Florida A/C Company Makes $4,000 in One Week with Marketing Pro Email Campaign

Diana Lamirand
February 6th, 2020
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Operating for more than three decades as a mom-and-pop home services company, Jupiter-Tequesta Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric did something it’s never done before after receiving a free trial of ServiceTitan’s Marketing Pro last summer.

“With Marketing Pro, it’s the first time we’ve ever done direct marketing to our customers,” says Bill Highsmith, the company’s Process & Procedure Manager. “We’ve done outbound calls and things like that, but we’ve never done any kind of marketing campaign directed to our current customers.”

Highsmith says he spent 10 to 15 minutes setting up the company’s first email marketing campaign, targeting previous A/C customers with a one-time “We Miss You” message. 

“We thought if we get 10 calls out of this, then awesome. We weren’t expecting anything crazy,” Highsmith says. “After one week, the revenue on that one email brought in about $4,000.”

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As a 6-year ServiceTitan user, Highsmith says email marketing had been on the radar for Jupiter-Tequesta Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric, but he couldn’t convince management to take on the extra expense of Marketing Pro. The company acquired a new owner two years ago, becoming a subsidiary of Florida Power & Light, which muddied the marketing waters even further.

In July 2019, Highsmith attended ServiceTitan’s annual user conference, Pantheon, and jumped at the chance for a free trial of Marketing Pro, a new product offered by the home services software company. 

“At that point, it was a no-brainer to sign up and see what we can do, see if we can prove ourselves,” he says. “There haven’t been any questions [about ROI] since. Now, it’s ‘can we use that tool to do this, too?’”

As a longtime user of ServiceTitan who achieved some early success by using Marketing Pro to deliver targeted email campaigns, we asked Highsmith to explain the advantages.

Q: Did you use an email marketing provider before Marketing Pro?

A: When Marketing Pro dropped, it was perfect timing. Jupiter-Tequesta was starting to use [another email marketing platform] that was very clunky and cumbersome. The other platform was also dealing with like seven billion customers — we have 35,000 customers on ServiceTitan, and we were drops in the bucket.

Q: How did you test Marketing Pro to see what it could do?

A: When I got back from Pantheon, I kind of got slapped on the wrist for signing up for something without permission, but I was like, “You know, let’s try it.” 

We’re in a weird situation, where we operate under a couple of different names for the company. So, using the tool to market to specific customers under specific business units was a plus. It made things a little bit easier.

Currently, we’re focused on one area: air conditioning. But, we’re really looking to expand the email marketing campaigns to other areas of the business and do some plumbing and electrical stuff, too. 

Q: Besides the one-time “We Miss You” campaign, what other marketing campaigns did you try with Marketing Pro?

A: We also did a one-time Membership Expiration campaign. I monitored that for the first couple of days and we got quite a few calls and renewals. The automated campaigns have been pretty good. We haven’t put a lot of time into those, and we could definitely do a lot more.

For one automated campaign on unsold estimates, we’ve gained $47,000 in attributed revenue so far. For the automated expiring memberships campaign, we’ve got $33,000 in attributed revenue. The “We Miss You” campaign is at $60,000 right now.

The campaigns are working—even though we had to pause in September when a hurricane was threatening to come through. Our parent company does not market or advertise during tropical storm or hurricane warnings.

Q: In terms of Marketing Pro’s different features, which do you think has been the most helpful?

A: It’s a very impressive tool, overall. The ability to dial into the exact audiences you’re looking for and to watch in real time as your numbers adjust for that audience is great. The images are all straightforward, and your pre-created booking templates have all been good. It’s great to be able to stagger the automated campaigns.

It’s pretty much everything we would have wanted out of an email marketing provider. If there is something else that’s needed, we don’t know what that something else would be.

Q: Is Marketing Pro worth it?

A: The ROI is definitely there. With our first few campaigns, we paid for a year, easily. We were doing a lot of outbound calling for membership renewals, so that’s saved us a lot of time. The call center reps have commented that they’re happy to get the calls for renewals, rather than make the calls for renewals.

Just the response we’ve gotten from our customers...I had no idea we were going to get this kind of traction with a simple email. I was blown away with those numbers. I didn’t expect anywhere near that. It’s insane how easy it is to bring in extra money you didn’t have before.

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