Call Center + Field Practices

In too many companies, dispatchers and technicians clash. Getting them to coordinate, or even just coexist, can be as simple as a ridealong or job shadow that creates better understanding. The efficiency that fosters is invaluable.


Assigning the Right Technician

When a dispatcher is determining the best schedule for the day, they must have a good understanding of the abilities and strengths of their technicians. 

Some of this can be seen during a ride along. Other times, their strengths will be noted by managers, or through specific certifications. Dispatchers must be able to match technician skills to job qualifications. 

ServiceTitan offers another solution. By tagging and labeling technicians and jobs within the software, dispatchers can assure that service calls are assigned to technicians with the right skillset. 

The system makes it easy to see a skills mismatch, making the dispatchers’ duty to create a schedule based upon skill set, opportunities, and location easier and more efficient.

Job Confirmation and Dispatching Notifications

Before dispatching a technician to the next job, it’s a best practice to make certain that the customer will be home and ready to greet your technician. All too often, a booking was not confirmed, and a technician arrives to find no one home. 

This creates a wasted trip and wasted time. It’s a best practice to contact the customer before the service call. 

Within ServiceTitan, you can automate text or email reminders to the customers, allowing them to confirm the appointment right from the text or email. This will save your company time, and provides an automatic communication and touch point with your customer. 

Customers also appreciate it when they know the technician has been dispatched to their home. By sending an automatic dispatch notification, customers will be able to plan for the technician to arrive. 

Improved communication creates a better experience for the customer.

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