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New Custom Reporting in ServiceTitan Provides Insights in Real-time

Jackie Aubel
April 29th, 2019
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At ServiceTitan we take feedback from our customers very seriously. Reports help you to stay on top of the metrics that matter to you, in your particular role, and at your unique business. That means one size definitely does not fit all.

So, we built a reporting solution that allows you to harness the wealth of data in ServiceTitan to build reports and dashboards that are 100% tailored to your needs.

Reporting the Old Way

When it comes to reporting business data, today's contractors have pretty limited options. Most business data solutions only offer a long list of canned reports to select from and little-to-no customization options. That means when you finally find a report you want, the chances of it really showing everything you want are practically zero.

Why is this? Mostly because, unlike a lot of other industries, home and commercial service contracting businesses run very differently shop to shop. It's nearly impossible for any one system to anticipate all the needs of a single shop while still being flexible enough to accommodate the needs a different contracting business might have. And even if one solution could do that, no contractor wants to rifle through thousands of different reports looking for the one that would mean the most for their business.

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You might also attempt to get around these limitations by exporting the data and working some Excel wizardry. Unfortunately, it takes some pretty serious skill to do this well and is more than just a little time-consuming. If you can manage this quickly and successfully... you probably missed your calling as a data scientist.

Reporting the ServiceTitan Way

It’s clear there has to be a better way to get the data you need to make decisions and drive results for your contracting business. With new ServiceTitan Custom Reporting, you can build your own reports that are completely customizable, interactive, and easy to use. We’ve made it simple for you to create the reports that perfectly fit your needs, all in one place, with no Excel magic required.

With ServiceTitan's new Custom Reporting, you get:

  • Simple Customization: Easily select the data you want to include in your report, calculate key performance indicators, drag and drop to customize your layout, and segment data any way you like.

  • Intuitive Drill-Downs: Double-click any cell to drill down into a calculated data point and instantly see how the data is generated, no searching or additional windows needed.

  • Grouped Data: Drag-and-drop column headers to easily filter and organize jobs by type, revenue, and more (visible here).

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Optimized Reporting, Better Insights 

Since its launch in 2017, ServiceTitan's Custom Reporting content has gone from covering job details, invoices, technician stats, and overall business performance to expanding to nine additional key areas of our clients' businesses.

These eleven areas have included:

  • CSR Performance

  • Invoice Items

  • Timesheets

  • Customers

  • Service Locations

  • Payments

  • Estimates

  • Project Costs

  • Calls

  • Equipment

  • Recurring Services

Prior to these Custom Reporting updates, ServiceTitan users did not have access to data in these areas. However, we've continued to refine and expand what Custom Reporting can encompass, providing the insight users in multiple company roles make informed decisions about their responsibilities and efficiency.

Introducing NEW reporting areas now available in ServiceTitan Custom Reporting!

Front Office/Customer Service

  • Use the Office Performance dataset to assess CSR success rates and identify training opportunities. See the funnel of inbound calls taken by each employee and which ones get converted into booked jobs.

  • Stay on top of your call volume pipeline by viewing details such as call dates and times and the employees who answer them with the Calls dataset. Review each unbooked call to identify the root cause of a lost opportunity.

Marketing Opportunities

  • Use the Customers dataset to identify replacement and membership sale opportunities. View the member status of each customer, lifetime spending and equipment information, and identify the biggest revenue-earning opportunities among the homeowners and property managers you serve.

  • Use the Locations dataset to find service locations with upcoming maintenance visits. Open estimates to ensure that your technicians are dispatched to the homes with the highest sales opportunities.


  • Use the payments dataset to create a working deposit slip and ensure that all payments taken by technicians are returned to the office promptly.

  • Create a custom payments report to see all bounced checks and failed payments throughout the day and make sure lost payments are recovered quickly.

  • Track discounting trends by comparing pricing differences between your Pricebook and technician receipts in the Invoice Items dataset.

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