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7 HVAC Customer Service Secrets to Create Loyal Customers

User IconStephanie Figy
Clock IconDecember 30th, 2020
Glasses Icon4 Min Read
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Running a profitable heating and air conditioning business requires more than just trained technicians and powerful equipment—it demands outstanding HVAC customer service to create repeat customers. 

In fact, 73 percent of customers report loyalty to a brand because of friendly customer service. While your field staff interacts with your customers in person, your HVAC tech support team provides customers with their first impressions of your company while making appointments and answering questions. 

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Try these top techniques to improve your team’s HVAC customer service skills.

1. Personalize HVAC customer service support.

Every sale in the HVAC industry begins with an initial phone call or online message sent to your company, and treating each customer uniquely helps create more powerful relationships. Using front- and back-end software to arm your HVAC customer service team with vital information about a customer helps create the perfect experience every time. Provide your CSRs with details, such as call occurrence, service history, equipment used, and even special notes from techs, managers, or other CSRs.

2. Provide timely HVAC services.

When a customer calls for service or repair on their air conditioning system, they typically don’t want to wait days or weeks for service. Ensure your HVAC technicians remain punctual to maintain a positive brand reputation. Dispatch the best available tech to serve the need for each call by using an operational platform that monitors the GPS location of field techs.

3. Give on-site HVAC quotes.

If an HVAC tech visits a homeowner to inspect an air conditioner or address their air conditioning system or a furnace repair issue, the customer might become frustrated if forced to wait hours or days to receive a cost estimate. Provide your field staff with mobile technology to give customers on-site estimates and job quotes, explain warranty information, and allow them to sign off on the work on the spot.

4. Track HVAC customer service calls, gather feedback.

Train your HVAC customer service team to use their communication skills to ask the right questions when setting an appointment in order to set your HVAC techs up for success on the job. This also helps build a relationship with the customer before the HVAC technician even rings the doorbell. 

After completing the service, call the customer (or send an email or text if that’s how a customer prefers to communicate) to say thanks and ask them how the job went. This often-forgotten gesture goes a long way in providing the best customer experience and building customer satisfaction.

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5. Show up on time and prepared.

The best companies in the HVAC industry respect their customers’ time by providing accurate service windows, being punctual, and calling should they fall behind in their day’s schedule. Using field dispatch software, your customers can receive an automated text notification when the tech heads toward their house for an appointment, then track the technician’s progress. On the flip side, your team of customer service representatives can rearrange tech schedules and adjust appointments on the dispatch board based on real-time data and messaging.

If your HVAC and refrigeration CSRs ask all the right questions beforehand, your technicians should show up to the job site with all the required tools to complete the service and keep the customer happy. That provides the best customer service experience, from start to finish.  

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6. Build a quality customer relationship.

Create a relationship with your customers by providing seasonal tips and incentives throughout the year. Through email marketing, text messages, or even phone calls, your HVAC customer service team should provide homeowners with friendly reminders for when it’s time to change furnace filters or schedule an annual tune-up on their HVAC systems. Send them digital coupons for getting maintenance service performed during the slow season. 

Communicating throughout the year with consistent content marketing keeps your HVAC business top of mind, so the customer reaches out to your company first when they need future services.

7. Look and act like an HVAC pro.

Your company’s HVAC techs represent your brand, and as such, they should show up clean and in full uniform. Provide booties they can slip on before stepping foot in a home and train techs to be respectful of a customer’s personal belongings.

In addition, tablets or other digital mobile technology looks a lot sharper when presenting estimates and invoices than loose papers on a clipboard. Act like a modern HVAC pro by giving easy, quick pricing presentations and present digital forms for customers to sign electronically.

Improve HVAC customer service at every touchpoint with a combination of traditional CSR methods and advanced, automated technology. By implementing a comprehensive HVAC software system to support your business goals, your company will not only increase customer satisfaction but also grow your repeat customer base and overall profit. 

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