Best Practices in the Field

Just as the CSR is the first voice the customer hears from the company, the technician is the first face the customer sees — often on one of their worst days. That customer-technician interaction should build trust, and create the opportunity for a mutually beneficial solution.


How to Create Estimate Templates

If you don’t know where to start with estimate templates, try this: 

  • Pull your top five repairs performed in the past year, then involve your team by asking why those things fail. 

  • Try the “Five Whys Theory.” Asking why five times to any problem quickly identifies options for what should be done when the initial symptom is uncovered.

  • Stage them in a good/better/best fashion and build your estimate template.  

Involving your team in this process creates buy-in. Celebrate the wins and role play using them.  After you have created the top five, keep working on the next most common repairs until you have a full arsenal of Estimate Templates to drive team success. 

Here’s an example of the process:

Common repair:  Replace Capacitor

  1. Why do they fail?  Overheating.  

  2. Why do they overheat?  Unit is dirty. 

  3. Why is the unit dirty?  It hasn’t been cleaned.  

  4. Why hasn’t it been cleaned?  They don’t have our club membership.  

  5. Why don’t they have a club membership?  We haven’t offered it to them and explained the benefits.

From here, we can put together a good, better, best offering.

Replace CapacitorReplace Capacitor and Tune Up SystemReplace Capacitor, Tune Up System and Prevent future issues with our club membership that includes bi annual tuneups as a benefit
Replace ContactorUpgrade to a SureSwitch with brown out protectionReplace Contactor w SureSwitch, compressor saver and capacitor (the 3 most common hvac electrical component failures)
Replace Condenser Fan MotorReplace Condenser Fan Motor & capacitorReplace Condenser Fan Motor, Blade and capacitor
Replace Indoor Blower MotorReplace Blower Motor,capacitor and clean blower wheelUpgrade to ECM Evergreen blower motor and clean blower wheel
Clean & Clear Condensate LineClean & Clear Condensate Line plus add pan treatment pad to prevent future issuesReplace condensate piping with new and add pan treatment pad

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