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Free HVAC Flat-Rate Pricing Template: Quickly Generate Precise, Accurate Proposals and Estimates with Our Free Download


Flat-rate pricing systems have become the dominant model among the HVAC contractors we work with at ServiceTitan. We’ve created a free Google Sheet template for HVAC businesses to use when building their flat-rate pricebook. In the next section, we’ll explain how to download, customize, and use it as your own.    

However, even for small business owners, the utility of a flat-rate pricing template has significant limitations. 

HVAC contractors that rely on a spreadsheet template still face many of the challenges involved in the pricebook management, estimating, and invoicing processes.  

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Below, we’ll take a closer look at these operational challenges, and explain how contractors are using high-quality field service management software (FSM) to solve them. Specifically, we’ll explain how ServiceTitan helps service businesses:

  • Create, customize, and manage HVAC flat rate pricebooks

  • Efficiently generate accurate estimates

  • Seamlessly produce invoices and facilitate payment

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How to Download and Use Our HVAC Flat-Rate Pricing Template

1) Flat Rate Pricing Calculator

The first, shown in the screenshot above, offers a calculator that allows you to quickly arrive at the right flat-rate price for each of the HVAC services that your shop provides. 

You can compute job costs, and factor in your target gross margin, and all of the relevant markups and discounts to come up with 3 levels of flat rate pricing

  • Standard 

  • Membership 

  • After Hours

2) HVAC Flat Rate Schedule

On the second sheet, you can list all of the HVAC services and equipment that you offer. For example: boilers, condensers, heat pumps, custom HVAC repairs, fuel oil services, furnaces, and air handlers.  

During the estimating and invoicing process, employees in the field and at the office can reference a paper or digital version of the template to complete their work. 

Again, you can check out the master template here.

To use the template, click the "Make a Copy" button. 

From there, you can customize the template according to your needs. Using the calculator from Page 1, you can then begin creating your flat rate pricing book.

Since Google Sheets is hosted in the cloud, new updates are automatically accessible via cell phone, tablet, or desktop in real-time. 

While a flat-rate pricing template can be a decent organizational tool,  a template alone simply can’t solve many of the issues that are common in the HVAC estimating and invoicing processes.

The Limitations of Relying on a Flat-Rate Pricing Template

A template — whether in PDF, Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel format — can provide a cleanly formatted point of reference, but it doesn’t offer the kind of integration that makes core business processes easier, more precise, or more efficient. 

Contractors and their employees will still need to manually transfer pricing from their template to estimates; from estimates to work orders; and from work orders to invoices.   

Effectively, the challenges of the old-fashioned pen-and-paper method remain intact. And the manual approach frequently leads to human error and the loss of valuable resources.  

For example, time that techs take to put together estimates is time they’re not spending on the other jobs they have on their schedule. Similarly, time that managers and customer service reps at the office spend searching through a static pricebook is time they’re not spending attending to winning new business and delivering optimal customer service to existing clients. To say nothing of the costly, time-consuming nature of constantly updating pricebooks

In our experience, HVAC companies that are hampered by such inefficient processes often struggle to stay profitable. They’re almost always prevented from growing their businesses to where they want it to be.  

In the following sections, we’ll explain how ServiceTitan helps HVAC contractors address these and other issues, integrating the core business functions of pricebook management and estimate and invoice creation into a seamless, holistic machine to drive revenue growth.

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How ServiceTitan’s Integrated Pricebook Helps HVAC Contractors Deliver Fast, Precise Estimates and Invoices

Estimates, work orders, and invoices are only as accurate — and as reliable — as the information that techs and office staff use to fill them out. 

And as we noted above, shops using an HVAC pricing template alone, or a similarly traditional method, are often prone to the kinds of errors and delays that can end up costing business owners money — typos and sloppy handwriting, arithmetic mistakes, lapses of memory, lost paperwork, and the like.

To give HVAC contractors the dependable foundation they need, ServiceTitan’s pricebook features are fully integrated into the estimating and invoicing process. With our HVAC software, pricebook management isn’t just easier, it actually becomes a tool to help contractors drive growth. 

HVAC Product Catalogs Available in Real-Time

Depending on their preferences, HVAC contractors can import existing pricebooks into ServiceTitan, create new ones from scratch, select from our range of pre-built pricebooks, or mix and match. ServiceTitan pricebooks are highly customizable, so contractors never feel boxed-in, whatever route they choose.

As shown in the screenshot above, with our Pricebook Pro option, contractors get direct access to equipment catalogues from top HVAC industry suppliers. Items from the catalogues, complete with images and product descriptions, can be linked to users’ pricebooks, so that the estimates they create feature the exact makes and models they will actually be using in their jobs. 

Equipment catalogues are updated automatically in real-time, ensuring the kind of pinpoint accuracy in estimates that safeguards against over and underbidding.    

With ServiceTitan, descriptions and specs for services and installation of individual pieces of equipment are easy to edit and update on the fly, allowing contractors to keep their pricebooks current with minimal headaches. 

Many of our users also make use of bulk editing features, which allows them to make global changes across their pricebook in seconds. It’s a vast improvement over the time-consuming process of updating a pricebook housed in a Google Doc or Excel spreadsheet line by line. 

Whether edits are made individually or in bulk, changes occur instantaneously, allowing employees in the office and out in the field to access accurate, real-time data via desktop or mobile app

ServiceTitan subscribers who opt for Pricebook Pro can also make use of  Pricebook Connect. This upgrade allows contractors to:

  • View new additions they might want to include in their pricebook

  • Make use of new categories and subcategories of services and equipment

  • Add those items to their account with a few clicks

Service Packages and Templates for Common HVAC Jobs

Once contractors have populated their pricebooks with the products of their choice, and customized them with descriptions and relevant overhead factors like labor costs and material costs, it’s easy to begin creating sales packages by bundling frequently used equipment and services. 

Many pricebook software products have only limited capabilities when it comes to putting together pricing templates. But ServiceTitan allows contractors to use this functionality from both desktop and mobile devices. 

Templates can be created at the office or out in the field, giving service technicians the option to quickly generate accurate proposals for common jobs — air conditioning installation, refrigeration repair, ductwork, etc. — while they’re on-site during a service call. 

Searchable HVAC Price Lists

Because our pricebooks are searchable, HVAC techs can quickly locate and identify the parts, materials, and equipment they’re looking for with a simple keyword query, which will provide them with a variety of options. Depending on the task at hand, they can also search for product-specific information, like a model number or year.  

By clicking on the name of a given item, techs can call up a detailed description, complete with photos that they can compare to what they’re seeing at the job. This helps prevent mistakes, like choosing the wrong part for an estimate, while saving them the time and hassle of having to call the office to verify details and get approval.  

Full Functionality via Mobile and Desktop

As we’ve noted, ServiceTitan pricebooks are available to contractors and their employees whether they’re back at the office or out in the field, via desktop, laptop, or mobile device — iPhone/iOS, Android, or tablet.

This screenshot, which shows an HVAC pricebook in the office view, provides a high degree of detail: pricing, descriptions, model numbers, images. It reflects ServiceTitan’s capability to link equipment and sold hours to pricebook items, saving time and ensuring accuracy when it comes to accounting and job costing.   

Together with warranty information, employee bonuses, and equipment upgrades, all of this information can be included in the pricebook and customized in advance. That way, when techs are at a job, it’s ready and waiting to be shared as needed with customers to facilitate sales.  

Use “Good Better Best” Proposals to Close More Sales

Contractors often treat “Estimate” and “Proposal” as synonyms. But with ServiceTitan, there’s a slight distinction between the two. 

An estimate is like a menu item in a restaurant, and a proposal is a menu of options, featuring estimates of multiple individual items.  

As we’ve described, ServiceTitan subscribers can use our estimate templates to group materials, equipment, and services that tend to go together for easy reference and repeated use. And once they’ve built some estimate templates — those ala carte items — our HVAC software allows contractors to group those estimates as proposal templates, giving them the ability to present customers with a menu of choices for different kinds of jobs.     

The screenshot above demonstrates the commonly used “Good Better Best” model for sales presentations. We’ve written extensively about the benefits of this method before: a collaborative, education-based approach that takes the pressure out of the equation and places the power in the hands of customers; providing higher close rates and average ticket prices for HVAC contractors.  

Using the ServiceTitan mobile app, it’s easy for techs to swiftly draw up proposals like the one shown here on their cell phone or tablet. 

To review the specs of a given proposal template, techs can simply click on an individual estimate. Should a particular job call for more, fewer, or different materials, equipment, or services, it’s simple to add, subtract, and substitute as needed to suit the requirements and preferences of their customer. 

In virtually no time at all — generally five minutes or less — HVAC techs will have a sleek, professional proposal ready to present to homeowners. 

In doing so, they can choose to give customers a single total price for each option in their proposal, or provide a line-by-line breakdown of costs, derived from the fully integrated pricebooks we described above.    

Unlike many other HVAC software currently on the market, ServiceTitan gives techs the ability to include cutting-edge photo and video content in their presentations to help move the ball across the goal line and increase ticket prices. 

With ServiceTitan, HVAC contractors also get instantaneous access to financing options from multiple partners. Customers can apply and receive approval in real-time, often within minutes, with just a few clicks, eliminating the kinds of delays that can sometimes cause a deal not to close. 

Seamlessly Translate Estimates into Accurate Invoices

With ServiceTitan, the cumbersome paperwork involved in moving from estimate to work order, and work order to invoice, is a thing of the past. Once a homeowner has approved an HVAC work order in ServiceTitan with an e-signature, an automation-powered process ensures that the information is stored and saved. ServiceTitan automatically draws on that data to create an invoice, so that there’s no chance of any lost information or math errors.  

Of course, unexpected circumstances sometimes arise over the course of a job, so techs, managers, CSRs, and company owners can always make manual corrections to an invoice, if necessary. Generally speaking, though, accurate automated invoices are prepared and delivered to clients in a clockwork process that saves contractors untold time, manpower, and money.  

The Result: Streamlined Processes and More Revenue

Traditional approaches to creating estimates and invoices — whether pen-and-paper or spreadsheet and Word doc-based — have cost HVAC contractors tons of time, energy, overhead, and manpower.

By eliminating the delays, errors, and inefficiencies that tend to accompany those methods, ServiceTitan saves HVAC contractors from these and many other headaches, seamlessly integrating pricebook management, estimating, and invoicing functionality to drive more effective sales processes that increase close rates, grow average ticket prices, and boost the bottom line.  

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