Customer Financing

Offer customers instant financing from GreenSky®.

Stop waiting days, even weeks for customers to receive financing. In the ServiceTitan Mobile app, customers can apply to GreenSky® on the spot—and instantly receive approval.

Choose which financing options to offer.

With the ServiceTitan Mobile app and GreenSky® Financing, you choose which financing options will be available to your customers.

That way, you not only get your company paid faster, you move forward with jobs that are financed the way you want them to be.

Create your own financing rules.

Rule-based financing gives you the power to control which financing plans technicians can offer based on business unit and ticket size.

Use rules to take the guesswork out of financing for technicians and offer customers only the rates and terms that make sense for your business.


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Secure approval in three...two...

Faster. Smarter. And with just a few taps. That's how ServiceTitan keeps your company's biggest jobs moving forward.

Submit applications in seconds.

With ServiceTitan Mobile, you're already carrying the customer information that can be used in a financing application.

"With the exception of just a few fields, your customer's financing application will be automatically populated with the right information. It's that fast." - Dean Dyslin, Technician, Rescue Air

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