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With ServiceTitan’s free Invoice Generator Tool, techs can create an invoice from the field, save and email it from a mobile device, and reduce hassle.


Invoice No:

Invoice Date:

Due Date:

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Bill To:

Service Info:

Service / Materials


Unit Cost

Line Total

Line Items

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Quantity :

Unit Cost :



Item Total : $0.00

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Sales Tax 




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How to Make Your Own Professional Invoice with ServiceTitan's Free Invoice-Generator Tool

Compared to most of the free invoice templates you’ll find online, which need to be filled out in Microsoft Word, Excel, or a PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat, ServiceTitan’s free invoice generator allows you to easily create a custom invoice directly through the web. 

As a result, it provides a level of convenience that typical PDF invoice templates do not, and is particularly useful for service businesses that commonly need to generate invoices from the field. 

Both large and small businesses can use the tool above to create professional invoices, including all of the necessary fields:

  • Invoice number

  • Invoice date

  • Due date

  • Billing and contact information (business name or company name, client name, addresses, phone numbers, etc.)

  • Itemized list of line items (hourly rates, unit prices, services performed, etc.)

  • Subtotal

  • Sales tax

  • Total amount due

  • Additional notes (related to services and materials, payment terms, etc.)

  • Signatures

Benefits of Using Our Free Invoice Template Generator

With an automated invoicing tool, you can focus on growing your business, instead of wasting time creating, tracking down, and maintaining paper invoices. 

ServiceTitan’s online Invoice Generator Tool offers tangible benefits to streamline your invoicing needs, including:

  • Accurate billing: Using invoicing software instead of creating paper invoices minimizes technician errors, typos, pricing mishaps, lost paperwork, and other common mistakes. 

  • Create an invoice in real time: ServiceTitan’s invoice generator lets technicians create, modify, and deliver invoices in the field. Need to update a price, add a discount, or alter a line item in real time? No problem.

  • Customization: No two customers are the same, and ServiceTitan’s invoice template provides the flexibility to tailor the invoice to the customer, regardless of whether it's a residential or commercial job.

  • Add a professional touch: A professional-looking invoice, including your logo prominently displayed, stands out from a handwritten invoice and adds a touch of authenticity to put your customers at ease.

  • Save money and reduce waste: Not only is a digital invoice more eco-friendly than the paper alternative, you can also save on paper and printing costs, which quickly add up for any business. With this tool, you can create an unlimited number of invoices, and save and deliver them digitally.

  • Store customer data: Keep customers' service history, contact info, and preferred payment on file, so your office staff has customer data at their fingertips. 

  • Track ongoing maintenance agreements: With invoices generated by ServiceTitan’s Invoice Generator Tool, techs can view a digital record of customers’ invoice history, and your company can know when to send recurring invoices for ongoing maintenance services.

Key Limitations of Using Invoice Templates 

While our online invoice generator is a step up from filling out a blank invoice template in Google Docs or Google Sheets, there are crucial operational and workflow challenges that these templates can’t solve.

1. Repetitive Data Entry

In the field service industry, for example, the same customer and job information has often been entered and re-entered manually into estimates, work orders, CRMs, and other apps prior to being entered into an invoice. That is a lot of manual effort and an inefficient use of staff time.

2. Organization and Accessibility

It requires a lot of discipline and organization to keep track of miscellaneous PDF files, ensure they’re organized and stored properly, and ensure they can be accessed by stakeholders throughout the organization when needed. Managing this manually can be both labor intensive and error prone.

3. Lack of Integration With Other Business Tools

When using invoice templates like those described above, there’s no integration between your invoicing process and the other apps and tools you use to run your business, such as your CRM and accounting software, which leads to further inefficiencies.

Alternative to Consider: Improve Your Invoicing Workflows With Invoicing Software 

To solve the limitations discussed above, large and small business owners alike are turning to invoicing software or other holistic software solutions that improve efficiency and integrate invoicing with the other workflows of their business.

Our product, ServiceTitan, is an example of this. We provide field service management software for the trades (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and select other industries) that integrates invoicing processes with the other key workflows of a service business. 

To give you a sense of the value of this type of solution over simple invoice templates, below we’ll walk through how our invoicing software works.

How ServiceTitan Streamlines and Integrates Invoicing Into Service Business Workflows

When using ServiceTitan, invoices are automatically populated and updated as a job progresses. For example, as materials or services are added to sold estimates and work orders, they appear on that customer’s invoice automatically. 

When it’s time to send an invoice to a customer, there is no need to manually type up an invoice — office or field staff can simply have it sent automatically (or, with a couple short taps on a mobile device, or clicks on their desktop) when work is completed. 

PDF invoices can be easily generated and emailed with detailed descriptions of the work completed and outstanding customer balance, as well as a link to enter credit card payment details and submit online payment

In addition to saving staff time from manual and repetitive data entry, invoices are automatically saved to the corresponding customer’s profile within ServiceTitan, making the organization or customer data far easier to manage and access. 

In cases where a service business has a contract to provide recurring services, such as a maintenance agreement, they can also set up and automate recurring invoices to be sent to customers after each service event. 

Now, while these features can significantly improve a business’s invoicing processes, the true value of a field service management platform like ServcieTitan lies in its ability to connect and integrate invoicing to other key business workflows — one of the most obvious and significant being accounting, discussed next. 

Access Invoice and Accounting Data in Real-Time While Reducing Manual Data Entry

With ServiceTitan, there’s no need to wait until the end of the day for field staff to get back to the office to share their invoices and related financial documents or manually enter everything into your accounting system.

Instead, as soon as a technician has completed a job in the field, that invoice is immediately viewable to back office staff. This means job costing data can be viewed in real-time, and service providers can see an up-to-date picture of customer balances and outstanding invoices any time.

In addition, there’s no need to manually enter each invoice into your accounting system. Users can simply batch export invoices over to QuickBooks at the end of each day, for example. 

ServiceTitan makes accounting processes simple and scalable as your business grows.

Streamline Accounting Coordination Among Team Members

While accounting systems such as QuickBooks can show you certain invoice statuses, they primarily show these from the customer perspective (i.e. when the invoice was sent, viewed, paid, deposited).

However, from your team’s perspective, there’s no way to see whether an invoice has been reviewed yet. Therefore, when viewing an invoice, there’s no way to easily answer: Did I already review this invoice for accuracy? Did someone else on the team review it? 

In contrast, ServiceTitan offers the invoice statuses mentioned above while also providing you the ability to mark invoices with review statuses, including:

  • Needs review

  • On hold

  • Reviewed

Plus, you can assign team members to review an invoice. 

For example, if you’re an executive or business owner and want someone on your staff to do the work of reviewing the job details of the invoice, looking into whether the job was profitable, etc. — you can assign that invoice review to someone on your team. That team member will then receive an automated notification that you’ve assigned them that task.

This type of team coordination is invaluable for many businesses, and there aren’t currently features in QuickBooks that allow for the equivalent of this. 

Shorten Job Costing Workflows

Within ServiceTitan, it’s much easier to figure out how much you made on a job because it’s easy to view job costing data from an individual invoice.

Specifically, when viewing an invoice, you’re two clicks away from the job costing page associated with that invoice. This includes an at-a-glance summary of:

  • Invoice total

  • Tax

  • Labor burden

  • Materials

  • Purchase order

  • Equipment

  • Margin (total revenue, total cost, gross margin, gross margin %)

Not only is this page available in real-time (per all the features we’ve discussed above), but it’s automatically calculated for you and much easier to access compared to platforms like QuickBooks. As a result, you can resolve job costing issues faster and better protect your bottom line.

Get Organized, Streamline Workflows, and Grow Revenue with ServiceTitan

The ServiceTitan platform goes far beyond the invoicing and accounting features we’ve discussed in this post. In addition to helping your team improve invoicing workflows and efficiency, it also helps streamline other core processes of service businesses. For example:

Importantly, ServiceTitan connects all of these core business processes and workflows in one place, and improves the flow of information throughout the entirety of the job lifecycle.

Want to see how ServiceTitan can help your field service operations run more smoothly? Schedule a free demo with us to learn more about how our software can help you and your employees share information, communicate more effectively, and grow your revenue.

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