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In too many companies, dispatchers and technicians clash. Getting them to coordinate, or even just coexist, can be as simple as a ridealong or job shadow that creates better understanding. The efficiency that fosters is invaluable.

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Understanding Other Roles

Understanding other roles key for CSRs, dispatchers and technicians

CSRs and dispatchers should have a sound understanding of what a day in the life of a technician looks like. Although they may not understand the technical aspects, it’s great for them to understand the workflow of a technician. 

That will help them to be more empathetic to a technician’s workload, as well as understand the processes and procedures that are set forth for technicians. Likewise, technicians should have an understanding of a day in the life of a CSR or dispatcher. 

Ride alongs

One way to facilitate this deeper understanding is to do a ride along. Call center personnel can ride along with a technician to the job site to observe the process that the technician follows.

This process will include arriving at the home, greeting the customer at the door, setting expectations, diagnosing the problem, offering solutions, presenting estimates, completing the work, closing out the job and communicating with the office upon job completion. 

Call center staff should also participate in ride alongs with the sales team, install team, and other field positions. This experience will help the call center staff visualize what their technicians are doing day in and day out, and be more empathetic to certain situations. 

“The office people get a different perspective on what it’s like to be a service technician,” Vanessa Gonzales, owner and co-founder of Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, says. “It also lets the techs get to know the CSRs and the dispatchers and it builds camaraderie.” 

Field personnel would also benefit from spending some time in the call center. It can be very impressive to watch the CSRs communicate with the client, listen closely to the expressed concerns, empathize, ask important questions, and book appointments. 

The technicians are often surprised at the demanding job load that the call center has to accurately book calls, and schedule appointments appropriately. 

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