Call Center Practices

CSRs are the first contact customers have with service companies, and their ability to gather information, empathize with clients and book calls can make or break a business. Spend time training and nurturing those important voices.

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Answering the Phone

‘As a CSR, you are the voice of the company’

Are your CSRs in the right mindset to make a good first impression with customers? 

If you want your CSRs to book more jobs and grow revenue for your home service company, you must do more than simply hand them a script and tell them to follow it.

“There is so much more to it than just reading a script,” says Angie Snow, ServiceTitan’s Director of Customer and Product Training, a CSR Coach with Go Time Success Group and Vice President of Western Heating and Air Conditioning in Utah. 

“You’re not just a CSR,” Snow says. “As a CSR, you are the voice of the company. You have a great impression to make for the company, and a lot of CSRs really have a hard time feeling confident in that position.”

Building good relationships with customers requires companies to fully invest in CSR training, just as they do with service and maintenance technicians.

“As business owners, we invest so much money in marketing to get the phone to ring, but if your CSRs are not capturing those calls and seizing those opportunities, you’re wasting your money,” Snow says.

“You really have to start with the CSRs, because they get the ball rolling for everybody else.”

That’s because every time the phone rings, that phone call has the potential to grow and multiply your business. 

Every homeowner interaction is an opportunity to create a lasting relationship that could potentially net thousands in profit for your business. To capitalize on these opportunities, you will want to have a solid call center process that ensures quality, empathetic customer service while gathering as much quality information as possible. 

If a call is not booked for any reason, you will want to ensure that the lead information is still accurately gathered so you have additional opportunities to land this business.

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