In the Office

Navigate your team to better revenue.

In the home services, winning the day means getting your trucks where and when they need to be no matter what challenges get thrown at them. Fortunately, our Field Service Dispatch Board helps you put the right tech on the right job.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop job management
  • Powerful Capacity Planning capabilities
  • Office-to-tech SMS Text Messaging
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Plan for the right number of techs, every shift.

Success only comes with stellar preparation. With ServiceTitan's integrated field service scheduling software, your business can game plan for upcoming jobs with efficiency, intention, and just a few clicks.

  • Familiar calendar functions for easy planning ahead
  • Custom tags to categorize upcoming jobs
  • Visible status updates on each tech’s current job
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Say hello to a better intake process.

Answering the phone is your first opportunity to impress potential customers and inspire confidence in your brand... so why not make the most of it? ServiceTitan's intuitive call center features empower your CSRs to do just that.

  • Automated onscreen customer data as calls come in
  • Dropdown menu interface for speedy intake
  • High quality digital recordings for every call
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Make every advertising dollar count.

Marketing used to be a blackhole for ad dollars that only resulted in more incoming calls. The ServiceTitan Marketing Scorecard lets you tie marketing spend to sold jobs... the only metric that matters.

  • Real-time campaign ROI data as new jobs are booked
  • Responsive Heat Map to visualize geographic trends
  • Trackable phone numbers for new campaigns with just a click
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Stay on top of your numbers.

Thriving in this industry means knowing more than just your bottom line. You have to spot trends, squash costs, and that's just for starters. ServiceTitan's field reporting software—with over 100 preloaded KPI reports—is ready to help you crunch the numbers.

  • User-friendly dashboard for at-a-glance business insights
  • Individual tech scorecards to monitor performance
  • Accessible CSR scorecards to track incoming booking data
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Keep using your favorite accounting software.

We knew ServiceTitan needed to offer a seamless bookkeeping transition for contractors, so we partnered with the best. Our QuickBooks Field Service Management Integration helps home service shops conduct business the way they want to.

  • Integrated, industry-leading accounting tools from QuickBooks
  • Incoming and outgoing transactions updated in real-time
  • Paperless accounting processes in the office and out in the field
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Sync every location down to the last cent.

If you run a home service enterprise, you already have bookkeeping figured out. ServiceTitan has partnered with Sage Intacct Accounting Software to allow big home service franchises to keep using the accounting solution they prefer.

  • Cloud-based platform to keep each location’s finances in sync
  • Mobile access to finances for managers and authorized staffers
  • Actionable scalability that never obstructs business growth
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In the Field

Equip your techs with the very best.

Field service management software isn't comprehensive if it doesn't make your technicians’ lives easier. More than 50,000 techs are already using ServiceTitan Mobile to provide an incredible customer experience and sell more jobs.

  • Customizable forms triggered for specific job types
  • Engaging Presentation Mode that emulates online shopping
  • Easy payment capture with card swipe and check deposit
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Sell bigger jobs faster.

Financing is supposed to help homeowners greenlight new jobs—not complicate things. That's why ServiceTitan has teamed up with GreenSky Financing to help give your customers an easy, painless way approve your next profitable job.

  • Various financing options to tailor available offerings
  • Autofilled application forms for convenient submission
  • On-the-spot approvals for all homeowners who qualify
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Redefine five-star service.

Amazon. Uber. Netflix. You've probably noticed that the way people buy things has changed in the last few years. ServiceTitan's Customer Convenience Features understand that and are designed to turn new customers into loyal ones.

  • Friendly appointment reminders sent to homeowner smartphones
  • Two-way SMS texting for customer inquiries and scheduling changes
  • Pre-appointment Tech Tracking for accurate arrival times
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Thornton & Grooms Increased Revenue by 36% with ServiceTitan

Carl, Thornton & Grooms

“As a dispatcher you need to be working in the most efficient way possible. You just click on a call and it’s as simple as moving your mouse up…”

Carl, Dispatch Manager
Thornton & Grooms

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