How to Get Quality HVAC Leads For Your Business

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Every HVAC company knows the struggle of trying to generate new business leads. In a service industry like this one, you always need more customers. After you repair one homeowner’s air-conditioning unit, you need another client to serve. After a deluge of furnace repairs on a cold winter week, you may be super slow the next. That’s why it’s vital to continually bring in new clients — but how?

When you want more and better HVAC leads for your company, you need to know the best strategies to use. And, the good news is, there are plenty of ways and sources from which you can draw new leads for your brand. 

With that in mind, here are six ideas for how to get quality HVAC leads for your business!

  1. Network at conferences. It may seem like an old-school method of lead generation, but networking works. So, if you’ve never attended an industry conference, look up some local conferences related to your field. Simply attending or hosting a booth can be powerful, but it’s even better for your company’s exposure if you apply to be a speaker. Do you have any knowledge or skill you could share with the audience of a certain conference? Could the experiences you’ve had be beneficial for sharing? Speaking at an event can help you network with other service companies as well as potential clients.   
  2. Be active on Facebook. Any business that wants to reach new customers has to go where its target audience is. For HVAC companies, that place is Facebook, at least when it comes to social media channels. When someone asks Facebook friends for a good HVAC company recommendation or goes to search the network for HVAC businesses in the area, you want to be easy to find. Set up a profile and use it to help prospects find information about you, post reviews and more.
  3. Become an online resource. If you were a customer looking for an HVAC professional, which business would you trust — the one with a basic business listing or the one with a robust website filled with resources, helpful tips for homeowners, and news in the industry? Become someone who shares regular, valuable content online, and you set yourself as an authority in your industry. One of the best ways to do this is through blogging. Write helpful, informative articles that draw on your expertise. This is not only good for your customers, but it’s good for boosting your placement in search engine results. Likewise, look for other sites that will let you guest-post; when your writing adds real value, most site owners will be happy to post your content with a link back to your business.
  4. Strategize about SEO. Speaking of placement in search engine results, search engine optimization (SEO) is huge for drawing traffic — and, by extension, customers — to your company. While building good online authority for better search results is a long-term game, it is also a powerful, worthwhile one. So, think now about relevant keywords relating to your industry and its location. Optimize your site’s pages for these terms. Likewise, create a content strategy for building more keyword-rich resources. Over time, this can help you rank higher and draw more visitors (those looking for search terms relating to your business) to your site.
  5. Run online ads. Are you a new business? Did you recently branch out to a new area or start offering a new service? When SEO is too slow of a strategy to get you leads right now when you need them, consider the benefits of advertising. When you want to get users’ attention online fast, pay-per-click or Facebook ads are a great place to start. With either of these paid ad options, you can see immediate exposure and traffic.
  6. Be helpful and professional as a brand. Especially in today’s Internet age, the way you engage with your audience is crucial. Nobody wants to follow a business that is harsh, rude, or irresponsive to questions or concerns. Remember that all of your public interactions online are representing your business, and act accordingly.

Whether you’re a new business or one that’s been around for decades, when you want to draw new customers, you have a lot of strategies available to you. The more intentional you get about growing your business, the better! Try implementing the six ideas above for a start, and see what new HVAC leads result from your efforts.

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Author bio: Shanna Mallon is a senior copywriter for Straight North, a leading HVAC SEO services agency in Chicago providing specialized web development and other online marketing services. She’s also been a freelance writer since 2007.

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