Setting Your Company Up for Success

Success in the trades requires solid, repeatable processes, the ability to KNOW where your company stands in real time, marketing tools that bring in new customers and nurture existing ones. On all this and more, ServiceTitan can help.

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How quickly can you invoice a job, generate a contract, offer maintenance services, return to do an installation, hire staff, find customer information, or track a customer’s issue? 

Long-term, efficiency in those tasks allow a company to differentiate itself from competitors. 

“If you invest (in efficiency) at the right stage of your business and can achieve better margins for the same work, you can out-compete your competitors—while providing a better experience along the way,” Holsapple says.

Holsapple suggests picking examples in each of the above areas that are most meaningful to your company, and look for incremental improvement. 

At Stanley Ruth, they aim for two-week timelines for most changes. While not all changes happen that fast, think of it as a sprint to accomplish the short-term goal, which can be part of a bigger picture.

“Try to determine a baseline for today and the performance of your company, and set achievable goals,” Holsapple says. “Don’t reach for the stars. Shoot instead for changes you can make on short timelines.” 

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