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Twice the Jobs Without Adding Techs? Schedule Assistant Makes It Happen

Mike Persinger
November 12th, 2020
2 Min Read

ServiceTitan has made it simple to send the right technician to the right job with the least drive time—and run up to twice as many jobs with the same number of technicians. 

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Introducing Schedule Assistant, a ServiceTItan feature that leverages the same technology Uber and Amazon use for efficient routing to supercharge dispatch for the trades. 

“We worked with the customers to really understand their workflow, and then really designed this from the ground up to match their needs,” said Miles Gordenker, the ServiceTitan Product Manager for Schedule Assistant. “Efficiency is the lifeblood of these businesses. When routes are efficient, it means your company is making more money, your technicians are making more commission, and homeowners are getting faster service. It’s one of the most important things to focus on.”

Schedule Assistant increases efficiency with a single click, recommending which technician and time slot should be utilized to minimize drive time but assuring a tech with the right skills is dispatched. 

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For recurring-service businesses such as irrigation, landscaping, lawn care, pest control and water treatment, Schedule Assistant changes the dispatch game. Businesses that seek to route emergency jobs more efficiently benefit, too. 

“Any company that runs a large amount of recurring services can benefit from this,” Gordenker said. “Water treatment, pest control, landscaping. Service contract-based businesses will love this feature.”

Schedule Assistant allows your company to:

  • Serve more customers, more efficiently, making it easier to satisfy all your customer’s needs.

  • Reduce drive time up to 20 percent for recurring maintenance jobs such as irrigation system services, filter changes, or pest treatments.

  • Increase efficiency without guesswork, using real drive time powered by the same mapping technology Uber and Amazon use.

The call booking screen provides access to Schedule Assistant, allowing dispatchers to enter the job preferences, then see which routes are the best options. 

The display can be filtered by date, job zones and technician skills, or to show only those techs with open space on their schedule. Schedule Assistant recommends the most efficient option, in order of least to most drive time—and an estimate of how much drive time it would add to the technician’s day. 

Hovering over each job provides more details on customer needs and flexibility, and job requirements.

“People are used to these clunky tools where they have to do a bunch of work,” Gordenker said. “This tool streamlines the process, makes it more efficient and gets the call done quickly.

“And there’s a huge technician shortage. Anything people can do to increase revenue without adding technicians is a big deal.”

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