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ADMINDecember 18th, 2019
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We know your pricebook is never really “finished.” It’s the beating heart of your business and will always be something your company refines over time. With an evolving marketplace that includes constant changes in industry standards and commodities costs, your pricebook should be easy for you to access, update, and manage—and be a tool that empowers your techs to sell more in the field.

ServiceTitan’s new Pricebook Connect feature is built to manage these changes and keep your pricebook up to date and competitive. If you currently have ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro or any of the supplier catalog integrations we offer, you’ll be able to access the Pricebook Connect feature in the left navigation of your pricebook, which has moved from settings into its own module.

Connect to What’s New

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With ServiceTitan Pricebook Connect, it’s easy to see what new content is available for you to add to your pricebook. Catalogs with new items will have a purple “New” label indicating items have been added. For example, ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro has just added a Sewage category with over 115 new services and materials. 

Below the list of catalog providers, you’ll see the categories and subcategories where new items can be found and easily added to your account. 

Keep Your Pricebook Up to Date

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What about changes to the content you’ve already downloaded to your pricebook? With Pricebook Connect, the whole update process is driven by ServiceTitan. You will receive ongoing updates to pricing that reflect the latest materials costs and industry standards.  You will also get updates to marketing descriptions and images. Finally, we’ll notify you of updates to adjust sold hours for accuracy as well as notifications to add or update upgrades or recommendations that sell well for specific services.

Choose Your Content—It’s Up to You!

Your pricebook is unique to your business, so we made sure you always have the ability to control and customize it. Simply review what content is new or updated, select what you want, and add it to your pricebook with the click of a button.

Pricebook Connect is only available to ServiceTitan customers using ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro or any supplier integrations. If you would  like to learn more about Pricebook Pro, click here:

Questions about which supplier integrations we offer? Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.


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