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More than just numbers.

You can't grow your business without understanding what works and what doesn't. ServiceTitan's reporting tools provide robust analytics to help bring your business to the next level.

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Stay informed—from anywhere.

ServiceTitan’s dynamic dashboard can be tailored to display the metrics and KPIs that mean the most to your business.

- Track revenue and trends by day, week, or month.
- Sort transactions by business unit or date range.
- Compile stats in real time thanks to a cloud-based sync.


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Monitor your techs in the field.

With the technician scorecard, business owners get real-time updates on generated revenue, memberships sold, and more for each individual tech.

Drilling down into specific metrics can be done with a simple click, too. Now you'll have the insight to provide coaching and keep your team sharp, productive, and awesome

Improve CSR performance.

The ServiceTitan CSR scorecard allows you to review incoming calls, conversions, and other CSR metrics as homeowners call your business.

And because ServiceTitan records and categorizes every call, you can provide CSR coaching when needed and reengage customers that didn't convert.

#1 rated software for running a service business.

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