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Above and Beyond has 25 trucks—and only 1 dispatcher. How do they pull it off? With ServiceTitan’s Dispatch Pro.

Adrienne Teeley
August 14th, 2023
4 Min Read

It’s morning in the suburbs of Oklahoma City, and Above and Beyond Service Company’s 25 trucks are hitting the road. 

Supporting them is just one dispatcher—and no, she’s not stressed out.

That’s because the residential and commercial HVAC and plumbing company uses Dispatch Pro, the newest pro product from ServiceTitan.

Dispatch Pro is a software that’s able to crunch thousands of scenarios in an instant before scheduling and dispatching techs. It’s based on their skill level, proximity to the job and sales performance. 

In other words, it takes a lot of stress off Above and Beyond’s dispatcher.

“We would definitely need to have at least two more dispatchers ... if we didn't have Dispatch Pro,” Jordan Moutray, Above and Beyond’s internal operations manager, said.

And while Above and Beyond’s team has enjoyed using ServiceTitan for the past four years, Moutray is amazed with the results she’s seen from Dispatch Pro.

“I would definitely say it’s been the best feature we’ve gotten off of ServiceTitan.”

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Boost revenue by matching the right tech with the right job

Above and Beyond’s front office thought they knew who the high-performing techs were. 

They were wrong.

Once the team started using Dispatch Pro, Moutray was confused why the software wasn’t assigning one of their best techs to as many jobs.

“We were so mad,” Moutray said. “We kept (saying), ‘We're just going to manually assign him jobs because Dispatch Pro has to be broken.’”

But after just two weeks of manually assigning the tech to his usual job types, the tech quit, shocking Moutray. “That's happened with every technician that we thought was an A player, but ended up being a C player in disguise,” she said.

That’s because Dispatch Pro can recognize performance issues with techs, some of whom may be looking to leave your company. Moutray said it’s happened several times. 

“​​We can tell,” she said. “(Dispatch Pro will) just stop giving them jobs even if they sell any job they get.”

Instead of purely assigning jobs on sales, Dispatch Pro assigns jobs based on data like time spent on a job, probability of generating a lead, sales performance and more. But what about those techs who rarely get assigned to the big jobs? They’re performing better than ever. 

“We have a technician that runs zero to five calls (a day), only for AC units,” Moutray said. “And he’ll sell $2,000 to $3,000 on every single one of those jobs. It’s really taught (techs) how to maximize every opportunity they get.”

That’s not a one-off example.

“We are definitely making more revenue—with (fewer) jobs than we had last year,” she said. “We've definitely seen more opportunities going through, more revenue coming in, overall (higher) technician satisfaction, as well as our dispatcher satisfaction.”

Get to know Dispatch Pro

Dispatch Pro isn’t a replacement for dispatchers. But it can help them work faster—and drive value with features that handle the nitty-gritty logistics of dispatching.

  • Superior routing: Instead of scheduling techs all over town, Dispatch Pro factors in techs’ proximity to a job based on their existing appointments, and even accounts for a maximum drive-home time. 

  • Better customer service: When the right tech is assigned to the right job, HVAC and plumbing issues get fixed faster. That means fewer rescheduled bookings and call-backs—and more sales opportunities and repeat customers. 

  • Projected value: One of Moutray’s favorite features of Dispatch Pro is that it automatically projects how much Above and Beyond will make off a job, tagging the estimate in the booking for easy reference. 

What could you do with more time?

Before she was a manager, Moutray was a dispatcher for Above and Beyond. Back then, her job was “very stressful,” and required her to frequently shift appointment times and squeeze in last-minute bookings. 

Even so, Moutray took great pride in her dispatch board. Handing control over to Dispatch Pro wasn’t easy. But she soon realized that it wasn’t “just some computer program that’s going to mess up all the time. ... It really took the heavy load off our plate.”

Now, with a little more bandwidth during the day, Moutray and the front office team have been tackling new projects to help the business grow, such as writing training manuals and recording processes. 

But most importantly, they’re able to spend more time supporting Above and Beyond’s techs. 

“They’re the ones bringing in the revenue, they’re the ones having the face-to-face contact, they’re our star players,” Moutray said. “We’re really trying to focus that energy into them, and I really do think it’s brought a really great value to the team.”

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