New Custom Reporting in ServiceTitan Provides Insights in Real-time

At ServiceTitan we take feedback from our customers very seriously. Reports help you to stay on top of the metrics that matter to you, in your particular role, and at your unique business. That means one size definitely does not fit all.

So, we built a reporting solution that allows you to harness the wealth of data in ServiceTitan to build reports and dashboards that are 100% tailored to your needs.

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Reporting the Old Way

Most business solutions for contractors today have pretty limited options for reporting. They generally include a long list of canned reports to select from and have very few customization options. Once you finally find the report you want, the chances of it perfectly fitting your needs are practically zero.

That’s no surprise given that every contracting business is unique and each user within that business has different needs. It’s nearly impossible for any system to anticipate all these needs and create the thousands of reports necessary to meet them all. And even if it were possible, you wouldn’t want to sort through all those reports to find the right one.

You might also attempt to get around these limitations by exporting the data and working some Excel wizardry. Unfortunately, it takes some pretty serious skill to do this well and can consume an incredible amount of time. If you can manage this quickly and successfully, you probably missed your calling as a data scientist.

Reporting the ServiceTitan Way

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It’s clear there has to be a better way to get the data you need to make decisions and drive results. With new ServiceTitan Custom Reporting, you can build your own reports that are completely customizable, interactive and easy to use. We’ve made it simple for you to create reports that perfectly fit your needs, all in one place, no Excel magic required.

With our new Custom Reporting you get:

  • Simple Customization: Easily select the data you want to include in your report, calculate key performance indicators, drag and drop to customize your layout, and segment data any way you like.
  • Intuitive Drilldowns: Click to drill down into any data point and instantly see the data source, no searching or additional windows needed.
  • Easy Sharing and Permissions Management: Share your custom reports with other users in your company and set permissions for edit and view access.

Better yet, you can now create Custom Dashboards from your reports. Ensure that the information that matters most to you is the first thing you see when you log in to ServiceTitan and arrange the data any way you like.

How it Works

Depending on your role or focus within a business, the type of information you rely upon will vary. If you manage accounting for a mid-sized contracting company, you’ll be most interested in seeing job data based on the date invoiced. A service manager, on the other hand, will be more interested in viewing data based on the date the jobs were completed.

Invoice date and completion date for jobs are often not the same, but we’ve ensured you have the option to segment and analyze data in the way that makes the most sense for you. We’ve even provided drill downs into this data so you can confirm it’s being calculated correctly.

We’re continuing to roll out data sets to give you even more reporting options. Soon, you’ll be able to run powerful marketing reports based on complex criteria. Imagine being able to pull a report based on customers with equipment valued over $5,000 and then filter down to those initially purchased over 10 years ago. You now have a highly targeted list of customers to contact for service and replacement with incredible revenue potential. There are many more ways that great reporting can drive real results for your business.

How to Get It

If you’re already a ServiceTitan customer, just reach out to your Success Manager and let them know you would like Custom Reporting and Custom Dashboards turned on. Don’t worry, all your legacy reports will still be there as well.

If you’re not a ServiceTitan customer yet, check out our upcoming webinar featuring Brandon Jacob of Contractor's Financial Opportunity Thursday, February 15th at 9:00am pst to see how custom reporting can help track your business metrics and the data of the company's you acquire. 

Register Now! 

Regardless of your role or what information you need, ServiceTitan Custom Reporting will help you get the information you need to make actionable business decisions in the quickest, simplest and most accurate way possible.

Ready to become more successful?

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