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Introducing Titan Intelligence: AI for the Trades

Melani Deyto
April 22nd, 2022
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Today at Pantheon, ServiceTitan’s annual user conference, ServiceTitan President Vahe Kuzoyan and CTO Anmol Bhasin unveiled the next evolution of ServiceTitan to contractors:  Titan Intelligence (ti). 

“Titan Intelligence is the single most important way ServiceTitan plans to help contractors win over the next decade,” said Kuzoyan, “...  by unlocking the power of data and AI.”

To see more details of this announcement, see our press release.

What is Titan Intelligence?

Titan Intelligence (ti)  is “AI for the trades.” 

It is the harnessed power of ServiceTitan data that fuels industry insights, trends, features, recommendations, and data-driven strategies for the trades. With ti, ServiceTitan contractors can unlock actionable insights to help automate repetitive and simple tasks, improve customer experience, predict outcomes, lower costs, and stay competitive in a world run by data.

ServiceTitan and the contractors it serves are increasingly at the heart of the trades, connecting customers, suppliers, demand aggregators and partners, to the front office, to technicians, to inventory, to the supply chain and beyond. Only ServiceTitan can bring together and connect all these dots and extract meaningful and unique data insights that contractors need to make the right data-driven operational and investment decisions across their business.

ServiceTitan will also continue to roll out data-fueled thought leadership content specific to the trades. Customers will start seeing upcoming feature releases branded with a “powered by ti” tag in the platform, so they know when Titan Intelligence is working for them. Finally, customers can expect a series of free educational content about data analytics and data science, to help contractors cultivate a data-driven culture.

Titan Intelligence Today

How does it work? Every day, ServiceTitan customers are doing what they do best: receiving calls, booking jobs, dispatching technicians, receiving parts, managing accounting, updating prices, processing payments, and so on. All of this gets recorded as data in ServiceTitan. ServiceTitan then takes this data in aggregate, and pulls in other forms of data from external sources, like weather data, or property data. 

Today, that means Titan Intelligence can analyze this data using simple, aggregate intelligence and then arm contractors with insights to make decisions quickly. Tools like ServiceTitan’s Benchmark Report can show businesses how they compare to similar businesses. While features like Price insights can show regional averages for Pricebook Pro services, enabling contractors to be more confident in their local pricing strategy.

Titan Intelligence Tomorrow 

“We are just getting started,” said CTO Anmol Bhasin. 

Beyond simple aggregation that helps ServiceTitan deliver insights like the Benchmark Report, plans are underway to do even more. “By applying simple, mathematical functions to this aggregated data, you can start to see how these evolve into hyper-targeted point solutions to optimize different parts of your business,” Bhasin said. Solutions like Marketing Pro — Ads, which is currently in beta, uses Titan Intelligence to optimize digital ad spend. 

By applying even more computing power, ServiceTitan is able to go a step further and offer tools such as Smart Dispatch (beta), ServiceTitan’s AI solution for dispatching. Tapping into the power of data, ServiceTitan can predict the value of each incoming job, and assign it to a nearby technician who has historically performed well at that job type. 

The possibilities don’t stop there. With Titan Intelligence, ServiceTitan will be able to optimize across all parts of the business, and offer other solutions such as optimized inventory planning, preventive maintenance, and dynamic pricing recommendations.

The Future of Titan Intelligence

Imagine this world, where every aspect of your business is optimized. At some point in the not too distant future, all these point solutions start to come together and coordinate. What would it mean for the contractors  if their capacity management system already knows about inventory constraints, and the inventory system already knows about a capacity plan, and your ads optimizer already knows about upcoming weather patterns?

ServiceTitan is ready to help its customers go from good to great and truly transform the trades. It all just comes down to data.

Watch Vahe Kuzoyan's keynote speech here:

Data you control

ServiceTitan is committed to respecting our customers, their business and their data. Our data principles guide decisions made at every level of the company, so we can help protect and empower our users. We believe customer data is their data, and will always provide customers easy ways to control data preferences. 

Customers can learn more about Data Preferences in ServiceTitan’s Knowledge Base.

Learn more about Titan Intelligence at 

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