we know it's hard, tiring work.

It's our mission to create an extraordinary product and service to help you save time, make your life easier, and achieve all your goals.

We can't wait to come into work, because we know your success is right around the corner.

When you're successful, we're successful.