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Unlocking the Power Behind the ServiceTitan Community

Diana Lamirand
December 20th, 2022
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Ever wish you could connect directly to a ServiceTitan expert, or talk to a fellow contractor with more experience using ServiceTitan software? Now you can, and without scrolling through a bunch of unrelated online content or social media posts to find the answers.

With the new ServiceTitan Community, contractors can talk with one another, research answers to common questions, learn best practices from the experts, and get the most out of their ServiceTitan investment. 

“ServiceTitan Community is a one-stop shop,” says Angie Snow, Principal Industry Advisor at ServiceTitan. “It’s everything you need in one place.”

Snow, who’s also an HVAC business owner and certified life coach, demonstrated ways to access and engage with the ServiceTitan Community during a recent webinar featuring two other ServiceTitan expert users—Pam Duffy, Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Powerhouse Consulting Group, and Jessica Smith, Process Manager at AirWorks Solutions.  

“These ladies know ServiceTitan…the three of them combined are just like one Super ServiceTitan all-knowing being,” says ServiceTitan Senior Content Marketing Manager Jackie Aubel, who served as web host moderator. “If you guys want to know anything about Community, these are three women to tell you about it.”

Let’s get started.

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ServiceTitan Community’s multitude of resources

To access ServiceTitan Community, open your ServiceTitan dashboard and click on your picture profile in the top right-hand corner to open a drop-down menu. Once you click on ServiceTitan Community, you can log in using your ServiceTitan account credentials. And if you’re a technician working out in the field, you can access the Community page from your mobile app or browser on a tablet or smartphone.

On the home page, you can search for ServiceTitan product information, announcements, new releases, questions, upcoming events, training, and more.

ServiceTitan Community resources are broken down by the following categories:

  • Discussions—Follow conversations or communicate directly with other contractors on workflow topics such as accounting, call booking, dispatch, inventory, jobs, marketing, and more.

“All of these different discussions are right here,” Snow says. “You can start a discussion, comment on discussions, or give them kudos. As you create a discussion on the discussion board, it will ask you to add a tag or label to it so it goes in the appropriate discussion board. It’s a really great way to keep all of our discussions in one place.”

  • Product—See ServiceTitan product highlights and capabilities, online training sessions, webinars, and even access the Blue Collar Nerd videos in The Nerd’s Nook.

  • Programs—Learn about ServiceTitan’s Certified Provider Program, attend informative SparkSessions or EmberSessions, or get involved with LadyTitans.

  • Community—Read through Community feedback posts, connect with other trade professionals, leave suggestions, or read through the latest blogs about Community happenings.

“It's where plumbers can talk with garage door companies about things, and CSRs can talk to business owners or managers, and so much more. The networking possibilities are endless,” Snow says.

  • Groups—Learn from other contractors by joining a group, such as LadyTitans, Titans and Friends, Torch Network, Aspire Together, or CSR/Dispatcher Group.

“You may remember our Training Tuesday, Feature Friday, and Winning Wednesday training sessions? We highlighted a lot of different things that we loved about the product, and you'll still see those great things here,” Snow says.

  • Ideas—Submit an idea for the ServiceTitan product team or search for an idea already suggested. 

“If you have an idea you'd like to submit, the discussion board is not the place for that,” Snow says. “You come here to the ideas tab. Or if you see an idea you love, give it an up vote. Our product team is constantly coming here, so this is a great way for you to share your ideas and vote for other people's ideas as well.” 

  • Support—Create a support case for any of ServiceTitan’s products and manage all of your cases from the Community dashboard.

“I’ve never had insight as an HVAC business owner as to what open support cases have been closed or what their status is,” Snow says. “Now, you can come right here and look at your current support cases. This is a great way to manage that, and we've never been able to do that before.”

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Stay in the know with ServiceTitan Community

Let’s first consider how contractors in the trades got their news and updates about ServiceTitan product releases—prior to ServiceTitan Community.

“As a customer, I was just waiting to read the release notes, or I was looking in the knowledge base,” Snow says. “Or talking to other customers. ‘How do I do this?’ And so, not super effective.”

Staying on top of new software releases is especially important for Duffy, who works with a variety of ServiceTitan customers in her role as COO of Powerhouse Consulting Group and also as a certified ServiceTitan partner.

“Before Community, we would have to really be on top of the webinar schedule and look for webinars about new product rollouts,” Duffy says. “And if we couldn't attend the live webinar, we'd have to find the recording and go through it. So again, not super effective.”

Smith, a master ServiceTitan user and co-founder of LadyTitans, says she also read the release notes, watched Blue Collar Nerd videos, and engaged with ServiceTitan Facebook groups like Masterminds and Toolbox for the Trades.

“Yeah, so just a lot of disparate information that you were kind of always looking for,” Aubel surmises. “It wasn't something that you were able to check on regularly.”

With the release of ServiceTitan Community in May 2022, Duffy says she can now better serve her clients.

“For our clients who really want to be in the know, the best thing nowadays is ServiceTitan Community because everything is all in one spot,” Duffy says. “All the release notes are there, the webinars are there, people are talking about it. 

“You can ask questions, which I think is really one of the best pieces about Community,” she adds. “It's not one-way communication, it's two-way communication. And that's really helpful.”

Engaging within the ServiceTitan Community is something Smith does better than most, the other panelists pointed out. She’s a member of many of the groups, and she’s often logged into Community and willing to share her wealth of knowledge about the software platform.

If you want to get more involved in the ServiceTitan Community, Aubel says, take note.

“I just want you to know that you have a power user who's literally on there all the time and honestly can probably answer some of your support cases just as good, if not better, than some of our own support and CSM [Customer Success Managers] staff,” Aubel says of Smith. “And that is not a slight to our CSMs and support staff. That’s just a testament to how well-versed Jessica is in the ServiceTitan product.”

Smith says she simply likes to stay ahead of the game.

“Nobody has all of the answers about ServiceTitan,” Smith says. “I want to help people maximize the software and get the answers they need. So if I have that answer, I want to share it. It's a very robust software. It's impossible to know everything, and I think Community is a great place to find out the things you don't know.” 

Snow says Smith is one of many contractors engaging on the site who’s willing to share their product knowledge with fellow contractors.

“When we can get on there and help each other, it really alleviates some of the need for the ServiceTitan support team. We can help them by helping each other, which I think is awesome,” Snow says.

Leveraging the power of ServiceTitan Community

When asked to describe her favorite features of ServiceTitan Community, power-user Smith named three.

“My No. 1 feature is the gamification. I really like to win, so I like to see my name on the top of that kudos leaderboard all the time,” Smith says. “I love that everything’s in one place. I can get to the knowledge base, I can get my support tickets, I can get to all the different groups like SparkSessions and LadyTitans. Also, you can private message people in the Community. If you want to continue a conversation offline, you can send that user a private message.”

LadyTitans is a group founded to empower, connect, and support women in the trades. SparkSessions is a group that teaches ServiceTitan users how to maximize the software.

In addition to gaining management oversight of her support cases, Snow says the groups section is something she’s particularly excited about.

“We've got moderators in these groups, and I'm so excited about the CSR Group, especially because that's one thing I love to coach on,” Snow says. “I love to mentor and we're going to be sharing a lot of awesome tips, things that help you with not only ServiceTitan, but customer service in general.”

Duffy pointed out the powerful search function capabilities of ServiceTitan Community, along with subscribing to different groups or different topics to receive alerts.

“By subscribing, that allows you to get an email ping at whatever cadence you want. If you want a daily or weekly summary or some other digest, you can get that. I subscribe to the discussions that I’m the most knowledgeable about. So, if you post in the marketing discussions, I'm going to get an email about it. And if I'm able to answer, I will hop in right away. Subscribing is a really powerful feature in Community.”

And the search function not only searches the ServiceTitan Community knowledge base, but also any other relevant content produced by ServiceTitan.

“It's much easier to find the information you're looking for, follow another conversation that other people have had about a topic, and implement it yourself,” Duffy says. “It's such a mind meld of information.”

She uses ServiceTitan Community to coach her clients on the best practices implemented by other companies. 

“Community is a great way for them to kind of poke around and see what else is out there, what other kinds of things can help improve their business and help their business grow,” Duffy adds.

Snow demonstrated the new site for her HVAC company’s dispatcher and CSRs at a recent meeting.

“They are now empowered to go there themselves, be part of that Community, start asking questions, and just explore it,” Snow says. “I love that they have the ability to do that. That was important.”

Ready to engage with ServiceTitan Community?

Get started with ServiceTitan Community by logging in, posting a question, or commenting on another post. Join a group or two, read some articles, check out the Nerd Nook, update your profile, and just poke around awhile.

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