Make sure your fleet stays a step ahead.

Prepare for complex, unique jobs.

When you have a particularly difficult or involved job coming up, you often can't just schedule it like an average repair call or maintenance visit.

With ServiceTitan, you see your schedule weeks—even months in advance to ensure the right techs are available at the right times to get the job done.


Categorize every upcoming job.

Each job comes with its own specific needs and requirements—and it's pretty bad form to show up to a customer's home without everything you need to get started.

With custom tags, ServiceTitan users can assign specific tags to upcoming jobs. Jobs can be tagged for special tools needed, languages spoken, prior rescheduling, and more to make sure your techs arrive ready to work.

Pick the right tech for the job.

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Anticipate each tech’s availability.

Got an emergency call in a tech's area? Great! But what if they're stuck in the middle of their current job and still won't be available for another hour?

With ServiceTitan, dispatchers can actually see where in the job cycle each tech is in real-time. That way, they can easily queue up new jobs for techs finishing up their current call.


Secure approval in three...two...

Thornton & Grooms Increased Revenue by 36% with ServiceTitan


“As a dispatcher you need to be working in the most efficient way possible. You just click on a call and it’s as simple as moving your mouse up…”

Nikita, Dispatch Manager
On Time Elmer

Facts & Questions

What is service scheduling software?

Service schedule software enables home service businesses to better manage their fleet and resources as new job bookings come in. ServiceTitan's technician scheduling software solution provides these businesses with a birds-eye-view of their team's upcoming jobs and drag-and-drop flexibility when it comes to making adjustments, categorizing jobs, resolving conflicts, and more.

If we use a digital tool like Google Calendar to schedule, won't ServiceTitan be redundant?

While there are a lot of calendar programs and applications on the market, ServiceTitan is one of the few that was designed and developed specifically for the trades. Because of that, ServiceTitan users enjoy an entire suite of scheduling and dispatching tools—from custom tags, job cycle status, SMS texting, and more—primed to better manage your fleet and meet challenges inherent to the industry.

More than that, ServiceTitan is a fully integrated cloud-based system that continually syncs to keep all data across all departments current, accurate, and accessible. Partitioned processes that don't fall under the ServiceTitan solution can result in inaccurate business data, needless mistakes, tedious data entry for your team, or all three.

Can scheduling be done by our CSRs (rather than dispatchers)?

Some shops have dedicated dispatchers, others rely on CSRs for the bulk of their scheduling and dispatching. In ServiceTitan, it's easy to train both types of professionals on these interfaces and make these processes efficient and streamlined. However your office currently works, ServiceTitan is ready to empower your team with flexible, intuitive features to reduce scheduling pain points and elevate the job booking process.

If we make schedule adjustment, how will my tech know?

ServiceTitan is a comprehensive, cloud-based software solution designed to keep entire home service enterprises on the same page. When scheduling adjustments are made on the ServiceTitan Dispatch Board, affected techs are alerted to the changes via the ServiceTitan Mobile app they're using on their tablet. Additionally, ServiceTitan keeps techs in touch with the office via phone and SMS text as well, so your techs are always privy to the latest changes in today's schedule.

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