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Above and Beyond has ‘changed its business’ with Pro Products + Integrated Financing

Brendan Meyer
December 1st, 2023
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For years, Jason Brady had heard other successful ServiceTitan users say the same thing: “The more you use ServiceTitan, the more money you make, the easier your life gets.”

But it took him a while to actually believe it. 

Brady, who started Above and Beyond Service Co. in 2015, has been using ServiceTitan for almost six years. But it wasn’t until the last two when he really started using the software to its full potential.

This year, Above and Beyond is pacing at $10 million in revenue to go along with a TitanScore of 242—which is in the top 1% of all users. That’s because Brady utilizes many of ServiceTitan’s products and features at his disposal—including Marketing Pro, Scheduling Pro, Dispatch Pro and Integrated Financing—that create strong processes at his company and provide a seamless customer experience. Each of these products feed into the next one, Brady explained. They help the company make money, make his life easier, and allow him to focus his energy on other areas of the business. 

“(These products) help us take care of (our customers) and our guys, which helps us take care of the company,” he said.

Here’s what they look like in action.

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Attracting—and keeping—customers 

The first step is bringing customers in. Above and Beyond leans on Marketing Pro’s email campaign feature to accomplish a portion of that. 

  • Marketing Pro allows Above and Beyond to create audiences based on customer information that it already has in ServiceTitan—like unsold estimates, aging equipment, and memberships that are expiring. After sending out the emails, Above and Beyond’s follow-up coordinator contacts the customers, too.

“And then from there, (if the customer books a job), we just do our thing,” Brady said.

But sometimes, customers want to schedule their own appointments on their own time—without talking to anyone. That’s why Brady loves Scheduling Pro.

  • Scheduling Pro’s online scheduler allows Above and Beyond’s customers to easily schedule their own jobs based on availability from their ServiceTitan Dispatch Board and capacity planning. That means a customer can simply click the link in one of Above and Beyond’s emails, or go to the company website to schedule their job.

“For us, it's been the best thing,” Brady said. “It doesn't tie up a customer sales rep (CSR), and it doesn't let customers go somewhere else. They can just book an appointment right there for us to come out at a time that's good for them.”

The next step is dispatching, which brings Brady to the Pro Product that he called “life-changing.”

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‘An opportunity to change our business’

Brady first learned about Dispatch Pro when it was a beta feature years ago, which prompted his plea to ServiceTitan to be one of the first shops to try it.

“I needed it,” Brady said.

It didn’t matter that he had a small shop—at the time, he had only five managed techs and less than $2 million in yearly revenue. 

Why did he think he needed AI-powered dispatching software?

“I realized this was an opportunity to change our business,” Brady said. “Why do you need a car and not a horse?”

Dispatch Pro has helped in a multitude of ways, such as…

  • Right tech, right call: Dispatch Pro’s algorithm finds the best technician for every job based on the tech’s skills, recent sales performance, proximity to the job and more. That translates into higher-ticket jobs and more profits.

  • Increase dispatcher efficiency: Since Dispatch Pro runs thousands of scenarios to get the right technician to the right job, it allows Above and Beyond’s dispatchers to invest more time in delivering a superior customer experience, taking care of techs, and making quick adjustments.

Brady credits Dispatch Pro most for boosting Above and Beyond’s revenue in the last two years—from $1.54 million to $7.1 million at the end of last year. It has also allowed him to get a handle on who his best techs are. 

“Every (owner) thinks they know who their rock star (techs) are,” Brady said. 

But Dispatch Pro actually knows—and what it knew surprised Brady. When Above and Beyond first started using Dispatch Pro, Brady was shocked that it wasn’t giving his “rock star” tech enough jobs. 

“We started looking into it and saw that, not only was his sales factor down, his closing rates were down,” Brady said. “We had to figure out (what was going on). And then we realized the guy was quitting. He was getting a contractor's license, and was doing work on the side.”

On the other hand, the software has shown Brady who his hot-hand techs are, like the one who “kills it” at selling surge protection.

“We didn't know that, but Dispatch Pro figured it out,” he said.

Closing the Job

Dispatch Pro has helped Above and Beyond boost its efficiency and closing rates. And so has another ServiceTitan product—Integrated Financing.

  • Integrated Financing keeps Above and Beyond’s jobs moving by embedding financing right into their sales process, empowering their technicians to offer financing with ease and confidence to customers. This gives their customers easy access to financing that works for them and instant approvals backed by some of the industry’s leading providers. 

“We never know what somebody's going through monetarily,” Brady said. “Rather than put them on the spot, (we’ll tell them if a job) qualifies for financing. We want to make sure our closing rates are up and we can give customers all the options.”

A Full Circle

Processes and products like Marketing Pro, Scheduling Pro, Dispatch Pro and Integrated Financing create a full circle—stronger and more efficient processes for the business and a better experience for customers, Brady explained, that will help Above and Beyond reach its five-year goal: $56.2 million in revenue.

“We get to send the right tech to the right call. We get to keep customers informed of what's going on. We get to make sure that we can operate in their comfort level,” he said. “(These products) are just full, all-around products.”

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