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A field service management app can help today’s modern contracting businesses in two principle ways: by increasing revenue and by lowering overhead. Premier business software, like ServiceTitan, can help increase service business revenue by helping CSRs provide a five-star call booking experience for customers, offering homeowners and clients a convenient, mobile-driven customer experience, enabling field workers to make better sales with a user-friendly mobile app designed to strengthen consumer confidence.

As for lowering overhead, an integrated field service management solution like ServiceTitan gives owners and managers real-time visibility over into revenue, job trends, marketing ROI, and team performance—allowing them to make data-backed decisions to better their business. The back office staff, from CSRs to dispatchers to accountants, also benefit from crucial task automation and productivity optimization tools for each of their departments, vastly reducing costly mistakes and tedious, time-consuming tasks that can hurt larger business needs. All of this can reliably result in lower overhead and better functionality for most modern mobile field service shops.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of any successful business. For contractors and field service businesses, it’s no different. The modern consumer has become accustomed to personalized, on-demand service perks (often via mobile app) and it’s up to mobile field service companies to do what they can to emulate that kind of customer experience.

Big and small businesses that use ServiceTitan do this every day with a powerful suite of CRM tools that provide an easy, online shopping-like experience for customers. These customers receive technician bios, a tech tracker, and appointment reminders over text—and can even exchange customer support texts with dispatchers and other back office staff ahead of their appointment.

Once a field service technician is on-premise, they can present their mobile device to the customer for a number of different functions: to review service history, present estimate options, capture work order signatures, or pricebook content, or to capture on-the-spot payments once the job is done. If preferred, the company can also send the customer a link to an online portal for secure payment processing.

This is the level of convenience and transparency that consumers now expect when making a purchase—and if your field service business can provide something like it, you are more likely to earn strong online reviews and brand royalty.

Acquiring customers can be difficult, but an elite software solution like ServiceTitan can help HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other field service businesses expand their customer base. For example, the ServiceTitan marketing scorecard gives businesses a real-time look at their ad spend and which of their campaigns are actually resulting in revenue. This allows business owners pause or terminate campaigns that aren’t showing ROI and lean into the campaigns that are looking promising.

The heat map, also part of the marketing scorecard, uses GPS tracking to pinpoint where customers are booking jobs in the local community. This enables businesses to either double-down on marketing in “warm” areas or strengthen their promotional presence in “cool” areas to expose new potential customers to your brand.

Online reviews and word-of-mouth are also key to acquiring new customers. Providing a five-star customer satisfaction is a must, and ServiceTitan’s suite of CRM tools allow field service companies to emulate the convenient, on-demand customer experience today’s consumers expect—from their initial call to make a service request to billing and follow ups. ServiceTitan can even solicit reviews following successful service, boosting your brand reputation across popular online directories like Google and Yelp.

Beyond increased operational efficiency that can save money via optimized man hours, lower overhead, and a reduction of costly mistakes, a leading field service management app like ServiceTitan can boost profitability two ways: better sales in the field and better job costing. In the field, your field workers and technicians will be equipped with ServiceTitan Mobile on their mobile devices, which is designed to not only boost consumer confidence but also has tools proven to help with upsells. Specifically, the “good-better-best” estimate presentation mode allows customers to see various buying options and encourages more frequent “better” and “best” sales.

ServiceTitan Mobile can also help facilitate bigger jobs that may be a bigger financial burden to customers with its Financing integration. This allows technicians to quickly populate a financing application to a reputable leading financing institution using customer and job information already in the mobile app. The application is quickly populated and, if approved by the customer, submitted directly from the technician tablet for fast approval—often in seconds. Your field service company chooses which financing plans your techs can offer customers too, so whatever plan they end up choosing, it makes financial sense for your business.

Lastly, ServiceTitan has power job costing tools that give owners, managers, and other project management professionals real-time visibility into man hours, materials used, and other costs associated with a job or project, so they make decisions as needed to protect profitability. Real-time job costing also helps with inventory management and ensuring that your business is properly stocked for both ongoing and future projects.

A world-class field service software solution like ServiceTitan knows how costly inefficiencies and errors can be for today’s contractors, both in the field and in the back office. The ServiceTitan mobile app, ServiceTitan Mobile, for instance, ensures that the entire lifecycle of a job is protected from paperwork errors. With the custom form tool, businesses can upload whatever paperwork they use during on-premise jobs and set triggers so that specific forms appear on technician tablets at certain phases of specific job types so paperwork is never forgotten or left incomplete.

Payments that are captured in the field are also synced to the ServiceTitan system in the back office and can easily be imported into QuickBooks. ServiceTitan’s accounting integrations help eliminate time-consuming tasks like data entry and manual reconciliation to free up office staff and allow them to work on more proactive business goals.

These are just two of the many ways a fully integrated, cloud-based, end-to-end software solution like ServiceTitan can optimize efficiency, reduce costly errors, and keep entire teams on the same page.

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