ServiceTitan vs Razorsync

ServiceTitan was designed specifically for the home service industry, to better manage their growing business.

Mobile app with customer convenience features with stable offline functionality
Customizable forms and pricing tools
Detailed customer profiles, job history, prior invoices, notes
Two-way SMS texting for customer inquiries and scheduling changes
Pre-appointment GPS Tech Tracking for accurate arrival times
End-to-End presentation mode: A visual pricing tool and estimate builder with good, better, best options
Robust dashboard with dynamic views that can be sliced & diced: Segment dashboard by business unit, Generate 150+ pre-built or customizable reports, Real-time cloud-based sync, Drill down KPI's
Advanced payroll functionality: Run automated commissions and spiffs, Incoming and outgoing transactions updated in real-time
Email marketing automation: Hyper-targeted emails using your homeowner's information in ServiceTitan, Marketing Analytics dashboard
Custom Reporting: Individual tech scorecards to monitor performance, Accessible CSR scorecards to track incoming booking data, Sales TrackingLimited
Mobile App:iOS & AndroidiOS & Android
Exclusive access to user conferences, online support networks, and industry associations.
Customized Nexstar dashboards
Ideal number of Users2-1000+1-1000+
White-glove, in person onboarding and implementation and support.

How Can ServiceTitan Grow Your Business?


We know you went into business to build a better life for your family -- and we know it's hard, tiring work. It's our mission to create an extraordinary product and service to help you save time, make your life easier, and achieve all your goals.

We can't wait to come into work, because we know your success is right around the corner.

When you're successful, we're successful.

Real-time Data

Because ServiceTitan powers your office, your tech's mobile app, and integrates with your phones, all your data is in one place.

The Dashboard shows key metrics at your finger tips, such as today's revenue, tech and CSR performance, and more.

Meet your company goals and discover growth opportunities with better data.

You can stop with the spreadsheets. Finally.

A Better Customer Experience

In the office, ServiceTitan's Phone Integration will automatically pull up your customer's profile when they call.

When dispatching a tech, your customers will feel at ease about a stranger entering their home when they get a photo and bio of your tech.

Create a remarkable experience and reduce the service window by allowing your customers to see how far away the tech is on a map in real-time.

Your customers won't stop talking about you.

Onboarding with ServiceTitan

Dedicated Support to Get You Up and Running

Step-by-Step Implementation

Your personal implementation manager will ensure a seamless switch to ServiceTitan.

Secure Data Import

Our full-time data engineers will import key data into your new platform.

Ongoing Guidance and Tips

Your Success Manager will help you adopt best practices for efficiency and growth.

Fast and Knowledgeable Support

Access our local support team through live chat, phone, or email.

Accessible Training Content

A library of materials helps your employees get up and running quickly.

Reliable Data Security

ServiceTitan is built in the cloud, it's secure, and your data is always backed up.

Improve Sales Efficiently.

ServiceTitan's mobile app for technicians instantly transforms your techs into sales superstars.

Using the Visual Pricebook, your techs can easily build beautiful service options for your customers.

Invoices are generated automatically, your customers can pay on the spot, and all data is synced back to the office instantly.

Say goodbye to papertrail headaches.