Making customers successful is at the heart of everything ServiceTitan does, and it's the daily motivation for more than 1,000 Titans. This playbook for the service industry is another step toward that goal.

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Born in the trades, and built for the trades

ServiceTitan founders Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan grew up in the trades. 

They watched as their parents, first-generation immigrants, worked late into the night after full days in the field, balancing the books, preparing invoices, scheduling the next day—manually performing the tasks that make home and commercial services companies run.

And they saw how difficult that could be. 

When the two met after college, little had changed for their parents, or many other essential home services employees. As software engineers, they knew other industries had improved efficiency through technology and automation, while the trades, as Mahdessian said, stood “frozen in time.”

“We realized that much of the unnecessary work they were doing could be automated,” Mahdessian says. “They could spend that time making more money, or spending more time with their hobbies and their families.”

ServiceTitan was born, and today the Glendale, Calif., company serves thousands of contractors and powers more than 100,000 technicians. 

But the intent is still the same. ServiceTitan wants to change the contracting game, and in the process change the lives of contractors in every skilled trade, like they changed their parents’ lives. 

This ServiceTitan Contractor Playbook is another step on that journey. 

Representing the thought leadership of some of the most successful companies utilizing ServiceTitan, the Playbook is a living, breathing place where they can share their ideas with each other, and provide insight into business ideas and methods they use to drive profits and achieve fantastic growth rates in any market. 

While we are aware that not every principle covered in this book will be applicable to all businesses or even to all trades, we aim to be able to provide insight into every trade in order to help the industry grow as a whole.

Some of what you will find here comes from industry experts hired by ServiceTitan to help contractors be more successful. They exist at every level of the organization, from the Founders to the Success Managers, Software Designers and Product Specialists working to make the ServiceTitan experience better every day. 

But we want it to represent your ideas and insights, too, so ServiceTitan users can learn from each other as part of the trade community. If you have insights, best practices or innovations you’d like to share, please send them to us for possible inclusion here. 

Because, like ServiceTitan’s cloud-based software solution for the trades, the best ideas can and should always be evolving and improving. This Playbook should evolve, too. Because that helps ServiceTitan fulfill the Founders’ vision, today and in the future. 

“We want to help as many contractors and as many home and commercial services businesses as we can,” Mahdessian says. “One of the key areas of focus is, how do we change the lives of more and more contractors? We want to make sure we take care of every need that they have.”

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