Uncover wasted ad spend and drive higher ROI

Know the true ROI on your Google ad campaigns and optimize for revenue, not just calls.

Get better insights into campaign level ROI

Connect your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts to ServiceTitan and get true ROI by tying campaign performance to actual jobs and revenue.

Get accurate, reliable data

Minimize human error and pull ad performance reports in less time by automating campaign attribution using Dynamic Call Tracking.

Increase ROI and lower cost-per-lead with Ads Optimizer

Identify wasted marketing spend through full-funnel digital ads dashboards. Optimize your ad campaigns for revenue by training Google to target more, higher quality leads.

"The transparency of being able to see the whole customer journey allows us to better support our clients."

Edward Valdes, National Positions

A better way to measure and boost ad performance

Google Ads Integration

Still have questions?

Marketing Pro - Ads is only available for customers with the full suite package.

Yes, Canadian Marketing Pro customers will also have access to the Ads features.

Ads Measurement is a suite of features in Marketing Pro that help Marketers more accurately/confidently assess and monitor their Google Ads performance. Specific features include: Google Ads & Analytics integrations, new Ads Analytics section of Marketing Dashboard, and Dynamic Call Tracking.

Ads Optimizer is a new campaign optimization tool that leverages audience and revenue data in ServiceTitan and automatically feeds it into Google Ads and other connected ad platforms. By enriching data used by these ad platforms, Ads Optimizer trains Google to target based on revenue, not just calls or form fills. Marketing Pro Ads customers can get qualified leads generated by Ads Optimizer as part of a pay-as-you go or pre-paid, discounted plan. Ask a Pro Account Manager for details by requesting a demo.

Right now just Google Ads and Google Analytics but we do have plans to include other Ad sources as well.

We’ve put together a handy Agency Guide that you can forward to your agency that answers many of the top questions they might have.