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The Future is Now: Titan Intelligence brings AI-powered features to ServiceTitan

Brendan Meyer
September 13th, 2023
7 Min Read

ServiceTitan co-founder Vahe Kuzoyan has always been bullish on the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the trades — but even he couldn’t have predicted what has happened in the last 16 months.

To kick off Wednesday’s keynote session at ServiceTitan’s Pantheon conference in Orlando, the company’s president and co-founder reminded the sold-out crowd of 3,000 trades members from all across the country what he discussed at last year’s Pantheon: That AI was the way of the future, and a topic that would be discussed for the next 10 years.

“Little did I know that over the next year or so, we were about to experience the most dramatic acceleration of technological progress that I had in my lifetime,” Kuzoyan said.

To prove it, Kuzoyan had a customer from the crowd, Jason Brady, introduce himself and say a few of his interests. Kuzoyan then explained that a few minutes prior to this session, the ServiceTitan team had taken a picture of Jason, gotten a sample of his voice, and with a little AI magic, created a digital avatar of Jason. The avatar appeared on the screen, and started talking in Jason’s voice, telling jokes, blinking, moving its head and conversing with Kuzoyan.

The crowd laughed and watched in amusement. But there was a point being made here.

“The point is, something important has changed,” Kuzoyan said. “If we had tried to do what you just saw at the last Pantheon, it would have looked like one of those old Conan (O’Brien) skits where it’s just the mouth moving on a still picture, speaking in a robotic voice.

“It’s all made possible by the same underlying technology advancements that power the features we’re going to release today.”

ServiceTitan has captured that progress in the form of 14 new AI features across its suite of Pro Products and Accounting. The features fall under the banner of Titan Intelligence, encompassing ServiceTitan’s concerted effort to bring AI to the trades. They are meant to increase revenue and efficiency, and improve customer experience and employee experience — all while using the power of AI responsibly.

‘When our dads asked Ara (Mahdessian) and I to find them software almost 20 years ago, the gap between what was possible technologically and what was available to this industry was so big that we ended up making it our life’s work to close that gap,” Kuzoyan said. 

“With that spirit in mind, today we are going to roll out more than a dozen new AI driven features that we believe will make an incredibly large impact on your business.”

One by one, the features impressed the crowd. After the breakout session, Todd Longbrake, who works in people development at Apex and was attending his first Pantheon, succinctly summed up the moment.

“I thought it was, ‘Holy crap. This is awesome,’” Longbrake said. “I think what I like most about (all of these features) is the way that they could take away from the decision fatigue. They allow your dispatchers (and office workers) to actually be human beings.”

Ads Optimizer

Drive higher ROI with your digital ads budget with Ads Optimizer through Marketing Pro. The ads optimization tool feeds revenue and audience data from ServiceTitan into Google Ads and other connected ad platforms. It includes capacity awareness alerts and call extensions management, which ultimately leads to more, higher quality leads, lower cost per lead and optimization made easy—no matter size of business.

In fact, beta testers have already seen a 250% increase in ROI from using ads optimizer. 

Reputation Review Response Generator

Respond faster to all reviews and rank higher in local search with Marketing Pro’s Reputation Review Response Generator. It takes a lot of time to craft a unique response that addresses a customer’s specific feedback. Now, you can generate tailored responses to reviews in just one click and match the voice and tone of your brand.

Audience Assistant

Save time and build hyper-targeted audience lists with ease with Marketing Pro’s Audience Assistant. Audience Assistant generates suggestions and builds audiences in Marketing Pro’s Audience Builder using a conversational chatbot. You can have a conversation with the Audience Assistant, and have it suggest audiences based on your goals and build the audience in real time.

Email Content Generation

Save time crafting marketing emails with Marketing Pro’s Email Content Generation. Generate marketing email copy from scratch based on prompts that you provide, including character count and tone of voice. Revise existing text, optimize for SEO, translate into multiple languages and personalize for specific audiences.

Automated Proposal Templates

Quickly provide multiple options to customers and increase average ticket size with Pricebook Pro’s Automated Proposal Templates. Generate Good/Better/Best (G/B/B) proposal templates in an instant that are ready for your technicians to use. Titan Intelligence has analyzed jobs and industry best practices to create G/B/B templates that are custom to your shop.

Second Chance Leads w/ Summarization

Get more booked jobs without additional marketing investment with Phones Pro’s Second Chance Leads w/ Summarization. Call Center Managers don’t have time to listen to all unbooked calls for missed opportunities. Second Chance Leads automatically detects unbooked calls within minutes of a call completing, and flags the calls that can be saved with a quick call back to your customer. It allows you to capture jobs that slipped through the cracks in just minutes a day. 

Risky Driver Detection & Alerts

Reduce risk, save time and increase safety of your team with Fleet Pro’s Risky Driver Detection & Alerts. Fleet Pro monitors technicians on the road, as well as detects and sends alerts on risky behaviors like distracted driving or cell phone use.

GPS Enabled Timesheets

Spend less time comparing technician timesheet data with GPS data with Fleet Pro’s GPS Enabled Timesheets. Automatically compare job timesheet data with GPS data and get recommendations based on where Fleet Pro finds discrepancies. Easily review, manage, and determine what is accurate

Technician Assignment Automation with Job Value Predictor

Maximize profit with automated dispatching solutions with Dispatch Pro’s Technician Assignment Automation with Job Value Predictor. Dispatch Pro optimizes your board setup to maximize profit by automatically taking into account job value predictions and recent technician performance when assigning technician assignments.

TI Chat Assistant

Timely, consistent, customized-to-your-business professional customer service at scale with Scheduling Pro’s TI Chat Assistant. With this new tool, virtual agents that are trained on your own call recordings can handle a majority of the common use cases that your call center handles today—from understanding the intent of your customer and collecting contact information, to actually booking jobs and answering customers’ questions. Your agents monitor all the interactions, and step in when flagged or they determine necessary.

Integration Errors Assistant

Resolve more accounting errors while exporting financials with Integration Errors Assistant. ServiceTitan has simplified complex integration with Accounting Systems, streamlining setup issues to avoid integration issues. This tool allows you to decode intricate error messages from external systems that demand unique expertise to fix. This way, you can analyze errors and provide an immediate action that can be taken to resolve.

Invoice Summary Generator

Save time writing accounting invoice summaries with ServiceTitan’s Invoice Summary Generator. Get crisp, well written invoice summaries in seconds based on prompts and your original invoice and job summaries—with a higher level of personalization.

Invoice Email Generator

Save time writing collection emails with ServiceTitan’s Invoice Email Generator. This new accounting feature allows you to generate entire invoice payment collection emails with one click based on adding information like contact and job information to your prompts.

Automated Invoice Capture

Streamline reconciliation processes with Automated Invoice Capture. Scan and upload  vendor invoices and automatically map key fields from the invoice to the relevant ServiceTitan fields. This feature also includes a verification system to ensure outputs match existing data.

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