4 Requirements for Building a Successful HVAC Service Business

Did you know that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the HVAC industry are expected to grow 15% from 2016 - 2026? That's much faster than average! Speedy growth like this means you may experience increased competition in the market — but market growth means more opportunities for your business. It also means you have to find ways to really stand out from your competitors. There are a few key actions that will help you do just that as you build a successful HVAC service business.


1. Hire a Qualified Workforce

Between your technicians and your office staff, they've got a lot of tasks to deal with. Whether it's helping a customer feel at ease with their updated unit or making sure invoices are completed correctly, you want your employees to be totally competent and comfortable in their many roles. That's why you have to hire a workforce that is qualified for this sort of work — and is especially ready to help with some of the pressures of growing your business. You want attention to detail, commitment to service and awareness of industry best practices.

You can also hire for drive, and the critical desire to learn. If someone wants to gain a skill and shows it, they're likely a good fit. Importantly, you should also want to hire people who feel like your business is the right fit for them. Make sure you are transparent during the recruiting and interviewing process so anyone that signs on with you knows exactly what you're all about.

2. Remain Organized

Because of the wide variety of tasks everyone at your company is responsible for, it's critical that you keep all of your HVAC technicians and office staff on the same page. Everyone should understand the schedule, know the technician's best practices for selling on the job, and be able to expertly execute invoices. And all of the information you have on these topics needs to be organized and easily accessible.

Organization is key — not only to keeping everyone on the same page, but also to solving missed payments, missed appointments and employee or customer dissatisfaction.

3. Deliver Consistent Quality Service

Speaking of satisfaction, your customers want and deserve nothing short of the best service. It's up to you to provide it. Without that, your business will not grow, period. You need to deliver high quality HVAC service to their homes, and not stop there.

The customer experience should be optimized for the entire process of their interactions with your business. From the first phone call to the last appointment and even beyond, your customer should feel valued, heard and important. One way to enhance the experience is to set expectations: make sure they know what time their tech is arriving and who that person is. Make it easy for them to communicate with your team, implement processes that ensure their feedback is taken into account (technician review, testimonial programs) and offer more than just HVAC service; offer education and an eye toward the future.

4. Use the Right Technology and Equipment

Building a successful HVAC business depends on having the right tools. You can't just let your technicians walk into a job without their belt or kit. Today, that kit includes more tools than ever, like the technology that lets them work through a sale, submit a signed invoice, and get their customers approved for financing — all while in the field.

Your office management toolkit should include new tools, too, like the ability to communicate directly with your customer about the technician coming to their home, or a dispatching board that sends texts and keeps track of everyone. These advancements are the difference between growth and growing stale, between keeping pace with your competitors or falling behind.

Building Your Better HVAC Business

If you're ready to really start growing your business, it's time to start hiring the right talent, keeping everything organized, delivering the highest quality in both customer service and HVAC service, and using the right tools and HVAC Software for the job. Simple tricks, such as setting efficiency and accuracy goals, will help you start working toward these four major requirements for growth.

To get started with our first tip, download your copy of our Hire a Tech Checklist today.

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