How Does Your Titan Score Stack Up to the Average? And What Does It Really Measure?

Diana Lamirand
March 18th, 2020
9 Min Read

Think you’re only scratching the surface when it comes to utilizing all of the capabilities of your ServiceTitan home services software

That’s a common refrain we hear from HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians, and others working in the trades: They’ve invested in the ServiceTitan platform to grow their businesses, but they need help understanding all the things the software can do.

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The best place to start is by knowing how to access your company’s Titan Score, a guide built into your ServiceTitan account that compiles a company’s existing performance metrics into seven actionable, dynamic business practices. 

The Titan Score caps out at 100 percent for a perfect score, but it’s unlike the traditional grading system we’re used to in school, says Jackie Aubel, Content Marketing Manager for ServiceTitan.

“If you have a Titan Score of 52, it doesn't mean you're a failure at all. It just means you have a lot of opportunities to grow your ServiceTitan account,” Aubel says. “Aren't new opportunities better than failing tests? I think so. 

“In fact, the median score of all ServiceTitan users is 40, which means there is a whole lot of opportunity to take advantage of.”

A company’s Titan Score goes up each time it implements good business practices, which indicates they are using the ServiceTitan platform to its full potential. Just be aware your company’s Titan Score may change as ServiceTitan adds new features to your account, even though you haven’t taken any action on your end.

“As we build out ServiceTitan and add new features, those features also get added to Titan Score. But, Titan Score still caps out at 100, which means your score can go down without you disabling a feature or just by operating as usual,” Aubel says. “This just provides more opportunity for you to grow your ServiceTitan account and get the most out of your investment.”

To further explain the ins and outs of Titan Score, ServiceTitan invited two big players in the skilled trades—Tom Howard and Richard Kohberger—to break it down into simple terms during our recent “Titan Score Explained” webinar. 

Tom Howard got his start in the heating and air conditioning industry in high school, and worked his way through the trades to eventually become president and co-owner of Lee’s Air, a leading HVAC and plumbing service provider in Fresno, Calif. He also serves as a consultant for other small businesses as co-founder of Blue Collar Profits LLC

Today, Howard is Vice President of Customer Experience at ServiceTitan, dedicating his time to ensure ServiceTitan does everything it can to improve the lives of our customers.

Richard Kohberger, otherwise known as YouTube’s Blue Collar Nerd, aims to help contractors and technicians in the trades make smart, informed decisions about technology. While he works as an actor and occasionally consults for Blue Collar Profits, Kohberger also serves as operations manager at Comfort Control Heating & Air in Buford, Ga.

Using the real Lee’s Air ServiceTitan account, Howard and Kohberger drill down into the Titan Score to help ServiceTitan users better understand how their companies stack up.

What is a ServiceTitan Titan Score? 

Pull up your ServiceTitan dashboard and look at the top right-hand corner. See that green-highlighted number tucked in between the Search and Settings icons? That is your current Titan Score.

Now, click on your Titan Score. This opens a dropdown menu, allowing you to explore various options related to your company’s performance metrics.

“My actual Titan Score, as of right now, is 78 (for Lee’s Air),” Howard explains. “It basically looks at all of the things you’re using (in the ServiceTitan platform).”

For instance, Lee’s Air pays extra for ServiceTitan’s Marketing Pro, but chooses not to use Phones Pro or Pricebook Pro

“We do not use Phones Pro because of the internet connectivity issues in my area, and we don’t use Pricebook Pro because we built our own pricebook before it came out,” Howard says. “That lowers our Titan Score. Before those things came out, our Titan Score was about 96.”

Howard says a recent analysis of ServiceTitan accounts found more than half of the platform’s users have never even clicked on their Titan Score in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard.

“Obviously, once you get in there, it’s got a lot of information for you.” Howard explains. “It’s going to go through and break down each one of these business process scores, and tell you what you’ve scored.”

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Access your Titan Score to get the most out of ServiceTitan

More than half of ServiceTitan users also didn’t know they could click on the dial icons for each company department within their Titan Score to see a detailed analysis of performance, according to Howard. 

At Lee’s Air, for instance, the marketing department receives a Titan Score of 81, while the call center rates a 73, and so on. 

“Probably the No. 1 thing I get asked is, ‘How do I know what I’m using and what I’m not using?’” Howard says. 

Understanding your Titan Score is the answer, he says, but he stresses each business owner should do what makes the most sense for their business.

Your Titan Score shows which features your company currently uses by displaying a green checkbox next to active items, such as “launched targeted campaigns.” 

Click on each feature to read a description of what it encompasses and the methodology used to calculate that section’s score, then click on “Learn more” to read an informative article explaining how to set up that item in your ServiceTitan account.

“You can spend your time figuring out what you want included on that and see if it’s good for your business,” Howard says. “If it’s not good for your business, I wouldn’t worry about it.”

In addition to examining the details through those dials on the overview screen, Kohberger points out users can also navigate through a side menu. The sub-tabs outline the basic fundamentals—description, calculation and whether it’s in use—whereas, the intermediate and advanced tabs give users the option of performing even more research.

“Some of them also have tips,” Kohberger says. “They don't actually factor into your Titan Score, but it’s just a little extra area where you can see some helpful tips.”

Tips and tricks for improving your Titan Score

One quick way to increase your Titan Score, Kohberger says, is to add employee photos for all of your customer service reps.

“Within the office side of ServiceTitan, you can assign photos to your CSRs and that will increase your Titan Score,” he says. “You can see under the methodology of that tab it’s checking to see if at least 80 percent of your CSRs have a photo uploaded. So, you don’t necessarily have to have every single photo in there.”

Titan Score calculates different percentage benchmarks for each ServiceTitan feature, so it’s important to read the methodology for each one to understand why yours may be checked or not checked off, Kohberger says.

For example, the Pricebook Pro feature requires a 95-percent benchmark for uploading all product photos, and you may discover you’re only at 94 percent after drilling down on that particular ServiceTitan feature in your Titan Score.

“That’s the difference between checked off and not checked off,” he says. “So, look at the methodology if you feel like something is off.”

Having no open follow-up calls or estimates older than 30 days also increases your Titan Score, Kohberger says. The more you leave open, the lower your Titan Score.

Go to your “Followup and Open Opportunities” tab on the Call Center screen to check which estimates remain open and what opportunities may still be available for your team to capitalize on. You can also track recurring services here and follow up on expiring memberships.

Clearing old jobs listed as “scheduled” in your ServiceTitan account also improves your Titan Score. It motivates companies to clean up old clutter that distorts their data reports.

“If you've got stuff from three weeks ago, last month or last year...they got canceled, but they weren't actually put into the canceled state. That's going to have a negative effect on your Titan Score,” Kohberger explains. “It's also going to have a negative effect on your data. It's just messier to have those old jobs sitting there.”

Using online estimates also improves your Titan Score. “Online estimates are awesome, and they’re woefully underutilized,” Kohberger says.

Allowing customers to view, accept and sign online estimates was a complete game changer for Lee’s Air, according to Howard. “It makes you look like a lot bigger company, even if you’re not that big,” he says. His company also gets paid by customers faster, using ServiceTitan’s online payments.

Lastly, give your Titan Score a little boost by adding a technician training video or tips article to your account’s content portal. You can filter each post to share with specific employees or distribute it company-wide for all of your employees.

“The content portal is really useful. You can put text in there for just a quick reminder, a video link or attach PDFs,” Kohberger says. “A cool thing I see a lot of companies do is put a reference sheet, a technician cheat sheet that ServiceTitan made...It gives a bunch of quick tips for how to use the mobile app for technicians. 

“You can set it to never expire, so every time your technicians have a question, instead of having to bother somebody or not being able to get a hold of someone who can help, they have a resource to help themselves.

“They can go into the content portal, open that PDF and go through the cheat sheet to figure out how to do the thing they need to do,” he adds.

Get to know your Titan Score and take the time to explore ways to improve it, Howard and Kohberger say. Soon, you’ll have a better understanding of your company’s true performance metrics.

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ServiceTitan is a comprehensive software solution built specifically to help home service companies streamline their operations, boost revenue, and substantially elevate the trajectory of their business. Our comprehensive, cloud-based platform is used by thousands of electrical, HVAC, plumbing, garage door, and chimney sweep shops across the country—and has increased their revenue by an average of 25% in just their first year with us. Ready to learn more about what ServiceTitan can do for your business?

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