Automatically follow up and generate opportunities with email

Reach existing customers and generate more opportunities with email marketing campaigns in ServiceTitan Marketing Pro. Build hyper-targeted audiences, automate your email campaigns and track true ROI all from one place.

Hyper-target your audience

Create audiences based on customer information that you already have in ServiceTitan—like unsold estimates, aging equipment, and memberships that are expiring. This information automatically updates in real-time so you can truly “set and forget” your email campaigns!

"To be able to send an email message and get that specific in your targeting - I haven't really been able to do in the past...not until Marketing Pro."

Megan Bedford, Mugyver Consulting

Drive significantly more revenue

Hyper-targeted campaigns allow for email marketing that resonates with your customers, equating to higher open rates and more calls rolling in. The sky’s the limit. The more targeted your audiences and campaigns are, the bigger ROI you can expect!

"I had a target to reach at least $5,000 in the listed revenue at the end of the first month. We did $12,000."

Angela Pisanello, Roman Electric

Know exactly how your emails are performing

Go beyond just knowing which emails are being opened. With ServiceTitan Marketing Pro, you can see exactly which emails are driving revenue to your business. Track real ROI with both email performance and revenue attribution.

"What Marketing Pro has allowed us to do is know what’s working and what’s not working and if something is not working I can cut it and keep our budget tight."

Vanessa Gonzalez, Albuquerque Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

“With Marketing Pro, we can select our audience, select our campaign and it’s automatically sent. We’ve seen a great return on that.”

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April Diemer, CFO