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Introducing ServiceTitan Task Management

Stephanie Figy
April 16th, 2019
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Supercharge your home service shop’s efficiency with our dynamic, new office productivity feature.

At ServiceTitan, we talk a lot about serving business owners and the contractors and technicians out in the field—but our software was always designed to help office staff at home service businesses do their jobs, as well. We're pushing that mission even further today with the release of our latest in-office productivity feature, ServiceTitan Task Management.

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What is ServiceTitan Task Management?

With ServiceTitan Task Management, your shop will finally have an edge on various (and familiar) pain points like...

  • Customer complaints that need to be resolved within 24 hours

  • Negative online reviews that need to be responded to ASAP

  • Unhappy customers who need to be issued timely refunds

  • Inventory returns that need to be returned before you’re stuck with the bill

  • And the countless other administrative tasks that have to occur in tandem... That’s because our Task Management feature is designed to help your team visualize and prioritize all of the different responsibilities that go into running your office on a day-to-day basis. Now, your entire team can create, manage, and track all tasks related to your business operations and customer satisfaction within the ServiceTitan ecosystem.

ServiceTitan Task Management allows your business to:

  • Create tasks directly from the job page with automatically migrated job/customer data

  • Set priority levels and due dates on each individual task

  • Alert team members of new tasks in-app and via email/text notifications

  • Seamlessly escalate customer complaints and refunds to the right team member

  • Easily keep track of the status of customer complaints, warranty parts, and refunds

  • Alert relevant team members over email when there is an update on a task

  • Create subtasks to correctly order and assign workflow steps

  • Access all customer-specific tasks from the Customer page

  • Leave a comment on a task to communicate with relevant team members

  • Export data from Task Management to analyze operational performance

  • And more! No more spreadsheets, dry-erase boards, or sticky notes. Just one, easy-to-use hub where your office team can triage, mobilize, and execute—right inside your ServiceTitan system.

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How can my shop use Task Management?

ServiceTitan Task Management is already active and available to all current ServiceTitan customers. Hear what some of our beta testers are already saying about using it:

“I’m so excited about the task management. So much better than the Post-it notes that we seem to rely on so much!” - Roto Rooter Greenville

“Task Management is a huge one for us - this is going to help us track permits, inspections, customer complaints and so many other things that just get forgotten about. This new platform is really going to help us not lose track of those items that seem to fall through the cracks.” - Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air

“We have been using [Task Management] for a while now on the Beta - i love it! Great for complaint tracking and followups.” - Village Plumbing

Ready to start using ServiceTitan Task Management in your office? We’ve made new training content available for customers and their teams to become familiar with this feature so they can roll it out with as little transition time as possible.

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