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HVAC Sales App: A Tailored Solution for HVAC Contractors

October 13th, 2023
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There are two main types of HVAC sales software on the market:

  • HVAC sales apps: The sole purpose of these apps is to facilitate the creation and presentation of HVAC sales proposals.  

  • HVAC contractor software with built-in sales tools: This software integrates HVAC estimates and proposals with other essential business functions, such as scheduling and dispatching, CRM, service agreements, invoicing, and more.

Compared to HVAC contractor software, sales apps have some distinct disadvantages:

  • Workflow inefficiencies: Sales-only apps don’t tend to connect seamlessly with the other apps you use to run your business. This means you (or someone at the office) needs to repeatedly enter the same job details from the estimate or proposal into a variety of other apps or spreadsheets as you progress through the job.

  • Increased likelihood of errors: This repetitive manual data entry increases the likelihood of costly errors, such as delivering inaccurate HVAC invoices to customers.

  • The need to pay for many different apps: Paying for several disconnected apps isn’t optimal financially, nor is having to train your employees to use multiple different interfaces.

Together, these drawbacks can significantly hurt the efficiency and profitability of an HVAC service business. As a result, many HVAC companies can benefit far more from holistic HVAC software solutions (also known as field service management software) like ServiceTitan.

In this article, we’re going to explain how ServiceTitan’s mobile app streamlines the HVAC sales process and seamlessly connects proposals to the rest of an HVAC business workflow. 

Want to see how ServiceTitan works to streamline your HVAC business operations? Schedule a call to get a free, live, one-on-one walk-through of the features we describe throughout this article.

How the ServiceTitan Mobile App Streamlines HVAC Sales

ServiceTitan’s mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, offers an intuitive user experience that techs love, beginning with the home screen dashboard:

From the dashboard, techs can quickly and easily see the jobs they have scheduled for that day, each presented as a job card with basic information such as:

  • Customer’s name

  • Scheduled date and time

  • Address 

  • Arrival window

  • Tags identifying other key job information (e.g. potential member, replacement opp, etc.)

Each card can be tapped (right from your technician’s phone or tablet, such as an iPad) to pull up a dedicated page with further details about that job, as shown here:

This page will display further information such as:

And as the job progresses, any new assets that are created — such as images of the job site or installation, recommended estimates, pinned notes, or purchase orders — are automatically stored through that page, easily accessible at any time (by anyone in the company who may need to see them). 

If enabled, techs can dispatch themselves when they’re ready to head to the job, and GPS tracking will provide dispatchers with automated notifications as they reach the job, begin work, or complete work. Alternatively, businesses can adjust settings so that only dispatchers, office staff, or certain team members have the ability to dispatch techs.

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From each job page, techs can also access the other essential tools they need throughout the lifecycle of a job. Via the left sidebar, they can view and utilize:

  • Customer History: Techs can see previous estimates, recurring services, existing equipment (heat pumps, air conditioning units, etc.), previous invoices, photos and videos from previous jobs, and more.

  • Job Forms: Techs can access job forms that require customer signatures such as warranty agreements, as well as forms that foster accountability and better customer service (such as service and installation checklists, or pre-appointment customer experience checklists).

  • Estimates: With seamless pricebook integration, techs can build attractive estimates and multi-option proposals on the fly, right from their mobile device. Or they can select and customize pre-built estimate and proposal templates built by the back-office team. 

  • Invoices: Techs can easily generate invoices and send them to customers in a variety of ways.

  • Closeout: Once they complete a job, techs can accept payments on the spot from customers via check or credit card. 

Notably, our app has offline capabilities, so all of these features and workflows are available even when techs are outside of zones with cell service or internet connectivity (a key feature that not all of our competitors offer).

Now, let’s zoom in on our mobile estimates feature as it plays an integral role in many key facets of a field service app: tech experience, customer experience, sales enablement, etc. 

From the estimates tab, you can view any previous estimates that have been quoted to that customer, or create a new estimate for that specific job. When creating a new estimate, you can use a template or configure it from scratch by selecting items from your pricebook, as shown here:

The pricebook categories and search bar make it easy to find what techs are looking for, and each item can be tapped to see more relevant information about that product. For example, detailed product descriptions, flat rate price, member price, pictures and videos, and warranty information.

Techs can then tap “Add to Option” to add that equipment to one of their estimates in a Good-Better-Best-style proposal.

Once a proposal is ready, techs can tap “Present” to enter a presentation mode built for providing a clean yet detailed customer experience, while also taking the burden of “selling” off of the technician. 

The ServiceTitan presentation view displays useful information for homeowners or commercial customers and aids in the sales process. This includes:

  • Product visuals: Images that show customers the equipment they’re purchasing (pulled directly from their pricebook). 

  • Savings details: Info boxes that display data such as expected energy savings, rebate savings, and membership savings. These are a part of our HVAC pack, which includes a SEER Energy Savings Calculator, a rebates field to incorporate any relevant rebates happening in your area, and an HVAC load calculator

  • Financing options: The ability to show customers financing options that can be approved instantly by our financing partners.

Based on our analysis of ServiceTitan customer data, our integrated financing has helped users achieve 11% increases in average ticket prices, 17% increases in revenue, and 19% increases in technicians offering financing to customers.

Once customers have selected the right option for them, they can apply for financing, if needed, or close out on the spot. 

At that point, technicians can collect payment however customers want to pay, whether through cash, check, or credit card. (They can scan checks right from the mobile application, reducing your need to visit the bank to deposit checks.)

When the job is done, dispatchers can be updated on their tech’s status in real-time, and techs can move on to their next job (or take their break, follow up on unsold estimates, clock out, etc.). 

Increase Your Close Rates and Grow Revenue with ServiceTitan

We began this post by emphasizing that HVAC sales software falls into two basic categories: standalone sales apps, and holistic HVAC contractor software. 

As we’ve demonstrated, leveraging a holistic solution like ServiceTitan offers HVAC business owners cutting-edge estimating software that seamlessly connects the proposal process to the other core elements of an HVAC business.

In addition to the functionality detailed above, ServiceTitan helps HVAC contractors with myriad other business functions, such as:

Want to see how ServiceTitan works to streamline your HVAC business operations? Schedule a call to get a live, one-on-one walk-through of the features we describe throughout this article.

ServiceTitan HVAC Software

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