Simplify recurring HVAC services.

Manage Residential and
Commercial HVAC
Service Agreements

Manage HVAC service agreements and improve profit margins with real-time data tied directly to customer contracts so regular maintenance visits are clear, trackable, and mistake-proof.

Generate New Memberships in a Snap

Generate New Memberships in a Snap

Tailor Memberships

Customize additional monthly charges, opt-ins for extra maintenance tasks, and membership upgrades.

Prioritize Profits

With greater job-costing insight, companies can price jobs right and grow their profit margins.

Show Renewal Value

Produce an easy-to-read contract performance summary showing number of completed visits and value.

Be Prepared

Apply discounts, schedule regular appointments, and produce recurring service material reports.

“ServiceTitan was huge. We knew that we were locked into a software that could help us if we've got a thousand memberships or 50,000 memberships.”

Adam Bardi

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HVAC Service Contract Software: Tips and Advice

Learn about HVAC service contract software from industry pros, from evaluating software to discovering key features to grow your commercial or residential HVAC company.

What is Maintenance Agreement Software?

Maintenance agreement HVAC software is business technology that residential and commercial service providers can use to streamline management of new and ongoing contracts with customers. This includes maintenance agreements, service agreements, equipment-based contracts, and other contracts to help keep HVAC systems operational and efficient.  Service agreement software helps business owners create, customize, organize, manage, and capitalize on their memberships, making them easy to understand for consumers and easily read and leveraged for upcoming revenue opportunities. And, because ServiceTitan is cloud-based, these tailored agreements that are sold and signed in the field instantly sync with the office, where they can be easily referenced for future work. Service contract software is part of an all-in-one construction management software solution that helps with customer management, time tracking, dispatching, and credit card payment processing. It also provides tools for creating accurate estimates in less time to improve HVAC contractor business operations across the board.

What is a Service Agreement?

In the home and commercial services industry, service agreements are critical to maintaining long-term relationships with customers and keeping a steady stream of revenue coming into a business. Home and commercial property owners will opt into maintenance and service contracts when they see the value of regular, scheduled maintenance and inspections of the essential systems of their property. Often, the value for the customer is ensuring that the systems on their property are operational before they’re needed—and that potentially expensive problems are fixed before they become a serious issue. For example, store owners may want their HVAC system inspected and checked during the spring before the hot weather hits and the store’s customers expect to enjoy air conditioning while shopping. Service agreements vary from customer to customer, shop to shop, and even industry to industry. The key factors that are common to every service contract, however, are the number of times a service provider is contracted to provide service, maintenance, and/or inspection and the price they’ll charge to provide this regular service. Because service agreements are needed to bring in steady revenue during slow seasons, service businesses often calculate the cost of these agreements based on their seasonal challenges and long-term financial goals.

What are the Benefits of HVAC Service Contract Software?

An automated, integrated software system that handles every aspect of a job—from scheduling and technician tracking to invoicing and bookkeeping—simplifies the process for implementing HVAC service contracts. Plus, service agreement software makes the contracts clear, trackable, and less prone to mistakes than manually entered information. ServiceTitan’s service contract software offers the following benefits:  Integrated scheduling, reporting, and invoicing: Utilize HVAC service agreement software so scheduling and reporting related to recurring jobs updates automatically and accurately in real time. Track projected profit for maintenance contracts, which technicians sell the most, and to which customers. Automate customer billing to send on a recurring basis, and connect to a bookkeeping program so technicians get paid appropriately.  Customer information: Use marketing technology available in the field management software to target existing customers who meet the right criteria for club membership through email or other marketing promotions, and to say thank you to those customers who renew or sign a new HVAC membership agreement. For an enhanced customer experience, send automated reminders for follow-up appointments or expiring memberships through the service software. Adjust contracts and personalize service by knowing a customer’s specific pain points and vital details about their HVAC equipment, such as age of an A/C unit or likelihood of needing a replacement. Automated bidding: Build in HVAC service management agreements to automatically show up on jobs where the homeowner and their HVAC equipment meet your company criteria, so techs know to offer it as an option on a job estimate and can easily present the contract benefits on a digital device. Customizable contracts: Customizable HVAC service contract templates allow you to determine your company’s specific terms and conditions, and make personalized adjustments for each new service contract issued. Mobile presentation tools: Give your techs the tools and information to make a convincing, short presentation on the value of your club memberships or HVAC service agreement. Make it easy for technicians to sell the agreements, show how the HVAC service contract pricing easily covers the cost of unexpected repairs or replacements without preventative maintenance, and provide a simple way for customers to sign up on the spot using a mobile device like a tablet. Valuable renewal strategy: HVAC contractors can run reports to show customers the true value of an existing HVAC service contract and encourage them to renew the agreement. Provide a performance summary of the agreement to show revenue, costs, number of planned and unplanned visits, and overall savings or bonuses they accumulated over the past year.

Prioritize high-need customers: Field service software should include the functionality to sort HVAC maintenance contract customers by age of equipment and possible replacements so your team can prioritize those customers most likely in need of imminent maintenance attention. With robust contract management capabilities, you can view open estimates, see service histories, and leave notes to discover new sales opportunities to pursue.

Does your HVAC Service Contract Software Integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes. ServiceTitan's user-friendly HVAC maintenance agreement software solution for service contractors integrates with Intuit QuickBooks Online and with QuickBooks Desktop Premier and Enterprise editions.  Contractors who serve both commercial and residential customers can take advantage of the QuickBooks integration to simplify accounting procedures and ensure a smooth flow of information from work order and invoice on the construction site to reconciliation in your accounting software, without the hassle of double entry. That means you can ditch the manual docs or spreadsheets.