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Free Ember and Spark Sessions Fuel Higher TitanScores and Business Growth

Stephanie Figy
October 12th, 2022
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At ServiceTitan, we believe information ignites growth, which is why educating home and commercial service providers remains a core component of our business. Whether through blogs, webinars, or TitanAdvisor, we equip customers with the tools they need to succeed.

And that’s not just lip service—our data backs it up. ServiceTitan gives users a TitanScore, which tracks utilization of ServiceTitan product offerings. The higher the score, the more a user benefits from the full functionality of ServiceTitan tools. And according to recent data, the utilization of ServiceTitan products directly correlates with company growth. Consider the following:

  • TitanScores 0-66 (bottom 25 percent): Average growth rate of 19% in 2021 

  • TitanScores 66-95 (next 25 percent): Average growth rate of 22% in 2021

  • TitanScores 95+ (top 50 percent): Average growth rate of 26% in 2021

“The numbers don’t lie,” ServiceTitan Co-Founder Vahe Kuzoyan said when he introduced the data at Pantheon 2022. “The more you use ServiceTitan, the more business results you achieve.” 

Lance Ball, owner of Aspen Mountain Plumbing in Rock Springs, Wyo., onboarded with ServiceTitan in January 2021, and saw profits double their first year with the software. The growth allowed his business to open a second location. ServiceTitan even helped identify its new location, in Kemmerer, Wyo.

“In ServiceTitan, I can track where calls come from,” Ball says. “I was seeing multiple calls coming from that area, which was a big part of why we decided to go there.”

So if a higher TitanScore equals increased company growth, how do home and commercial service business owners improve their TitanScore? Let’s break it down.

What is a TitanScore?

A TitanScore is a guide built into a ServiceTitan account to score how well the user is taking advantage of product offerings. A company’s TitanScore goes up each time it implements good business practices—such as “launched targeted campaigns” or “uploaded all product photos to pricebook”—which indicates they’re using the ServiceTitan platform to its full potential. 

A user’s TitanScore displays as a green-highlighted number in the top right-hand corner of their ServiceTitan dashboard, between the Search and Settings icons. When a ServiceTitan user clicks on the number, it opens a dropdown menu, allowing the user to explore various options related to their company’s performance metrics.

The TitanScore serves as a training tool to help businesses understand what features are available to them and which ones they’re currently using by displaying a green checkbox next to active items, like “no open follow-up calls or estimates.”

Clicking on each feature offers a description of what it encompasses and the methodology used to calculate that section’s score. Users can click “Learn more” to read about how to set up that item in their ServiceTitan account. Examples of actions that raise a TitanScore include:

  • Clicking call bubbles, which connects jobs to phone calls, allowing technicians to listen in from the field

  • Going paperless, which increases technician productivity

  • Setting up a lead-generation campaign to acquire new business opportunities

And if users aren’t sure which features to implement first to increase their TitanScore, TitanAdvisor is there to help. An automated, best-practice guide, TitanAdvisor works by gathering information about your business, such as your trade(s), company size, and business goals, then recommending relevant ServiceTitan features you can activate that could have the greatest impact on your business and increase your TitanScore.

The #1 newsletter for the trades.

Learn to Increase TitanScore in EmberSessions

For ServiceTitan users in the launch stage just learning about all the business-changing features available to them, free EmberSessions provide a great starting point.

“I had no idea about TitanScore before I started the EmberSessions,” Ball says. “I probably had been told about it during onboarding, but I wasn’t using it. Now I watch it a lot more. If there’s a drop (in my TitanScore), I find out why. It pushes me to do more with ServiceTitan, which is good.”

In EmberSessions, business owners join non-competitor peer groups of ServiceTitan customers over six sessions to better understand and implement the features in the launch stage.

“When you’re first joining a software company, it can be a little intimidating,” says Sena Sadeghi, ServiceTitan Manager of Customer Relations. “ServiceTitan is very big; there are a lot of components. You want to make sure you’re making the most of it. 

“What if there was a tool in the software to show you how well you’re actually utilizing it? That tool is called TitanAdvisor,” he adds. “In EmberSessions, which are absolutely free, we focus on that tool and how to become successful.” 

An expert ServiceTitan facilitator hosts the one-hour sessions to offer best practices and answer questions. To participate in EmberSessions, ServiceTitan users must meet the following criteria:

  • Completed onboarding and have met with their Customer Success Manager

  • Able to dedicate time outside of sessions to implement features discussed

“EmberSessions are the baby steps,” Ball says. “It's teaching you about different parts of the software and helping you learn how to utilize it. If you have questions, ask them. That's an opportunity to have contact with ServiceTitan themselves.”

Throughout the sessions, users learn to increase their TitanScore and drive real business impact while building a community. Ball notes a simple tip he learned in the sessions has improved office communication.

“We'd been doing follow-up calls, but based on what I learned, we created a tag for the dispatch board that shows a happy face or a caution sign,” he says. “Me or my field manager look at the previous day's follow-up calls every morning, and if we see a warning sign, we know one of us needs to make a phone call to that customer.”

If you are just getting started with ServiceTitan and want the support of a peer group and ServiceTitan expert, join EmberSessions and watch your TitanScore skyrocket.

ServiceTitan Program Facilitator Megan Montgomery says EmberSessions are about building a foundation, but companies should continue to focus on their scores even when they aren’t meeting weekly to discuss them. One way to keep the momentum going is through SparkSessions.

Dive Deeper with SparkSessions

For more experienced ServiceTitan customers, SparkSessions offer user-driven, hourlong peer groups facilitated by ServiceTitan experts. Groups meet once a month to converse about a specific topic on ServiceTitan and industry best practices. The 11-week series follows this schedule:

  • Session 1: Meeting the group

  • Session 2: CRM, Telecom, and Customer Communications

  • Session 3: Dispatch

  • Session 4: Technician Experience, Forms, and Media

  • Session 5: Pricebook, Supply Chain, Purchasing, and Inventory

  • Session 6: Projects and Follow-ups

  • Session 7: Memberships 

  • Session 8: Accounting & Payroll

  • Session 9: Integrations

  • Session 10: Marketing

  • Session 11: Reporting

“I'm sad it's only once a month because I learned so much by talking to other people, both in the same trade and not in the same trade, and how they implement ServiceTitan,” Ball says. “A lot of our growth has been because I've been able to get in those sessions and listen, learn, and grow.”

The facilitator is there only to start the conversation and steer folks in the right direction—the rest is up to the users. SparkSessions participants also enjoy multiple networking opportunities, like trivia and fireside chats. Ball appreciates the networking.

“I'll talk to Jamie out of Texas,” he says. “She's a lot bigger than us, and being able to ask her questions about how she utilizes the software has been a big benefit. The more you talk and the more you ask questions, the more you grow and build. Anyone who doesn’t sign up for SparkSessions is missing out.” 

Join SparkSessions to contribute and learn tips and tricks to grow your business and TitanScore.

“My TitanScore has become a KPI in its own way,” Ball says. “It's an indicator that we're falling short somewhere, and need to keep the momentum going. I need to look at what needs to be addressed and call it out in our management meeting. It helps me to know where to focus my energy to improve the business.”

He adds that you’re only as good as the tools you use. 

“The better the tool is, the better it’s going to work for your company,” he says. “ServiceTitan provides a full-encompassing package. In onboarding, they help you customize it for your business. If you take part in EmberSessions and SparkSessions, you’re continually progressing yourself in the system, which means you're progressively building your company in the system. You just can't do that with other softwares.”

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