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Allow your CSRs to convert more calls into booked jobs while a powerful visual sales experience helps your HVAC techs sell more estimates in the field.
Connect the field and the office with real-time data
With real-time updates, you can say goodbye to double entry and hello to more efficiency.
Give your customers an amazing experience
Put them at ease with Meet The Tech photos and bios while letting them see help is on the way with the incredible Tech Tracking map.
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Frequently Asked HVAC Questions

Will I still need a separate HVAC sales software?

No, ServiceTitan is also a mobile sales software for HVAC sales people and technicians.

What are the benefits to using HVAC software?

Modern air conditioning software applications are all-in-one software platforms that allow you to run your business from all angles. Communication improvements are just one benefit. Keep every team and person in your company onto the same page with updates that sync instantly from the office to your technician’s tablet. When a tech makes an update to invoices, estimates or payments, expect to see those on the office side, as well. These real-time updates help you cut back on double entry.

Another huge benefit of running on an all-in-one HVAC service  software platform is mobile app integration. Technicians are enabled to provide better customer service and take on new sales opportunities in the field. Armed with job details, work history, notes, previous estimates and even pictures, your technicians will carry context into every job to provide better quality customer care. Best-in-class HVAC software will allow your technicians to build estimates with multiple price options, fast. These estimates and the quick turnaround are proven to increase estimate conversion rate, thus increasing the average job ticket — and helping your techs excel in this area of their work.

Does your HVAC software have a mobile app?

ServiceTitan’s award-winning mobile app, ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0, is the industry standard. It’s frequently updated so your techs are always using the newest features. But even the most up-to-date app can’t help your business if it’s not intuitive. Mobile 2.0 is designed for easy use, so you never have to worry about members of your team with a little less technology know-how. After all, the point is to make the technician’s job easier and faster, not harder and slower.

ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0 is built for ease and speed. It provides technicians with all the info they need about their customer, along with directions to the customer’s home, notifications for new jobs, and even workflows needed to take payments.

Does your HVAC software integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes. ServiceTitan integrates with Quickbooks Online and with Quickbooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise editions.

How can a software grow an HVAC business?

HVAC businesses running on a modern, all-in-one software platform are able to add more technicians — the source of most of your company’s profits — without needing to add more office staff. With features that make business reporting, bookkeeping, customer service and call dispatch a whole lot easier, you and your current office staff can do your jobs even more effectively.

But adding techs isn’t the only way to grow. In fact, ServiceTitan customers also grow their HVAC businesses through improved sales and service by the technician. ServiceTitan’s mobile app equips technicians to arrive at each job fully informed, leading to better customer service, which results in more and better online reviews and customer referrals. The multi-option estimate builder is proven to help technicians close more jobs, too, and at a higher average ticket! So ServiceTitan helps you add more techs, and it increases profit per technician, helping grow your business in two directions.

What is the best software for HVAC companies?

The best software for your HVAC company is really up to you. It’s the one you think will help you achieve your business goals most effectively. We suggest evaluating different software applications based on their feature set, how reliable they are, how often they’re updated, and the quality of support the company offers.

Thousands of residential home service companies go through this process and choose ServiceTitan as their software because it’s very easy to use, and because it was built from the ground up with a focus on business management and growth. It’s our company mission to improve the business and lives of every home service company employee. ServiceTitan was started by Ara and Vahe 8 years ago to help their dads run their own home services businesses. Since then, ServiceTitan has raised nearly $100M to continue to improve our software, serve our customers, and ensure that we can provide you with the solutions the future of HVAC will demand.

What if I have an HVAC technician who isn’t comfortable with technology?

Our app is designed to be used by anyone, regardless of their comfort with technology, after just a day or two of training.

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