Make sure your fleet stays a step ahead.

Keep your team a step ahead.

Your dispatch software should help avoid the things that keep your techs from being on time. That means known traffic delays. Car troubles. Last-minute scheduling curveballs.

With intelligent schedule optimization, ServiceTitan’s workforce scheduling tools make it easy for your dispatcher to keep your team flexible and proactive all day long. With a simple point-and-click, jobs can be extended, shortened, or rescheduled altogether.


Pick the right tech for the job.

With the ServiceTitan Dispatch Board, your dispatchers have access to customer information, job histories, and even the call recordings.

ServiceTitan also offers a Capacity Planning tool that allows you categorize techs by which types of jobs they can perform, better allowing you to schedule your team.

Pick the right tech for the job.

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Connect the field and the office.

While keeping your phones free for paying customers.

With the ServiceTitan Dispatch Board, dispatchers can send and receive SMS texts, keeping them and your techs on the same page—and ensuring the lines remain open for every customer opportunity


Secure approval in three...two...

Thornton & Grooms Increased Revenue by 36% with ServiceTitan


“As a dispatcher you need to be working in the most efficient way possible. You just click on a call and it’s as simple as moving your mouse up…”

Carl, Dispatch Manager
Thornton & Grooms

Facts & Questions

What Is Dispatch Software?

Dispatch software brings unprecedented flexibility and responsiveness to getting your fleet where it needs to be. A dispatch board that is integrated with a business-wide software platform like ServiceTitan means your dispatchers can start scheduling new jobs as soon as they're booked, quickly resolve curveballs and conflicts, and make high-level decisions to boost efficiency and drive revenue.

How Easy Is It to Move Technician Schedules Around?

The ServiceTitan Dispatch Board provides a birds-eye-view of the day's schedule with a hierarchical, color-coded interface that's accessible at a glance. Moving scheduled jobs around is as easy as performing a drag-and-drop. Have a job that looks like it's going to take longer than first scheduled? Just click and drag the job bar to extend it to the appropriate time. It's that responsive. That intuitive. That simple.

How Can My Office Communicate with My Technicians?

Keeping your dispatchers and techs on the same page is key to optimal fleet management. The ServiceTitan Dispatch Board gives your dispatchers three ways to stay in direct communication with your techs: phone,  email, and SMS text. Dispatchers can even call your techs with a single click that routes the call through your office phone system.

How Does ServiceTitan Help Dispatchers Pick the Right Technician for the Job?

Great dispatching isn't just about getting your team where it needs to be—it's about capitalizing on new opportunities. With the ServiceTitan Dispatch Board, dispatchers can easily optimize travel times by choosing trucks closest to latest job booking. They can also access tech scorecards and match skill strengths to the jobs most likely to become profitable.

How Do Techs Receive Information from Newly Dispatched Jobs?

ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0 keeps all of your techs tethered to your office and in direct contact with your dispatchers. From their tablets, your techs receive job information, CSR notes, customer profiles, and receive texts and emails from your dispatcher. That way, your entire team is always on the same page.

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