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With ServiceTitan’s free Invoice Generator Tool, techs can create an invoice from the field, save and email it from a mobile device, and reduce hassle.


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Create Invoices, Easily Bill Customers and Eliminate Paperwork with ServiceTitan's Free Tool

Customers rely on contractors in the skilled trades to keep mechanical systems operating efficiently in residential homes and commercial businesses. Those service pros, in return, rely on customers to pay them on time for a maintenance, repair or installation job well done.

Rather than scribbling a job invoice on a piece of scrap paper and hoping for the best, many contractors choose to automate the invoicing process using software built specifically for the trades. 

With ServiceTitan’s free Invoice Generator Tool, techs can create an invoice from the field, save and email it from a mobile device, and reduce hassle. 

What is an Online Invoice Generator Tool?

An invoice creator tool allows service companies to input job details into a customized invoice template, and the tool builds a professional invoice with a request for payment your small business can easily text or email to a customer. 

Several free invoice generator tools offer basic features, but ServiceTitan’s free tool provides more advanced functionality, such as the ability to add images and branding. 

Benefits of Using Invoice Generator Software

With an automated invoicing tool, you can focus on growing your business, instead of wasting time creating, tracking down, and maintaining paper invoices. 

ServiceTitan’s online Invoice Generator Tool offers tangible benefits to streamline your invoicing needs, including:

  • Accurate billing: Using invoicing software instead of creating paper invoices minimizes technician errors, typos, pricing mishaps, lost paperwork, and other common mistakes. 

  • Create an invoice in real time: ServiceTitan’s invoice generator lets technicians create, modify, and deliver invoices in the field. Need to update a price, add a discount, or alter a line item in real time? No problem.

  • Customization: No two customers are the same, and ServiceTitan’s invoice template provides the flexibility to tailor the invoice to the customer, regardless of whether it's a residential or commercial job.

  • Add a professional touch: A professional-looking invoice, including your logo prominently displayed, stands out from a hand-written invoice and adds a touch of authenticity to put your customers at ease.

  • Save money and reduce waste: Not only is a digital invoice more eco-friendly than the paper alternative, you can also save on paper and printing costs, which quickly add up for any business. With this tool, you can create an unlimited number of invoices, and save and deliver them digitally.

  • Store customer data: Keep customers' service history, contact info, and preferred payment on file, so your office staff has customer data at their fingertips. 

  • Track ongoing maintenance agreements: With invoices generated by ServiceTitan’s Invoice Generator Tool, techs can view a digital record of customers’ invoice history, and your company can know when to send recurring invoices for ongoing maintenance services.

Need More Than Invoice Capability?

Of course, there are issues for small businesses in the home services industry that go beyond a free invoice generator. Need to collect payment on the spot, without having to use a third-party app? Want to automate targeted, cost-efficient marketing programs built from your customer database? Looking for an easy way for your technicians to create good-better-best sales proposals on the spot to increase the average ticket? Serve an area with multiple tax zones, and have trouble keeping up? Put customer history at your CSRs’ fingertips?

ServiceTitan can help with all that and more. Our end-to-end, cloud-based software solution for the trades provides much more than invoicing support, empowering business owners and technicians with industry-leading technology, optimizing operations, and providing great visibility through deep data reporting.

How to Make a Simple Invoice

Invoicing details vary by company, contractor, and job, but a blank invoice in general should include the following business information and details as the formal record of the work and the request for payment: 

  • Invoice number

  • Date of work

  • Contact information, including phone number, for the contractor and customer

  • Company name, logo and branding

  • Service details and technician name

  • Line-item description of service or materials including quantity, cost, and totals

  • Pricing (flat rate vs. hourly), payment terms, and taxes

  • Notes section for additional project details, promotions, and CTAs

  • Due date, late fees, or penalties

  • Signatures for the customer and technician

Other important invoicing considerations include:

  • Flat Rate vs. Hourly Pricing: Clearly articulate whether you charge a flat rate for the job or price by the hour. Some contractors believe time-and-material pricing represents the most transparent way to invoice customers, while others think a flat-rate fee provides the best value to cover all costs of services rendered and incentivizes technicians to sell more or go above and beyond. Just make sure to specify your pricing model on the invoice.

  • Local Sales Tax: Remember to account for local sales tax as you create an invoice. ServiceTitan’s Invoice Generator Tool allows you to edit the tax rate to match your state or locality’s guidelines and reflects all taxes in the invoice total.

  • Residential vs. Commercial Invoicing: It’s important to consider the nuances of residential and commercial projects when creating an invoice. ServiceTitan’s Invoice Generator Tool offers complete customization to add as many line items as necessary or hide specific fields. 

How to Use Our Free Invoice Generator

Using ServiceTitan’s online Invoice Generator Tool is quick and easy. 

Enter all of the relevant contact information for your business as well as the customer’s information, and then upload your company logo.

You can toggle several of the features on or off as needed, such as the Notes feature that lets you leave a personalized message on the invoice (think upsell opportunities, service reminders) and the Service Info feature, where you can list the technician’s name and provide additional job details.

When listing service or materials, you can add as many line items as necessary. Enter the quantity, unit cost (or hourly rate), and the line total. 

The Invoice Generator Tool also allows you to alter the sales tax rate to match the state or locality where the service was performed, and automatically applies it to the invoice total. Then, customize specific payment deadlines, supporting copy, and any late fees. 

Once you input all of the data, the free invoice maker prepares your invoice in seconds. You can download the invoice to your mobile tablet or email it directly to the customer.

Optimize Your Business with ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan’s end-to-end software solution streamlines operations in the office, and in the field, for a more polished and professional approach. Our cloud-based, end-to-end software suite includes:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Intelligent dispatch

  • Custom reporting

  • Marketing automation

  • On-site quoting and estimates

  • Digital sales presentations with photos and video

  • Accounting integrations with Sage Intacct and QuickBooks

ServiceTitan also helps HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and other home and commercial services contractors collect payment at the time of service.

Get Paid Faster with ServiceTitan Payments

Don’t just speed up the invoicing process, get paid faster, too. With ServiceTitan Payments, part of the wider suite through ServiceTitan’s cloud-based software solution, techs capture electronic payments in the field and post them automatically. No more waiting on that check in the mail, depending on third-party payment apps, or wasting time making deposits at the bank. 

Key benefits of ServiceTitan Payments include:

  • Faster deposits: With ServiceTitan payments, credit card and check payments deposit the very next day. And with online payments, you’ll receive funds two to three times faster than traditional banking.

  • Mobile check and credit card capture: Easily snap a picture of a check or credit card in the field and give customers flexible payment options through a secure link to a personalized online payment portal, via email or text message. 

  • Elimination of manual reconciliation: ServiceTitan Payments automatically matches electronic payments to bank deposits, creating an easy-to-export batch report for your accounting software.  

  • Automatic billing for recurring payments: Service memberships can be processed in batches and intervals that work for your company. That reduces cancellations and saves your office staff hours spent chasing payments. 

More than 100,000 contractors trust ServiceTitan to run their business. From the built-in price book to rich customer data and white-glove customer support, ServiceTitan can help your business, too.

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