ServiceTitan vs FieldEdge

Breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of each software.

Close more lost deals with easy follow up on unsold estimatesRequires Upgrade
Improved sales results with Good, Better, Best estimates including pictures and videoRequires Upgrade
Robust pre-built and custom reports that can be scheduled, emailed and drilled down to the detail levelLimited
Know the numbers that matter with dynamic, customizable dashboardsLimited
Automatic calculation of commissions and spiffsX
Only pay for technicians, not the office staff that supports themX
Ensure you're receiving full value of software with realtime feedback on level of software feature adoption (Titan Score)X
Easy access to detailed customer profiles, job history, notes, tags and prior invoicesX
Create Custom Fields to capture, search and report on the data you requireLimited
Automatic address validation assuring your techs arrive at the right locationLimited
Enforce best practice workflows with techs using required forms and checklists you controlX
Only show techs and salepeople sections of Pricebook they need to seeX
Mobile app with touchless customer facing features and stable offline functionalityX
Two-way SMS texting for customer inquiries and scheduling changesRequires Third Party Add-on
Customer web portal for easier booking and online paymentsX
Send proposals to customers with images from their home and results of inspections includedX
Pre-appointment GPS Technician Tracking for accurate arrival timesRequires Third Party Add-on
Complete customer history including equipment level repair detailsLimited
Add Maintenance plans to customers with no back-office work requiredX
Fully integrated material catalogs from many of the industry's leading manufacturersX
Consistent tech performance using required forms, gated workflows, estimate templates, automatic discount calculations and moreX
Ability to access and follow up on unsold estimates from their mobile deviceX
Close more deals with automated email follow ups on unsold estimatesX
Know which marketing works and which doesn't with automated ROI reporting and a Marketing Scoreboard.X
Heat maps to show you the areas giving you the highest revenue allowing you to target marketingX
Google Local Service integrationX
Automatic marketing campaign tracking through phone integrationLimited

Over the last 15 years or so, a range of software vendors have introduced tools to help service business owners do things like streamline operations, grow revenue, increase market share, and integrate the many moving parts that make their companies work. 

Known as field service management software, or FSMs, these products can make a huge difference in the performance of a service business. 

The trouble is that even field service software solutions that work very differently can frequently appear very much alike. To some extent, this is inevitable. Virtually all FSMs are going to offer certain features, like job tracking, dispatching, scheduling, and equipment tracking, which are indispensable to service companies. And in a previous post, we sought to provide some clarity on the subject by weighing the relative strengths and weaknesses of three common FieldEdge competitors: Housecall Pro, Jobber, and ServiceTitan (that’s us!). 

In this article, we’ll take a somewhat different approach, providing a detailed head-to-head comparison of ServiceTitan and FieldEdge. Specifically, we’ll examine key features that differentiate these products in five essential categories:

  1. Revenue growth

  2. Streamlining operations

  3. Process improvement through data accuracy and coaching tools

  4. Custom reporting and business insights

  5. Impressing customers    

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5 Differences You Should Know About If You’re Deciding Between FieldEdge and ServiceTitan

When adopting a service business management software, what might seem like subtle differences in functionality can actually have serious business implications: lost revenue, decreased efficiency, miscommunication with customers, to name just a few possibilities. 

In addition, when businesses end up with an FSM that doesn’t quite meet their needs, there are additional costs associated with switching to another service. That’s why understanding the nuances between services is so important when making your purchase decision.

Let’s zoom in now to take a close look at differences between FieldEdge and ServiceTitan that might not jump out during a casual comparison, but which can have a major impact on a service contractor’s bottom line.     

1. Grow Revenue

In one way or another, virtually every feature of field service management software is intended to help contractors grow revenue. But in juxtaposing FieldEdge and ServiceTitan, two stand out:

  • Integrated manufacturer materials catalogues

  • Customer financing options

Whether they specialize in plumbing, HVAC, electrical, or some other niche, service contractors tend to work with materials and equipment supplied mostly by a couple of main manufacturers. When they’re onsite bidding a job, there are tremendous advantages to having instantaneous access to the catalogues from their favored industry manufacturers. With accurate, up-to-date information about the materials they need for each job, contractors can more accurately estimate costs, present to customers, and nail their markup and installation rates every time. Without it, they’re often left ballparking figures in a way that negatively affects their bottomline

Unfortunately, where supply catalogues are concerned, most FSMs, including FieldEdge, simply don’t provide the kind of functionality contractors need. And with fully integrated catalogues from a range of major manufacturers like Carrier, Bryant, and Lennox—as well as Amana, American Standard, Dalkin, Goodman, and Dynamic ACS—this is an area where ServiceTitan stands out definitively from the crowd.  

Our team members have been working with these and other major industry manufacturers for years, and when service professionals use ServiceTitan, they can draw big benefits from those relationships. With our integrations, contractors can build installation packages and service tasks using the actual part items that their technicians will use when they do the work, allowing for the absolute maximum in specificity and accuracy when it comes to numbers, models, makes, sizing, price, and more. 

As shown below, the software even gives techs access to detailed photos that they can share with homeowners, allowing customers to visualize exactly what the equipment will look like when it’s installed at their home. Catalogue updates are automated, so there’s no need for contractors to worry that their estimates and representations might be marred by outdated information.

These highly accurate job costing and estimating capabilities give ServiceTitan users a big leg up. But actually making a sale for a big-ticket item like a new HVAC system can often depend on providing customers with financing options that make the purchase easy and affordable. Without them, sales that would otherwise close can frequently fall through. 

This is another key differentiator between ServiceTitan and FieldEdge. Where FieldEdge provides customers with one basic financing option, ServiceTitan users can choose from two primary financing providers, selecting the option that best suits their business needs. In addition, they can offer “Second Look” financing for customers who may not qualify for their primary financing option. (If a contractor is able to offer only a single financing option, a customer might conclude that if that option doesn’t work for them, there’s no path to doing business with that contractor.)

At the same time, ServiceTitan’s flexible, customizable financing capabilities ensure that contractors don’t get locked into purchase agreements with terms that don’t work well with their business model. Because our financing options are fully integrated— accessible to techs via mobile device—customers can get approved during a service or sales call via our iOS or Android app (with just a few swipes on an iPad or iPhone).

Once approved, payments can be applied directly to the invoice as shown below: 

2. Streamline and Automate Operations

Of course, even under the best of circumstances, some estimates will go unsold. And as we’ve written previously, for field service companies, having a well-defined follow-up process is key to growing revenue.  

Without a field service management solution, however, just keeping track of unsold estimates—let alone following up on them—can be extremely challenging. And while FieldEdge does offer some estimate tracking and follow-up functionality, it is available only to users who opt for a premium version of the product—and pay extra to get it.   

In contrast, every ServiceTitan subscriber is provided with fingertip access to all of their unsold estimates, as well as with automated reminders to follow up on them, drastically reducing the time, manpower, and expense of handling the task manually. 

Similarly, our users get unrivaled visibility into their marketing efforts: a marketing heat map that shows where campaigns are working best, and how well. Contractors can use the software to create new campaigns, drawing on contact information from existing leads to assign ads with pinpoint precision. FieldEdge has no comparable feature.

While these capabilities help ServiceTitan subscribers grow revenue, they also have the effect of streamlining contractors’ operations, cutting down on the headaches associated with trying to keep track of a thousand moving parts by integrating core business functions into an efficient machine.  

The same is true of our highly customizable data search and Pricebook visibility features, which are limited or nonexistent in FieldEdge.  

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With ServiceTitan, users can create custom fields to capture, search, and report on whatever data their business requires at any given moment. Using dropdown or free-fill forms, contractors are able to build a personalized system for organizing, building on, and making actionable the plethora of data they collect in the course of business. 

In recent months, for example, many of our users have been coding their customer database for COVID risk, allowing them to search their records according to that criteria and appropriately plan for their home visits. 

To improve efficiency once salespeople and/or service techs arrive at a property, contractors can calibrate ServiceTitan so that only relevant  sections of their Pricebook are visible. They can do this based on employee type, or even down to the individual. A plumbing specialist, for example, isn’t going to need access to an HVAC equipment catalogue. By limiting their pricebook access, their employer can increase their efficiency, and make the software easier to use for both employee and customer. 

Note: Also useful for streamlining operations is our QuickBooks integration, which has a Sync-As-You-Go feature that ensures your accounting remains accurate and up to date.

3. Business Process Improvement, Data Accuracy, and Coaching Tools

While it’s true, as we noted above, that most every FSM on the market offers a dispatching feature, not all of these are created equal. And it’s worth pointing out, in a comparison of ServiceTitan and FieldEdge, that the most basic building block of dispatching—automatic address validation, which ensures that technicians go to the right location for every call—differs considerably between the two products.    

Both software apps provide the user a suggested address, based on their input, which is validated by a web search. But FieldEdge validates addresses with WhitePages, while ServiceTitan uses Google Maps. In our experience, the latter is much more accurate and reliable.  

In some cases, Whitepages-based validation causes errors arising from confusion about who currently lives at a given address and who might have lived there in the past. Because Google Maps relies strictly on the address itself, ServiceTitan avoids these errors, ensuring that techs go to the right place every time, and eliminating the lost time, revenue, and potential embarrassment that comes along with showing up at the wrong property.    

Using ServiceTitan’s fully customizable forms and gated workflows, contractors can ensure that their employees work through every call step-by-step—asking customers required questions about their needs and preferences, performing safety checks, looking for upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and more. 

For big and small businesses alike, owners and managers know it’s one thing to have a policy, and quite another to be able to make sure employees follow it. With ServiceTitan, service contractors can eliminate opportunities for techs, salespeople, and customer service reps to forget or ignore protocol and allow best practices to lag. Many of our contractors have found that these features have enabled them to implement a well-defined sales process—a must for boosting revenue—and to enforce its use on every call.

Of course, no matter how well-trained their employees, the most successful service companies are always hoping to improve their processes for call booking and job management. And one of the best resources for contractors looking to sharpen their policies and better train their employees are past communications with customers.   

That’s why ServiceTitan includes an ability to integrate to your existing phone system and provides users with automated caller ID pop-ups and call recordings of each and every customer phone call. Associating advertising campaigns with inbound phone numbers automates the linking of the campaign to the job as well. You can even carry on SMS (text) conversations with customers right from ServiceTitan. — Having these features in FieldEdge requires you to sign up for an additional third-party product.    

By referring to previous phone support and booking calls, each of which is associated with an element of customer history, business owners can see what’s working, what isn’t, and where employees might occasionally be dropping the ball. In this way, lifetime communications records become an invaluable resource for employee coaching and process improvement.

Note: Looking to improve your efficiency when taking calls and booking jobs? Check out our Phones Pro product. 

Live support call logs like the one shown above also provide a great security blanket in the event of a dispute with a customer. For example, in a call with a CSR, a homeowner might acknowledge the risk of forgoing a repair. When the customer’s attorney calls back six months later threatening to sue for damages incurred as a result of not going forward with that repair, a contractor with a ServiceTitan subscription can refer to the earlier call, effectively scuttling any change of litigation. 

If they’d had a FieldEdge subscription instead, the same contractor would be unable to access that 6-month-old call, and they could easily be on the hook for hefty court expenses. 

4. Custom Reporting and Business Insights

Features like lifetime call recording accessibility are great for zooming in to see how things are working in moment to moment detail. But ServiceTitan also offers contractors the means to instantaneously create and access reports that provide a picture of business operations that is broadly comprehensive while also being fine-grained. Although FieldEdge offers some reporting capabilities, this is another area where their software is significantly more limited and less flexible than ServiceTitan (which offers over 150 pre-built reports).

To get an immediate sense of employee performance, for example, ServiceTitan users can simply glance at scorecards for each tech and CSR that they employ, gleaning stats on things like revenue generation, service agreements, jobs completed, and incoming calls and call conversions.

The software also includes a comprehensive view for tech and CSR scorecards, so that business owners can quickly get up to speed on how their teams are doing overall. And with ServiceTitan’s field reporting dashboard, contractors can actually monitor their techs while they’re in the field, getting updates on their customizable scorecard metrics in real time.

ServiceTitan furnishes similarly detailed reports and real time data on sales tracking, accounts receivable, and maintenance agreement profitability. In combination, these and other reporting tools provide contractors with tons of data about a virtually unlimited range of KPIs—providing invaluable insights about what’s working well and what might need some editing—as well as about what their employees are best at and how they might be optimally utilized to most benefit the company and its customers.

5. Impress Your Customers

It goes without saying that what tends to impress customers most is doing good work. But more and more service contractors are using high-tech solutions to gain an edge, offering improved convenience, customer experience, and ease of use is increasingly essential to staying competitive. 

With ServiceTitan, contractors can start wowing their customers before a tech even arrives at their home. Once a service tech has been dispatched, homeowners can track their arrival via GPS-enabled mobile app—one that very much resembles the GPS tracking they’re used to from rideshare services, as shown in the screenshot below.   ServiceTitan offers this service as a fully integrated feature; FieldEdge uses a third-party supplier.  

This feature enables customers to anticipate to the minute when their tech is due to arrive. Many of our users include a photo and brief bio of their techs along with the mobile tracking link, so that when the tech reaches the home, the customer knows whom to look for and already feels a sense of comfort with their service technician. 

Once a sales call is completed—using the optimization checklists and forms we described above—service contractors can use ServiceTitan to send a proposal to customers that includes photos of the equipment that needs repair or replacement, incorporating handwritten notes, highlights, and diagrams right on the images. These capabilities give contractors a chance to showcase their expertise, as well as to educate customers about the proposed work order, providing them with a sense of ownership of the project. FieldEdge users aren’t able to draw on photos or diagrams, making it harder to explain the issues to their customers.   

Another advantage of ServiceTitan is our user friendly customer portal. Our portal makes job booking and statement review convenient for customers by allowing them to easily log in online. Customers can even sign off on invoices and estimates, and make payments with an electronic signature, eliminating the hassle of sending checks by mail or providing credit card information over the phone. 

For contractors, ServiceTitan’s customer management features reduce the time and manpower needed for appointment booking and maintenance scheduling for membership agreements. It also significantly cuts down on headaches associated with chasing payments for outstanding bills. Furthermore, by integrating the customer portal with ServiceTitan’s MarketingPro option, users can use automation to quickly generate customized email marketing campaigns.    

When It Comes Weighing FieldEdge Alternatives, the Differences Matter

Inevitably, many of the FSMs on the market today include some of the same features—scheduling, dispatching, customer support, inventory management, call booking, invoicing, timesheets, CRM, and work order management, to name a few. One result is that competing software solutions can look very much alike, even when what they actually offer is extremely different. 

That’s why, rather than make a decision about which FSM to use based on pricing and surface-level resemblance, we suggest that field service businesses dig deeper to get an in-depth understanding of how products like ServiceTitan and FieldEdge truly stand to help them reach their goals, and how they compare. Not infrequently, choosing the cheaper software can end up being costly in the long run.

But by doing a little research into the key features that differentiate tools like ServiceTitan and FieldEdge, contractors can arrive at a field management software solution that will truly help them stay competitive and grow their business through:

  1. Revenue growth

  2. Streamlining operations

  3. Process improvement through data accuracy and coaching tools

  4. Custom reporting and business insights

  5. Impressing customers    

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