5 Strategies to Write Effective HVAC Advertising Slogans

Stephanie FigyJanuary 3rd, 2019

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Finding the right slogan is an important step in deciding how to present your HVAC company to your local community. Slogans should offer a touch of humor, be inoffensive, and provide relevance to your area of expertise. A great slogan for your HVAC company should also be long enough to catch the customer's attention, but short enough to remember.

If you’re having trouble formulating a slogan for your HVAC company, remember to think about what set your business apart from your competitors. It’s also critical to have tools in place so that you can assess how well your slogan—and other marketing efforts--are doing. ServiceTitan’s HVAC software allows home service shops to monitor these campaigns and even help deliver the services and prices your slogan may promise. Browse the list below for amusing and relatable HVAC advertising slogans.

Inspire Customer Confidence

Some HVAC repairs can be scheduled, others are more urgent. Either way, customers want to know that your HVAC techs will arrive when they need them. Consider a slogan that inspires customer confidence—offer a reason for a homeowner to choose your company over your competitors.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

  • 24/7 Emergency Repairs

  • Family Owned & Operated with XX Years of Experience

  • We Provide Immediate Quality Service

  • Free Service Calls

  • Free Estimates

Highlight What Makes Your Shop Unique

Customers have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting an HVAC company, so it’s important to set your shop apart from your local competitors. Consider these slogans that highlight the unique services or products an HVAC company might provide:

  • It's Hard to Stop a Trane (for authorized Trane dealers)

  • Family Owned & Operated Since (insert year)

  • Keeping Your Family Cool Is a Breeze

  • A Step in the Right Direction

  • We're the Ph.D. of HVAC Services

Demonstrate a Commitment to Customer Care

Customers want to know that you will deliver what you promise. Your slogan could include a demonstration of your commitment to high-quality, effective, and efficient customer care. Try one of these options to show your customers that your HVAC company is ready to put homeowners first.

  • We'll Handle It From Here

  • We're Not Comfortable Until You Are

  • We're the Right Choice for Your HVAC Repair Needs

  • Turn to the Experts

  • We're Here When You Need Us

  • Cooling, Heating, and Cleaning the Air You Breathe

Call Out Your Company's Best Features

Highlighting a unique feature of your company allows your slogan to do double-duty. People will remember it and be reminded of why they should choose you. Slogans like these can call out some of the best features of a friendly, neighborhood HVAC shop:

  • Providing Superior Products, Service, and Solutions

  • Delivering Quality Service at Affordable Prices

  • How Can We Change Your Climate Today?

  • Quality Service at Reasonable Prices

  • We Service All Brands

Additional Tips for Your HVAC Business Slogan

Consider customizing one of these slogans to fit your company. Remember also: your slogan should elude the values and spirit of your company, as well. If your company strives for prestige and precision, a bold, confident slogan is probably right for your shop. If your business is more community-oriented, focused on customer relationships, a play on words can deliver a great punchline and make your brand seem more approachable.

Whatever you choose, remember to include it on all of your marketing materials. Place your slogan on billing sheets, business cards, literature, social media, and your company's service vehicles—make sure it becomes a calling card that homeowners can recall.

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