Greener Solutions Keeps it 100 with a Perfect Titan Score

Jackie Aubel
November 27th, 2017
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How one company unlocked ServiceTitan’s features to streamline its operations, improve its customer service, and finally say goodbye to one of its biggest obstacles: mountains of paperwork.

Launched in March 2017, Titan Score was built by our Customer Experience team to help customers capitalize on ServiceTitan's comprehensive business solution. The program compiles a company's existing performance metrics into seven actionable, dynamic business practices. When these practices are applied, a company’s Titan Score goes up—indicating that they are getting the most out of their ServiceTitan platform.

To learn how to use Titan Score, we spoke with Ryan Burghardt from Greener Solutions—the first person ever to achieve a perfect 100 Titan Score. Below, Ryan tells us how he reached that perfect score and how Titan Score helps his company compete in the Central Valley’s cutthroat HVAC market.

About Greener Solutions

Greener Solutions Inc. has served the Central Valley of California since 1981. After years of success in building development, the family-owned company shifted its focus to helping residential homes become more energy efficient. Since then, Greener Solutions Inc. promotes energy conservation with cutting-edge HVAC products and solutions for homeowners throughout the region.

Ryan Burghardt first joined the company 3 ½ years ago to fill a sales position but moved swiftly up the ranks to the role of Service Manager. Overseeing a group of Greener Solutions technicians, it’s no surprise Ryan played a big part in integrating ServiceTitan into the company’s customer service and sales practices.

Before ServiceTitan

Before ServiceTitan, Ryan and the rest of the team at Greener Solutions struggled with manual and outdated processes that were not only time-consuming, but impeded the company’s growth. And while Greener Solutions’ mission was to help homeowners reduce their environmental footprint, the company’s own shoe size kept growing and growing—with mountains of paperwork.

Between manually inputting invoices, tracking down technician paperwork, and creating custom print-outs for promotions, most of Ryan’s time was spent handling, ordering, and managing paperwork. Not only did all of this take a lot of time, it left a ton of potential for human error.

Luckily for Ryan, Greener Solutions became a member of the Nexstar Network and signed up for ServiceTitan at the same time, giving the company the digital solutions it needed to streamline their operations and get rid of their paper problem once and for all.

After ServiceTitan

Once Greener Solutions was up and running on ServiceTitan, the company began to see dramatic enhancements in their day-to-day operations. For instance, Greener Solution techs went from carrying around a piece of laminated card stock with pricing information to creating estimates on the fly using ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0.

And instead of ordering printouts for a seasonal special or discount, Ryan could now upload the special to ServiceTitan’s Content Portal and send the offer digitally to all of his techs. These features—in addition to the elimination of all the company’s internal paperwork—optimized efficiency at the office.

However, while Greener Solution was already reaping benefits from the ServiceTitan platform, Ryan had only unlocked a fraction of the software. In fact, during a call with Chelsea from our ServiceTitan Success Team, he learned that his Titan Score was only 55 out of a possible 100.

Achieving that Perfect Score

After learning about his company’s Titan Score, Ryan was determined to increase it. “I give credit to my video game history.” jokes Ryan, who insists that his competitive nature and familiarity with conquering and unlocking worlds on his X-Box motivated him to bring his score up to an 88 in just one day.

Working with Chelsea, Ryan was able to turn on every possible feature within ServiceTitan and optimize its impact on his company where it needed it the most. “I know ServiceTitan is always going to be a work-in-progress,” said Ryan. “But just now knowing everything I can do with it is going to make it that much easier once I have the system fine tuned.”

Keeping It 100 Out in the Field

Titan Score also helps Ryan monitor his technicians’ performance. Because the last 10 points on Titan Score fluctuates based on technician actions within the app, when Ryan’s score drops, he knows that some crucial step or process was skipped.

“We have to be consistent to maintain that 100 score. I have to make sure [my technicians] are capturing email addresses, taking photos, doodling… it helps me stay on track so when the score drops I can ask my techs ‘What did we forget to do?’”

Advice for Others

After seeing what improving his company’s Titan Score did for office efficiency and customer service, Ryan says he would encourage business owners to strive for a perfect Titan Score. “I would say this: don’t be scared. Try new things. It’s going to be complicated at first, but in the end it will benefit everyone.”

In addition to his professionalism and determination, Ryan credits the ServiceTitan Success Team, specifically Chelsea, with helping him unlock all of ServiceTitan’s features and most importantly, helping him learn how to use them.

“[Chelsea] was always available whenever I wanted to call and ask questions. She would always send me links to topics in the Knowledge Base and try to help as much as she can.”

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